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  1. Avalos is gonna have another year and Danielson has already proven to be a good DC. I expect either Koetter will be the OC til he doesn't wanna do it anymore or Harsin will be back as OC next year after Auburn fires him. But $250,000 isn't gonna cut it for an OC.
  2. Did you like how my moles were correct on Boise adding a PAC and Big West school to finish their OOC Schedule? Or how I was days ahead of Jon's latest news on the PAC? Meanwhile you, @Headbutt, @renoskierand others continue to be useless and add nothing, NOTHING to the board. Good job.
  3. Minus the two tournaments we only have 2 away games this year. I don't remember a time that happened.
  4. South Dakota State in Boise - Nov 9 Washington State in Boise - Nov 12 Charlotte @ Myrtle Beach Invitational - Nov 17 (Murray St, UMass, Texas A&M, Colorado, Loyola, Tulsa) Utah Valley - Nov 26 in Boise CS Northridge - Nov 29 in Boise Texas A&M @ Battleground 2k22 - Dec 3 in Fort Worth (Houston, Saint Mary's) Eastern Oregon - Dec 6 in Boise St. Louis - Dec 10 in St. Louis New Orleans - Dec 12 in Boise Oakland - Dec 18 in Boise Santa Clara - Dec 22 in Santa Clara As I had rumored they added a PAC, Big West, and a local game. Need to get through the OOC with no more than 3 losses. Gonna be tough. This is a good schedule.
  5. Reverend


    This place just went to shit after Mug sold it. These ads, the trolls, the dicks, to Hell with this place. If you're on you phone who accidentally open an ad while scrolling and then 30 minutes later you check your email and you are getting spam and offers.
  6. There is not one good reason for CSU to be this shit.
  7. I agree but if Boise has another bad year and he lets Tim stick around then he is gonna lose some points with Bronco Nation.
  8. Hell yeah. UNLV, Oregon, Washington, UCLA, Texas, and Oklahoma in the west. Bama, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, and Clemson in the east. Let's do it!
  9. Air force will win. The game will be closer than the final scores shows. I think the Falcons get a couple of clean up TDs at the end. 38- 20.
  10. UTEP went to a bowl Game last year and only lost a few WRs on offense. They aren't horrible. But they didn't show up for the North Texas game.
  11. I hope the Lobos win but I think UTEP takes it 31-23.
  12. Guess that depends on who you ask and how long a while is. But the mystery west coast team the big 12 was talking to in the Pacific time zone was Oregon. Not SDSU.
  13. PAC wants in the mid 40's for a 5 year deal. ESPN's offer is in the mid to high 20's. Not sure that's for 5 or 7 years. Possible SDSU gets a PAC invite in a week or two for $12 - $16 million. No decision was made on the other school or schools yet but Fresno, Boise, UNLV, and SMU are the only realistic possibilities. Also heard the Big 12 finally talked to SDSU. Big 12 has talked to everyone in the PAC over the last week. They even talked to Oregon State and Wazzu.
  14. Nope. I've also been in the Great Smoky Mountains for 3 days and a lots happened while I was gone.
  15. Just like I said asshats. You're welcome.
  16. I guess you all didn't see the news where the PAC and ESPN are millions and millions apart.
  17. 1- Air Force 2- Fresno 3- Boise, SDSU, SJSU 6-Wyoming 7-UNLV 8- New Mexico 9 -Nevada 10- Colorado State 11- Utah State 12- Hawaii
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