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  1. So says the clueless zoob lurking on the MWC forums? Again, truth hurts pal. It must suck balls being a mega superfan of a bottom-dweller team that can’t make the post-season, about whose future its own owners could not possibly care less. BYU-P…meet BYU-H and BYU-I. Your team’s future. Facts.
  2. Sorry for hurting your feelings, cupcake. Truth hurts.
  3. Oh brother, did I hurt yours? Nobody cares about yBU athletics except the most extreme zealots. The most level-headed LDS folks (both in and out of state) shun the Cougs. Many go so far as to separate the difference between BYU the university and BYU the athletics program. (Love the university, hate the athletics.) Sorry for hurting your feelings, but BYU are the cupcakes of the Big XII. And, newsflash, if you think the Church leadership is going to double down on yBU athletics in the era of NIL, guess again. At best, you’re the permanent Rutgers of the Big XII. Most likely? The days of Cougar DI athletics are numbered ala BYU-H and BYU-I. Do yourself a favor and go take a trip up the road to Rick’s College and tour their athletics facilities. Like it or not, that is BYU-P’s athletic future. One word: Duu-kess-nee
  4. Many (not all) BYU fans have severe little man syndrome. You get used to it after a while. Nothing screams little man than lurking in forums of a conference your team has no longer been part of for over a decade just to attempt to promote a false sense of superiority.
  5. Ha! Says the ByU fan whose team can’t make a bowl game and is one and done in the tournament after being overrated all year. yBU will never compete in the Big XII in football or basketball. They can’t recruit talent. The Rutgers of the Big XII. But, hey, you will always have ladies track!
  6. Having a foothold in Texas would clearly add value to the MWC. If all that is left is Texas State and UTEP, so be it.
  7. Logan has a metro area of over 160k and is part of the SLC combined statistical area (over 2.5mm). It is situated in the youngest and, on average, fastest growing state in the union for the last 20 plus years. USU also has nine campuses throughout the state — it is just a bit different. Meanwhile, ElPaso is not growing…as in the net population growth is more or less completely flat. Have to look at trends too there, bud — not just total population. And, again, I don’t really have a dog in this fight. Why not take both UTEP and Texas State, but the MWC should be looking to add schools in Texas.
  8. Now you are just being dumb. Texas is the the second largest state (soon to be the largest) and is one of the top ten fastest growing states every year. Plenty of room for the MwC to come in and start taking its fair share.
  9. This is my point. Never hear anything constructive in response. Look, I really don’t have a dog in this fight. And, it is certainly not a hill to die on for me. The question remains, “Assuming the MWC moves to Texas (and they should) who does the MWC take if not Texas State?” Texas, TT, A&M, TCU, Baylor, and SMU are already in more lucrative conferences. North Texas, Rice , and UTSA are in the American League and have exit fees worth tens of million with that league. Also, to break it down further, Rice is a small private school that does not seem to care much at all about athletics. UTSA does not own their stadium. UNT and UTSA play BB at arenas akin to local high schools. Both UTSA and UNT are largely commuter schools anyway. That leaves UTEP and Texas State as the clear best options. And, unfortunately for UTEP, El Paso really isn’t growing nor is it really “Texas”. Am I missing something?
  10. Nah, they will simply say: ”Texas State” Which is all the MWC needs them to say.
  11. Yep. List of priorities: 1. Add OSU and WSU (or reverse merge) 2. Gain a foothold in Texas with a school in a fast-growing metro area (probably Texas State). 3. Further evaluate expansion options.
  12. No. They are located in San Marcos, a space between San Antonio and Austin. They have a second campus in Round Rock. I think if played right, they could build a brand that could pull from all of the above and they appear to be doing just that. They are in the Sun Belt and have no exit fees. UTSA and UNT have exit fees in their contracts with the AAC. They are a young and upcoming brand in one of the fastest-growing areas of one of the largest and fastest-growing states. They have a large student population. They have a large and very respected alumni group — only school in Texas with a former US President as alumnus. Unlike UTSA and UNT, they are not a commuter school; most students live away from home. According to their charter, they represent the entirety of the state of Texas, almost as a second land-grant (like a mini A&M or, rather, a potential future A&M). They have multiple campuses and research farms. Their research, particularly in forensics and criminal justice, is pretty top notch. Like a lot of other MWC schools, they are the biggest name in town in San Marcos. They are the biggest game in their home metro (San Marcos) and don’t share that metro with other schools and brands. They have nice sports facilities, nicer than UNT and UTSA as a whole, excepting UTSA’s use of the Alamodome — which UTsA does not own. They actually own their stadium and their arena. They have an upcoming football program, even beating Baylor this last season. In all seriousness, and far as REALISTIC MWC options in Texas are concerned, what are the arguments against Texas State because I have yet to hear any that seem to make much sense? I mean there are arguments to stay out of Texas, but assuming if the MWC goes to Texas, who does the MWC realistically take over Texas State?
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