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  1. if they wanted to I think they would've already done it
  2. Trumpism has been a thing in American politics since 2015 and it hasn't been slowing down ever since. When do you guys think the era of the republican party will end?
  3. I think both the b12 and p10 are on equal footing now especially with ESPN losing the B1G rights
  4. to be fair i think the teams they would play against in the PAC 12 could help bolster attendance especially with a lot of PAC Alumni moving to Texas
  5. I feel like it could a bit. But like you said Dallas is more of a pro sports team at the end of the day. Maybe if they play some games at AT&T stadium it could help?
  6. The more I've seen SMU with all the NIL money. The more I'm intrigued with SMU possibly going to the PAC 12. I think they'll fit in the PAC 12. Smu is known to be a school filled of rich, elite, and powerful people within its alumni and student body. That's the type of school the PAC 12 would like to have. Plus the school is in Dallas so they get can get a large media market.
  7. i only watch MLS the BEST Soccer league in the world
  8. so i guess NK soldiers could escape and defect in russia right?
  9. Doesn't that technically mean NK declared war on the west?
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