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  1. As far as I can tell production in SoCal really starting picking the in the last-wk-to-10-days. Yesterday, my union dropped into my seniority level for the first time since April. Warner Bros specifically had been preparing for the Strike since last New Yrs. Once a show wrapped on the Main Lot in early 2023, nothing replaced it. The sound stage just sat empty. When we wrapped re-shoots of “Barbie” in late-April, there was only one other show in production at WB when we left. The place felt like a ghost town several before the Writer’s Strike began the-first-wk-of-May. I cannot speak to what Zaslav is cancelling specifically. I work in very different part of the business. However, for the industry as a whole, I’m hearing production will be balls to wall until the studios/the tech co/streamers get caught w/content. Once the town comes back to equilibrium, we are expecting production levels to be down by 40% to pre-Strike levels. The Studios are telling the Unions the Wild West Days of everybody & their brother launching streaming platforms, producing tons o’ content & fighting for mrkt share are coming to an end. I’ll believe it when I see it. However, I’m budgeting my income accordingly. I know I didn’t answer your question specifically. Hopefully, you found what I have salient.
  2. Good thing for me most of my work are TV projects at Warner Bros...
  3. After a 2-3 year break. Western expansion of the North Slope oil patch in Alaska is ramping up for a BIG construction season as we speak...
  4. @Nevada Convert - What day-of-the-month does #46-VPJoeyB set the monthly prices?
  5. Why don’t they just promote Carson Strong to HC?
  6. You got me. Discussions about object facts like TV viewership just crushes my soul...
  7. Okay Troll/Stunner (w/31-posts): If CSU “…doesn’t bring the Denver mrkt.” There NO WAY IN HELL, CSU-José brings The Bay.
  8. God cares about UNLV Rebel FB? HAHA!!! SORRY Middle East. Y’all will have to wait 3.5-hrs. The UNLV/Juco game just kicked-off.
  9. 3 of tonight’s starters are new to the team this yr. #10 - Transfered from boulder #1 - Was the D-2 Player-of-the-Yr (& his brother played in boulder) #21 - Is a True-Frosh from Austria (where he plays on the National Team - The usual starter was sidelined w/a back injury) #3 - Missed most of last yr w/Mono #4 - Isaiah Stevens (PG & 5th-yr Starter) was the only starter tonight, that was a regular starter last-yr.
  10. 9-hours later, I still have a hard-on because of the way the Rammies’ played D in the 1st-half.
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