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  1. More than only good travel destinations. Imagine either playing top-tier teams as a member of a P5 conference, year-in and year-out. Teams like Oregon, Alabama, Texas, Penn State and Clemson. Now consider fielding a competitive team and beating one of these name-brands. The eyeballs in SC and Vegas will follow success. Just as they did with the Knights. Beating MWC no-bodies brings no tangible results. Competition against marquise teams brings eyeballs ($$$). Vegas and San Diego are rich targets for that haves.
  2. You point is well taken. I hold your school Wyoming in high-esteem. The Wyoming problem is their minuscule eye-ball market-place. BTW as a Foster graduate I need not attend any more classes unless as a guest lecturer.
  3. Josh Allen is A#1 stud superstar. The rest? naw
  4. The Cougs should humiliate any MWC team. How has WAZZU fared versus the Huskies? ps... I am a big Mike Leach fan, RIP!
  5. Not harsh at all but kind. Consider this: the MWC has New Mexico, San Jose, Nevada and Wyoming as members. No one will ever confuse this rag-tag 3rd rate group with Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC or Alabama. While I am a proud BSU Bronco alumnus, I am also a Foster School of Business MBA graduate. I have tasted major college football in Seattle as well as the second-rate MWC. You should be proud of the great pumkin...Dee Andros.
  6. The MWC is a high-end second-rate conference. Home to a handful of coveted schools which will bolt. Just a matter of time. At the top of the desirable list are UNLV and SDSU for their geographies served. Especially the growing Las Vegas area. A bit lower down but still desirable is Colorado State, for access to the Denver market. The rest of the MWC markets are tertiary. One might make a resonable argument the desirable list ought to include Utah State. For me, no.
  7. What happened to OSU & WSU is downright cruel. There is reassurance however. Both schools are not alone and they and the others will figured out how to prosper and find/rebuild new conference homes. The PAC will survive on its own. It makes no sense for the PAC to die or merge with any second rate conference for short-term gain. My crystal-clear 4K ball sees Stanford, Cal, OSU and WSU as bell-cow members of this reborn conference of champions. Good luck!
  8. Like Jon Wilner, Rich Eisen is another smart cookie. So smart Rich foresees the future correctly in 1440p resolution: a college football super league.
  9. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” ― Richard P. Feynman
  10. from today's Hotline Mailbag. Jon Wilner is a smart cookie and assessments correct in the main. To quibble... Jon's percentages for MW only or the combo option are too optimistic IMO. There is much more to the article... the cut n paste only includes the beginning. "Five years from now, will we have a Pac-12 and a Mountain West? Or just a Pac-12? Or no Pac-12 at all? The name of the game in major college football is consolidation, and there is zero reason to expect anything else in the next decade at the Power Four and Group of Five levels. Instead of selecting a single outcome from the three posed above, the Hotline prefers to offer projections on each: Pac-12 only: 65% MW only: 30% Pac-12 and MW: 5% It’s difficult to envision a scenario in which competing conferences across the Mountain and Pacific Time zones, both at the Group of Five level, would serve the interests of all the schools involved. There just aren’t enough schools to support two leagues."
  11. Art Bell is an active conspiracy theorist in the Blue Turf board.
  12. Osobor, the MWC Player of the Year, has name, image and likeness agreements in place with the University of Washington that will give him the highest-known valuation in college basketball this upcoming season, at $2 million. Good for Great! https://africa.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/40137329/great-osobor-transferring-washington-big-nil-deals
  13. LOL, remember when the clown-Donkos amongst us claimed Taylen Green was the next Kellen Moore? And Boise would beat Washington in 2023, the Huskies with its 10 players drafted by the NFL? But wait! These same mental-clowns will make more silly pronouncements in 2024. But never stand up to their silly and wrong pronouncement after the fact.
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