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  1. They really shouldn't add anyone. That time has passed. They had the opportunity to get some Texas schools and blew it. They let Gonzaga and Wichita State slip them by. If SDSU leaves they leave. The only team the should add if available is Gonzaga or Gonzaga with Saint Mary's. The only football team the should add if they become available somehow is SMU, UTSA, or Memphis. Not likely.
  2. High risk games with no reward. UCSB and Irvine are dangerous.
  3. Strange year for college basketball already with a lot of upsets. Colorado best Tennessee today and the PAC has 3 or 4 bad losses in the first full week.
  4. This hurts the whole conference. No one can be happy about this.
  5. I don't watch any games so don't ask me.
  6. What the Hell? How did you access my medical records to look up my diagnosis? Well, one if them.
  7. I'm crying out for help. Me challenging you to a fight is my way of coping with not being respected. Nobody takes me seriously in real life so I thought maybe if I pretended to have sources I would be taken seriously here.
  8. Might play A&M twice. Should beat Charlotte but then it's either Loyola or Tulsa. probably Loyola. I'd rather play A&M just once and beat them in Texas. Don't think we are beating St. Louis.
  9. I honestly masturbated to your picture in the introduce yourself thread. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I have a swastika tattoo.
  10. Yeah yeah. Same old some ole. Just releat the same thing over and over. Unoriginal. And a coward. A coward. Hide behind your keyboard you yellow nobody. I got shit to do.
  11. Yeah I know. You're a pussy. Not shocked at all. Anything else?
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