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  1. He had to pay her 130k, so no, most of us can’t.
  2. There is, just not in Congress. The voting rights acts and the policies in BBB are hugely popular. And by the way, the filibuster is not some old, esteemed tool of the senate. It’s an relatively new invention (and VERY new in its current form), predicated on stopping civil rights for black people. It’s a bad look when you stump for it.
  3. ever since the due process clause of the 14th amendment was enacted, it’s well established that all civil rights amendments apply equally to the states. How can you possibly find support for that position (and keep in mind, I’m FOR states rights to restrict guns) This is the wildest slippery slope you’ve got yourself on. So any objection to any federal law is sedition? Lol ok no, they prepared, planned, and coordinated to stop the peaceful transition of power during a joint session of Congress. They weren’t in the “wrong place at the wrong time.” How stupid do you have t
  4. Where’s you quiver loaded with “tHaTs a StRaWmAn” now, @AndroidAggie? or do you think he’s being sincere when he says one sedition conviction would mean none of us can “shoot our mouths off”? Are you ready to admit he’s being insincere yet?
  5. Maybe if ALL republicans faced the same judicial system that poor and black people face, they’d be for reform. Sure, let them face sedition charges and negotiate downward. Welcome to the America YOU wanted, cowboys.
  6. He is a white nationalist and he is stupid. And he did say he thinks sedition prosecutions won’t stop sedition, ergo prosecution of crime won’t deter crime. You really didn’t need to spend three hours on a 5th grade essay to nowhere just to prove me right.
  7. That’s right it required “work”, and you love your LGBTQ sisters and brothers so much ….but not quite enough to do WORK, right? But just enough to spew sanctimonious, disingenuous bullshit so you can grandstand and earn “woke” backslaps from metropolitan cowboy. Lol, ok, my guy.
  8. Who did you vote for in 2020? I’m talking Congress/senate. And maybe we can discuss their history/grade from the LGBTQ community.
  9. Remember, Tucker’s own defense in court is that his program shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  10. No, it says literally nothing, again because half this board doesn’t support treating gay people like first-class citizens, and yet I do. But keep being performatively woke. Looks weird ona guy like you who probably snickers and shits all over the genuinely woke, but ok.
  11. Well it must have been a HUGE concern that the word not be seen since you specifically chose other words to censor, and not “f*ggot”. I mean, this couldn’t be insincere bullshit on par with your “I’m a civil rights icon because I love guns” shtick, right? This isn’t at all performative woke bullshit from you, right?
  12. That’s not sedition, that’s conspiracy to commit mass murder. The World Trade Center isn’t a center of government in a joint session of Congress.
  13. Was the word censored, or wasn’t it? Y’all censor f*ck but couldn’t be a big enough social justice warrior to censor “f**got”? SERIOUSLY?
  14. You realize they invaded the capitol with an armed, prepared force during a time when we were one president and one Supreme Court shy of a State of the Union address, i.e. the most delicate moment of our democracy and the one where the most security is required. When ANYONE breaches our capitol during a moment like that, they should PRAY they only see sedition charges. I really question how much you actually know about this case.
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