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  1. Once every 5 years might be an increase, but not one to be proud of
  2. Must be a Boise thing. Must need the fedora you tip so all the women know that you're a really nice guy
  3. 90s fashion is back, suspenders haven't been. But maybe Boise is just a few years behind the rest of the world
  4. So you're trying to claim that "mongoloid" is a word that you've got in normal rotation, and don't see it as an offensive term?
  5. Heading down to the soda shop with the rest of the barbershop quartet?
  6. Do we need to get out the head calipers and figure out your phrenology? It's weird how you feel like you're entitled to say offensive terms as if it's nothing. Almost like you're just a sad troll
  7. Is it 1926 again? Talk about bringing back the old school racism terms there
  8. Big Oil gets 10% back from Dark Brandon, you mean
  9. We're No.1! We're No.1! We're No.1! Guess Sleepy Joe didn't shut off all of the oil production like was claimed.
  10. I'm pretty sure backdooring yourself was more of a Sith behavior anyways
  11. Yeah, but when the wine moms let loose, they LET LOOSE. Winery brawls are a sight to behold
  12. Can't wait to watch Fresno win on a last second FG, because that's just how we're going to do things this year
  13. Throw out the whole party at this point. Nothing redeemable
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