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  1. There is zero chance this happens. The only way this happens is if the football teams are in a PAC-12 for football only. So no way it happens. This is one of the worst articles I have ever seen coming from them. That says a lot.
  2. No. Boise State is an elite academic institution. We will go to the Big 10.
  3. Boise's Jeremiah Dickey is gonna be on 365 sic'em radio today on the podcast. https://youtu.be/jp1Vo_lJ3fY
  4. Wyoming has everything but a media market. Their new athletic center puts most G5 and plenty of P5 schools to shame. They are also in the top third in attendence on the G5 level with a state that has a population of some California apartment complexes. I'll take Wyoming as a conference mate over most of the MWC.
  5. I didn't say to invite them. I just said they had nice facilities. Their football locker room needs help but the rest of it is quite nice.
  6. I know it's private. No idea it wasn't a Catholic school. Quick search says it was created by a church. The United States has all kinds of different religious groups and churches. I don't know how you fellas keep up with it all.
  7. Was adding UConn a special case because of the history with the Catholic schools or does a school not have to be a religious institution to be a member? Because if no, then you're probably right. Wichita State would be a good add. But aside from Creighton there isn't much History there.
  8. I know who Kurtz is. RSF disagrees with anything that comes from his channel regardless of who he has on it. Kurtz went from whining about how unfair the Big 12 was getting treated to normally bashing other conferences, especially the PAC 12. But I'm wondering about the stats guy. I see this guy everywhere.
  9. Yeah I know. Twitter is buzzing for Kansas right now. However, how about Temple? Temple seems to be a bit worried Bout the AAC. Not really sure of any other Catholic schools they could invite. Richmond and Dayton would be good adds for them though.
  10. I don't really care what another guy looks like. If you weren't interested in the topic why even bother? Do you know who the guy is at least? I've never heard on him but he has been on several podcast already.
  11. Saw this coming a mile away. So who fits? Gonzaga is the obvious answer but what about Kansas? Probably not Kansas but I bet Gonzaga will get an invite.
  12. Worth a listen if you're a Boise fan or hater. https://youtu.be/Vm13laCeh0o
  13. Hard to build a new league but this should definitely happen. Add James Madison, Marshall and Old Dominion to the league as well.
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