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  1. Ummm...no you didn't. However, it makes you feel better. Keep telling yourself that... You left out the OP was posted on the wrong board...
  2. UNR HC Mr Wilson is a lying sack o' shit, let me count the ways... Way #1: Wilson said. "I don't think that coaches — at least coaches that I've worked with — leave their team before a bowl game." Kenney Wilson's most recent boss before jumping ship as D-Coord at Oregon, Mario Cristobal most definitely left his "team before a bowl..." game. 2021 Valero Alamo Bowl vs Oklahoma
  3. The passage of time is immaterial when the underlining motivation for this thread is Q-vert's desperate quest for attention an human interaction: @Nevada Convert
  4. I'm here for you buddy. It's my pleasure. Really, it's no inconvenience... MODS: Pls approve my new CSU/unr FB Rivalry commemorative screen name: ---I Green Infection I--- ¡¡¡ GO STATE...BEAT unr !!! @Headbutt @halfmanhalfbronco @retrofade @Jeffkills
  5. Your new coach is an opportunistic lying PoS. Please tell him to stop. I hate it. Your fan base chooses to ignore Mr Wilson's aversion to the truth & the new complex ecosystem^. Please tell them to stop. I hate it. @Wolfhomie @Slapdad @thelawlorfaithful @RambleOn @battle.borne @NVGiant @bigd @DestinFlPackfan ^ "complex ecosystem" footnote I---> CSU AD Joe Pa'
  6. ...& how is the nuance between "take...w/him" & "left on their own" material to our discussion?
  7. @Wolfhomie @Slapdad @thelawlorfaithful @RambleOn @battle.borne @NVGiant @bigd @DestinFlPackfan ¿Why didn't anyone address my question about Mr Wilson's Bowl Game accuation?
  8. @RambleOn, you are 100% correct & are being exceptionally kind to @Wolfhomie. "The transfers (are)...just part of the game today," just as they were to a lesser extent in the past as well. ¿Didn't HC Hobo take 2-3 frmr CSU Grad Transfers (QB1-CHill, FB-APrentice & ???) w/him to his new gig OC at SoCarolina? "CSU has lost 4 starters to the portal since Week 1, plus a couple more that could contribute for a lot of D1 programs." W/David Bailey ( I was shocked he did leave as soon as his from HC at BC Coach MeatHead got canned) announcing this wk, I believe that number is up to 7. If they weren't a Starter, they were getting significant snaps.
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