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  1. To be fair if things were to go to 12 teams things could be different.
  2. They seriously have nothing else to report on like seriously?!?!
  3. Speaking of Gonzaga did you guys hear about what John Stockton did last week? Very proud of the university and its stance when it comes to masks and the covid polices. If only more people would adhere to the rules then we could get this covid behind us
  4. I dont think we'll have an issue beating New Mexico, San Jose State, Neveda, Utah State, and Airforce. Maybe SDSU and Colorado state would give us some trouble
  5. This might be a dumb question to ask but how Come the big 12 didn't try to poach Navy and Army? Both teams are more nationally relevant than most of their potential candidates
  6. I've always wondered why Louisville never had an NBA team. Much more desvering than Sacremnto that's for sure.
  7. Maybe UNLV or Nevada could dip their toe with Chris Mack depending on how things go in the future
  8. Lol how am I kissing ass? You're just like a leftie that hates America but still lives in the country. P.S I'm left leaning so I know what I'm talking about
  9. Man you just hate repping your own league don't yah? I'm assuming you're gonna say its meh if the MW gets 3 to 4 teams. But if the WCC got 3 to 4 teams you'll be jerking off and saying it's the best league in America
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