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  1. BroncoFan78

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    That article makes me think there is a room for an MWC counteroffer. Not saying it’ll change the way things are looking now, but all Thompson said was our membership isn’t willing to do what he’s hearing the other side is putting on the table. And Gonzaga said we haven’t made a final decision.
  2. BroncoFan78

    $1.7 Million Reasons to Tolerate UNR

    Indeed. I’m sure that isn’t a record, but it’s a damn impressive stat and most certainly it helped offset. I think statistical anomalies like that, combined with the fact that your team isn’t very tall, plus (obviously) the comebacks are what make this group so endearing to basketball fans in general. It’s fun to watch a team that finds ways to win which buck the status quo. I never turned the Cincy game off because I knew that you guys still had a chance to win, even down 22. What a ride for Nevada fans and I have to admit that I’m enjoying it quite a bit myself, as a freakin Bronco fan!
  3. BroncoFan78

    $1.7 Million Reasons to Tolerate UNR

    You do keep making the shots. Now if you guys could just start hitting some free throws, imagine how much better things will get.
  4. BroncoFan78

    Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Love your team Reno. Keep it up!! Helping the Mountain West get that mojo back.
  5. BroncoFan78

    Good luck today Zags!!!

    It was fun watching you guys win here in Boise this week. Keep it up! Hope we get to see you here as conference mates in the seasons to come. Great program!
  6. BroncoFan78

    Texas vs Nevada

    Ha! Also a very Reno thing. Good job!
  7. BroncoFan78

    Texas vs Nevada

    Nice win Nevada! And it was probably the most Reno thing ever to have your coach dropping uncensored f-bomb’s in the locker room on national television afterwards.
  8. BroncoFan78


    Fun game to be at. I’ll pull for them from here on out.
  9. BroncoFan78

    #1 Nevada vs #5 San Diego State

    Nice win Aztecs! Way to make this a two bid league!
  10. BroncoFan78

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    There is a good sized thread on the Gonzaga board about the potential move: http://guboards.spokesmanreview.com/showthread.php?62512-Zags-to-MWC
  11. BroncoFan78

    CBI Championship- Game 2

    Let's go Pokes!
  12. BroncoFan78

    Boise State keepin' it rolling

    Alas the trucking school is no more. we did beat Fresnek today though!
  13. BroncoFan78

    Kaepernick a long shot to play in the NFL again.

    29% of those were likely a result of the fact that he has zero touch on his passes. He was "good" when he could use his legs. Once that got shut down, his terrible passing skills were exposed (again).
  14. BroncoFan78

    BSU @ Utah

    Good game Utes
  15. BroncoFan78

    BSU @ Utah

    I was at that game. Shot was way beyond the arc and hands all in his face. The most stunning home loss I recall during the past 5 years. I thought it was over, even when he took the shot. IIRC it was his first made 3 of the year.