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  1. looks like they are getting transferred out to a detention facility in Cape Cod they have called out the National Guard to assist
  2. i guess so, depending on their attitude but then how do they leave. Is there a ferry ?
  3. i think Ron Desantis did it to get popularity with republicans I don't know if it achieved his goal or not, they 'd have to do a poll
  4. if Trump gets arrested and charged I think Desantis would be the top choice and would run against Biden or Mayor Pete or Elizabeth Warren frankly would would love to see Elizabeth Warren versus Ron Desantis but he is hurting his chances with voters by doing this imo
  5. The median home sale price on Martha's Vineyard jumped from $875,000 in 2019, the previous Island record, to $1,035,000 in 2020 — an 18 percent increase.Sep 2, 2020 it reminds me of Lake Oswego homes prices
  6. before you fault these people who had to flee, wouldn't you do the same if you were them and born in to poverty and drug war lords? I probably would be coming to America too
  7. i actually think the refugees in Martha's Vine yard are getting treated much better than they would in Texas and California and might choose to settle there. Food, clothing and supplies with housing . we could all learn from them
  8. they should try to resettle these refugees from Mexico and Latin America, by providing them with apartments and a job. I have not ever visted Martha's Vine yard but it would be great if they helped them to settle there and the community has reached out and should be applauded not their fault they had to flee also we need to invite refugees from Ukraine to freely immigrate to the US if their has was blown up. I also think we need to open it for Haiti and the Middle East and yes, it should be in all states not just warm weather ones.
  9. They have a long tradition going back to the Pac-8 though But I think the Pac10 is making a mistake by not moving more quick I said already that San Diego St. and SMU should be the the top ones
  10. there aren't enough west coast ivy league though
  11. rank Oregon St. at 6th what is this formula
  12. i only saw this. Report cards yes. Transcripts no, I think parents get the report cards. it is all so new laws https://apnews.com/article/education-north-carolina-f25a6a6c387d9750e50819dd2b8fb9de
  13. yeah sorry if i was not clear I am completely against the school telling parents stuff like 2 boys were kissing or your daughter said she is lesbian. who cares! but I think for official records and school transcripts it should never be hidden because the kid said his parents would get mad, but if abuse occurs it should be reported. just want to clarify
  14. i'm talking about something different. I'm not talking about a nickname for a boy situation but a transgender situation and changing school records. like if a boy was named Paul and said he is no longer a guy and it is hurt his feelings when the call the roll, and his new name is supposed to be Charlotte and to please change the records so it does not keep happening on the roll and printouts and humiliating him (her) so if the school changed the offical records to say Charlotte and then that they would not hide that from the parents on the Report card only because the kid also said his parents would be super angry to find out he had changed his school records to say Charlotte and to please hide it i don't like the assumption they can hide information because of something that never happened b
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