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  1. The entire video was them excusing themselves for getting mad and killing him. Holding his arms down, then screaming at him to show his hands is just creating a reason to beat him, and they only made it worse when they were dumb enough to pepper spray themselves. I hope that they never see freedom again
  2. I remember there being a case in England where an inmate did something similar while in prison. I'm conflicted on it. Tough to be anti-death penalty, while still applauding the death of child molesters
  3. Might have to be in order to get outraged about band-aid colors
  4. Or not being charged, or even fired/disciplined
  5. "Defund to put the money in the right places, hire people trained to help those in mental crises, teach techniques based in diffusion instead of escalation, and keep the police from increased militarization that directly harms the American people" doesn't fit well on a bumper sticker, unless it's at a .3 point.
  6. Pretty sure that's considered grooming in 15 states
  7. Any attempt at bringing up reform is labeled as "defunding" police, even though it's making sure that funds are allocated to the correct place.
  8. Under pressure to keep funding up, more like it
  9. Someone remind me again why wanting to reform the police is a bad thing?
  10. Traveling with loaded weapons in your car, what could go wrong?
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