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  1. You should definitely keep crying out for attention Connie
  2. If you were any dumber, we'd have to worry about you drowning in a bowl of soup
  3. If teachers actually had the power to indoctrinate students, they'd get off their phones, pay attention in class, and turn in their work on time and legibly. We can't even convince them to wear deodorant, you really think that we've got the power to turn kids liberal and gay?
  4. Will they now? How do you predict that? Going even more nativist weirdo and leaning into culture war stupidity? America is getting more diverse, and the GOP is losing ground more and more. Dems should focus more on the places where people actually live
  5. So just rural white folk? Won't somebody think of the interests of white folks?
  6. Connie searching out trans content to be mad about.
  7. Might as well not hold the election then, right? Let's see what Atlanta and its suburbs have to say in November.
  8. Seems like the Tea Party just became the Trump wing. They just changed their grievances from economic to cultural after the economic stuff stopped working for them.
  9. And working class black voters are still the best voting bloc that Dems have, and has kept them viable across the country. As evidenced by flipping Georgia completely in 2020.
  10. And this is the best you can do? Damn, go back to the batting cage and take a few more practice swings
  11. He sure loved talking about Leviticus in his speech, so I guess that sweet Christian doctrine.
  12. Normally I'd blame it on CTE, but he's a kicker, so maybe he's just dumb as shit. Someone tell him that religious law forbids working on the Sabbath
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