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  1. I'd balk to if I had to pay Oregon cash when I could pay powerhouses like Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, and Maryland instead.
  2. So you don't know? Got it. And everyone knows I'm Ibanez. I never hid that fact.
  3. Small man syndrome. If he isn't punching down he is merely trolling a conference board 2000 miles away from his beach house. Why? Who knows.
  4. It's part of the Bay Area. I'm not gonna give it a pass. Duke has a very nice campus but Durham is awful. And yes, let's take pics from a blimp to try and prove I'm wrong. I'm sure Fresno looks great from an airplane. Well, probably not Fresno but the Utah Dan gets the point.
  5. I'm sure the PAC would love to have New Mexico and their 8,000 fans in the stands or Nevada with their 15,000. That will sure show the Big 12.
  6. What's that have to do with Vanderbilt's campus?
  7. UT campus is between a river that's so polluted you can probably walk across it (I had a girlfriend stay at the Andy Holt dorms, every morning the smell would wake you up if you had the window open.), one ghetto, downtown (getting better but not exactly nice, and Tyson Park which is named after an old Middle school. A lot of crime there. Plus UT and UT Chattanooga always make the most dangerous National campus list. You can't even tell where Auburn's campus starts. It's just kids blended in with the city of Auburn. Mississippi State is also kind of an ugly mess of a campus. For some reason the higher on the list of AAU membership the worst towns the Universities are in. Look at Cal, Stanford, and the Ivy League. Absolutely shit cities that are some of not the worst in the country. Then you go to Boise which is one of the safest and cleanest large cities in the country and if blows my mind how someone in a place like Dallas, Orlando, or Fresno could have the audacity to talk shit.
  8. You're probably not wrong but I'm not sure how that would hurt their AAU status. Seems like AAU almost always requires medical research and I'm not sure why that is. Every University has its purpose and the US is the only country I know where certain University officials will shit on another one because they have different priorities.
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