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  1. I was there, too. Fun stuff.
  2. It was really great to see all the guys in that video - Turk Boyd, Jon Sommers....so many players
  3. Yep. I noticed that yesterday. Same with MLR. Bummer. Looks like the next Rugby 7's series will be in October when the women's series picks up. I'll just have to keep my copy of England / Wales on the DVR and watch it repeatedly. And crossing fingers that the Olympics don't get cancelled and their 7's tournment happens.
  4. Everyone should check out the Rugby matches on TV. It's really a great game. For the 15's, there is the 6 Nations Cup going on, with the northern hemisphere national teams. There's a 7's championship series with a tournament every weekend. There's also Major League Rugby in the US, which is a little harder to find.
  5. K state was the 93 copper bowl. 90 was 17-15 loss to Cal.
  6. He's a quality guy. I'm happy for him. Like Ratliff, Slater, Breaux from my day.
  7. No team should travel to the islands without the following MINIMUM contribution from U of H - Complimentary lei greeting - Included breakfast - Discount tickets for mai-tais at the pool lounge