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  1. Why go w/an animal when you could use the State Rock of the Beehive State?:
  2. A buddy of mine from Alaska that went to UU & now lives in Beaver, UT; posted about the ‘yotes move from The PHX to The SLC on FB. He thinks they need to change the name. Here’s how I responded to him: Y’all kept the “Jazz” when your NBA franchise relocated from NoLA. Yet you can’t keep an indigenous wild canine that roams all over Utah? Here are some ideas I came up with for you: • Soakers • Beekeepers • Jell-O Eaters • The Jacks • Square(s) [State Dance] • Coal [State Rock] • California Seagulls^ [State Bird] • M1911s [State Firearm] • Fightin’ Cherries [State Fruit] • Cutthroats [State Fish] • Allosauruses [State Fossil] • Sugar Beets [State Veggie] • Brine Shrimp [State Crustacean] • Fightin’ Momos • LD Saints • The Swarm [of Crickets] ^ There are 30 varieties of gulls in North America & y’all pick the only one that starts w/another State’s name? I guess the other ones didn’t participate in the ‘Miracle of the Gulls.’ Until y'sll get a sponsor for the Zamboni, call it the: Za-Moroni Attached is mock-up logo of my favorite new name for the SLC Coyotes: The Utah COAL • “Roll Coal!” ======================= GO COLORADO STATE RAMS — BEAT the — Ute State Aggies ======================= @utenation
  3. Here you go @OrediggerPoke: https://law.jrank.org/pages/3295/Marvin-V-Marvin-Palimony-Suit-1979.html
  4. I’m not sure if I believe you @OrediggerPoke. Pls post your full name & SS# so I can run a civil/criminal background chk on you.
  5. I didn’t realize GFs were regulated by the NCAA & criminal statues that provide for damages, or have $30mm annual budgets. Thx for you Apples/Oranges perspective Mr @OrediggerPoke
  6. Haha. You can think what you want and I don’t care if you believe me or not. I don’t make stories up on this board. <—I Source pls? Sounds more like a rumor from a UNR Board. i find it ironic that you make fun of a system that your coach used to HIS advantage. Which is fine. But acting like Norvell and by extension CSU is above this is flat wrong. My kids knew several players in Park Place <—I Your kid hangs out on a Monopoly Board??? How can I do that? Sound cool... ...who they played with in HS that were talking about him leaving and the best players on Nevada following him, almost a week before it was announced. <—I How does this prove HC-MJN-III contacted the kids 1st? Could just as easily been the kids getting wind of the move & proactively reaching out to Coach. ¿Right? Apparently it wasn’t a very well kept secrete. And If you think Norvell didn’t talk with and align with his coaches and best players before he took the job I don’t know what to tell you. <—I Still no smoking gun showing Jay reached out first. Norvell knows as a black coach he is treated differently,. <—I WOW…a baseless & racist claim from @NevadaFan. Have you & Jay spoken about this different treatment he gets? How do you know what HC-MJN-III thinks? The only special treatment I’m aware of, is the fact it took Jay 2-3x longer to get his shot at a Head Coaching gig, compared to non-black OC’s coming simular FB pgms. This was his penultimate f-you to Knuth who just signed a basketball coach for $10m+ but told him he had to win a MWC title before a new contract was coming. <—I Circumstantial at best. So maybe this was justified because he probably did deserve more $$. But hell yes he did his due diligence. CC: @Headbutt
  7. Sounds like you still have a bad case of the "GREEN INFECTION,” @NevadaFan !!! Apparently you have a chronic affliction. You better get someone to take a look at that for you, before it becomes terminal. CC: @Headbutt
  8. Typo: "I" for "It.” However, you know that. You can smell me all the way from The 208 (Idaho) to The 310 (Westside of LA + the SoBay)? I don’t have the infection. According to former UNR HC & AD Chris Ault, “Jay Norvell leaving Nevada (for CSU is) the “Green Infection.” It’s a figurative migratory tale. Not a literal “Green Infection." Don’t worry @Pelado. I got your back... https://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/legendary-wolf-pack-coach-chris-ault-dubs-jay-norvells-return-to-reno-green-infection
  9. #1 - Long Beach really doesn’t have a “beach" per se. It’s shore line is mostly a HUGE industrial port, with a few pleasure boat Marinas mixed-in. For a proper beach, from Long Beach you have to go south down the coast over the big channel that separates LA Co from Orange Co, to get to the beach towns of Seal Beach, Sunset Beach & Huntington Beach. #2 - Coach knows what he’s getting into. He grew up in Cheney, Washingto in the ‘60s, while his Dad coached at Cheney HS.
  10. No kidding? It’s a joke. 1st CLUE: My comment was not based in reality. I’m assuming it would be IMPOSSIBLE to “...soak for a wk.” ¿No? I have no personal experience w/the practice. Pls enlighten me if I’m mistaken.
  11. Tell him to soak for a wk & he'll feel better...
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