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  1. Do you think women should have the right to terminate a pregnancy?
  2. I already did. Maybe that’s why you’re so confused; you can’t follow simple conversations.
  3. The day i get respect from You is the day i know i +++++ed up. You’re a pro-fascist piece of shit. I regret nothing. You’re a racist, sexist asshole whose ideology is white, male supremacy. Why should you EVER expect respect?
  4. Yeah, yet another asshole here who thinks women should be 2nd class citizens. Real “respectful” group we got here. So sorry my nasty words defame you!
  5. What is “due process”, dipshit? I dare you to define it.
  6. That hardly matters. Individual gun rights are also not explicit, but according to you they’re “better” rights than the right of a woman not to be strapped to a bed and forced into labor.
  7. Listen, dumbass, I know you’re just parroting Scalia’s nonsensical interpretation of the clause, but maybe try using YOUR OWN brain on this one. The Supreme Court NEVER agreed with that clause interpretation until 2008. That’s a fact.
  8. He’s not like your hero, trump, who literally can’t say three words without hanging himself. Obama is actually a brilliant public speaker who would make mincemeat of Ted Cruz.
  9. You don’t know the first thing about me. You’re a right-wing authoritarian piece of shit. +++++ off and die.
  10. Ok, but we DO need everyone vaxxed. This is undisputed science. Do you disagree with vaccine science and it’s impact on the pandemic?
  11. And the courts have already addressed abortion. It’s a fundamental right.
  12. So you’re calling Blasey Ford and Anita Hill liars.
  13. Lol, sure, that’s you, “respectful”. +++++ off.
  14. Blah blah blah more NRA talking points that are debunked when you look at literally any other developed country’s gun laws.
  15. You have no clue how constitutional jurisprudence is decided, do you? The “explicit” right in the constitution is related to gun use within the context of a well regulated militia. But go ahead and spew some hypocritical, uninformed bullshit about how I’m not a lawyer and the 2nd amendment gives you an unabridged right to shoot beer cans.
  16. Haha! Rape! Hilarious! ”oooooh, but orygun is bad cuz he wished Covid on someone” You guys are all pieces of shit.
  17. No. Those justices are disgusting assholes who are decaying the rights of women and the poor. I’d be fine if they retired, too.
  18. I said “we need to get everyone vaccinated”. YOU said “no we don’t.” Perhaps you don’t communicate properly?
  19. No, an individual right was NEVER honored from 1787 until about 2008. ever heard of the 9th amendment? Doubt it. Yeah, we already did achieve it. It’s a right to privacy, supported by the 14th amendment and the 9th. If you DONT want a right to privacy in America, by all means, vote Republican. We can get rid of EVERY right except the right to buy politicians and shoot people. Superb stance you laid out on that.
  20. I never said it’s the law of the land. I was expressing a policy opinion. My status as a lawyer doesn’t need to be dragged into every conversation. I’m very clear that you’re intimidated by my education. You needn’t belabor that point.
  21. Wtf? So you’re an anti-vaxxer? You DO know that the endless circulation of Covid is what creates all these newly evolved variants, right?
  22. No, we just need everyone vaccinated. The scotus decision gutting OSHA’s power certainly didn’t help.
  23. Now we just need Gorsuch, Alito and Thomas to die of Covid.
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