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  1. It's your daughter offering me a buy one get one deal.
  2. Is that a @RSF alt account? Because he is a little bitch too.
  3. Boise State and Memphis are already gonna be in the Big 12 after OU and Texas leave.
  4. He is up there in age. Surely this is a situation where he is coming in to groom a coach in waiting.
  5. Boise State is the worst free throw shooting team I have ever seen. It doesn't matter how good this team seems to be. They are not a tourney team, and they are not a top 4 MWC team. They are winning by pure luck right now.
  6. This Nevada team is the most disappointing men's basketball team I can remember.
  7. Seriously, go swim in a river with weights strapped to your arms and legs.
  8. Not really. I just quit caring about this place and the pos people who ruin it for everyone.
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