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  1. I honestly don’t know. His On3 valuation is $355k. I was sure he’d transfer, especially given the conference situation and uncertainty. I would guess he’ll be drafted being a bigger back with speed, but haven’t seen any draft projections.
  2. Was glad to see him announce he is staying. Our star RB did the same. Glad there are some players who remain loyal when they have opportunities for more money elsewhere. Still not sure who we are playing against next year but Jeanty vs Martinez would be fun to watch.
  3. To be fair, Bray is a rookie head coach like Smith was. Smith started at $1.9 million with an assistant pool of $3.3 million. Bray is starting at $2 million with an assistant pool of $4.85. So this technically is status quo for Oregon State. That’s not to say that I believe the Beavers can continue operating at a P5 level in the future. I just don’t think that the number is an indication of Oregon State operating on a lower budget immediately.
  4. As a Beaver fan, I appreciate this point of view. It feels like we're in a tough spot and don't yet know the outcome of the legal battle. The Mountain West helping with scheduling in the short term would obviusly be a good deal for Beavs/Cougs as they figure out where they are at. The Mountain West teams would benefit financially and in SOS as you said. I also understand the concern from some MW fans though. I wonder if the Beavs/Cougs could just sign something as part of the scheduling agreement that simply says that we won't poach teams in the future. So if we rebuild the Pac-12, all MW teams will be included and obviously if we end up somewhere else, the Mountain West won't be losing anything anyway. Maybe this wouldn't be necessary because of the MW buyouts though. The MW has already protected itself in my opinion. Paying buyouts isn't really a logical option so it seems like the reverse merger would be the only option if MW teams joined under the Pac umbrella. Really interested to see how this plays out.
  5. This is where I’m at as well. It’s just too much money for them to allow it regardless of how things are written. They’ll find a way out of it. If they can’t, WSU president might suddenly die of “natural causes” and need to be replaced on the board. Mostly joking about that last part, but $300 million is a lot of money..
  6. I agree. Not only would scheduling be very difficult. I feel that the uncertainty would be worse for recruiting/player turnover than straight up joining the MW. There has to be a line drawn somewhere between holding out for what you think is the best possible outcome vs screwing over the whole program in the short term.
  7. To be honest, I don’t really know. There are many opinions on what could happen and what people want but not really any general consensus. I think most people have stopped guessing at this point. Just waiting for those legal issues to be resolved.
  8. So how do the exit fees work with x amount years notice? Or is it generally going to be a minimum of $17 million no matter what? It’s probably been stated before, but it’s still a bit confusing to me. Also, how would that $17 million be paid out? I thought I read that it was $5 million for year 1 and 2 then the remaining $7 million paid out over time. I don’t remember where I read that or if I’m remembering correctly. Or is it all paid at once?
  9. Both teams have awesome helmets. Just saying. I’ve always really like San Diego State’s helmets. This is the best Boise helmet IMO. Blue with the white bronco is sweet.
  10. You could have stopped at “This is crap.” I’m not arguing about who would make the cut, but this guy can’t be older than 15. Just posts the dumbest and most unrealistic ideas possible.
  11. If the Pac-12 dissolves, they will join the Mountain West as an equal member. There’s no question about that. I also believe that a reverse merger is the safest, most reasonable and most likely outcome if they gain control of the Pac-12. At the same time, it sounds like playing as the Pac-2 is something that’s at least being considered. I’m not suggesting that it’s wise (the idea kind of scares the crap out of me), but if they have more than one option, they can at least claim that they are in control of what THEY do. I understand your point though. They need to be in a conference in the near future and that will require them and the other teams involved to agree to the terms. So I don’t see a scenario where they get to have unequal revenue.
  12. I agree with you on that. The primary objective is to take control of the conference entity and brand. At that point, they could hopefully find out what the assets and liabilities really are. I would hope that after August of 2024, when the other teams join their other conferences, they will move on. I don’t have faith that they will though.
  13. The Mountain West will not pass on them. Get over yourself. Nevarez isn’t stupid. She’s giving them space to figure out their legal issues. If it all falls apart, they will still have a spot in the Mountain West. By the way, I was talking in hypotheticals. “Maybe” and “might” mean that I’m not stating facts. You saying the MW is our savior and has all the leverage makes you sound arrogant. Some people on this board get real butt hurt and defensive when anyone suggests something that they don’t agree with.
  14. If they gain control of the Pac-12 and the assets, they might be. I say might because I have no idea how valid anything is that people have heard, but if they control the future of the conference, gain the assets and actually play as the Pac-2, they are most definitely in charge of that conference and how they approach the future. At this point, you’re correct though. Everything is up in the air so they aren’t in charge. But who is? Seems like that’s yet to be determined.
  15. I didn’t say the path was easy for either team. 6 of the next 9 games for the Beavers are against teams that are currently ranked. It looks daunting. Running the table would be difficult for Fresno, but slightly less difficult imo. Anyway, dream scenario implies that I don’t think it’s likely.
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