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  1. Good game Pokes, best of luck the rest of the way.
  2. Alas the trucking school is no more. we did beat Fresnek today though!
  3. 29% of those were likely a result of the fact that he has zero touch on his passes. He was "good" when he could use his legs. Once that got shut down, his terrible passing skills were exposed (again).
  4. I was at that game. Shot was way beyond the arc and hands all in his face. The most stunning home loss I recall during the past 5 years. I thought it was over, even when he took the shot. IIRC it was his first made 3 of the year.
  5. Congrats Nevada, you have a really good team this season.
  6. Watch Bone Tomahawk on Amazon Prime. Kurt Russell western. Great, intense movie overall.
  7. Wyoming is getting waxed by a second FCS school. How much smaller do the guys get?
  8. UNLV would be a force to recon with in the Big Sky.
  9. They better not lose this game
  10. So basically, we're elite. Thanks for slicing the numbers Warbow. Cool to see how all the teams stack up.
  11. ​Ha! Everything is a meritocracy, you either influential or you get influenced.Nobody handed BSU any of that. We weren't even FBS until 1996 and our starting point was a small school, that used to be a JC, from a tiny town in Idaho, place that nobody cares about (which we prefer). You perform and you get paid, you also have to perform more than once, just like in real life.. Performance over time garners genuine respect. The real basis of this argument is that some people will always feel entitled to handouts while others prefer to go out and earn a larger piece of the pie and in turn, don't wish to hand it to those who sat there while they did what it took to move ahead.