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  1. Are there admission standards for the Y, and it's satellites? https://www.foxnews.com/health/byu-idaho-students-contracting-coronavirus-donate-plasma-cash
  2. How ya doin' Ram Fans? I was at this game in the WAC tourney. Incredible.
  3. I swear I didn't know that sheep was Sonny's girl.
  4. That is some _classic_ use of disinformation tactics. The Soviets would be impressed.
  5. He's a quality guy. I'm happy for him. Like Ratliff, Slater, Breaux from my day.
  6. No team should travel to the islands without the following MINIMUM contribution from U of H - Complimentary lei greeting - Included breakfast - Discount tickets for mai-tais at the pool lounge
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