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  1. This is the problem with the new arrivals to the left, so classist. The issues predate the summer in Portland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Portland_train_attack Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer were picking fights and killing people way before the protests. It all came to a head during BLM. This happened elsewhere too, like Kenosha. Very dangerous.
  2. I was in LA as well. Started as a very peaceful BLM protest in Pan Pacific Park, made it's way to Melrose and the Fairfax District and blew up. Both LA and Portland were very violent and dangerous.
  3. I am curious, were you actually in or around any of the riots, or have you only read about them?
  4. Unless you were in one of the riots, it's very difficult to understand the sense of hopelessness, anger and raw hatred that is felt in that situation and how fluid and dangerous it is. I blame the adults in his life. Kyle's frontal lobe isn't even fully developed, he was incapable of understanding what he was doing, the risk he was creating, the impact of shooting a weapon and taking a life. The adults in Kyle's life failed him and should be held accountable.
  5. Agreed. We just want to see progress and a work ethic comparable to the community. Kevin is the right guy, he is tough. Things are looking up. Now, let's hope the admin gives them time.
  6. Agreed. I will never forget that SI article that showed the number of RM's on that BYU team and their ages, showing how much older the team is than the average team. Insanity. I say ban BYU until they change their name. Also, so stoked for UNLV finally looking decent again I created this account, it's great to see a toughness return to the Rebs and Kruger is the right hire.
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