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  1. Mims with the icing that's the ballgame...lol
  2. agreed now they're in a serious hole and would almost need green to channel frank reich to come back at this point...probably isnt going to happen...lol
  3. there's another INT by green...lol maybe he'll settle down now...lol cmon dogs close this out
  4. Well there’s the INT @tailingpermit wanted…lol
  5. TD Fresno!!! Remigio is a beast
  6. could totally see that...this is probably the biggest game he's ever played in at any level...he's going to be a great one in future seasons...but he needs to settle down if Boise wants to win this game
  7. green is a phenomenal athlete...but holy shit he can't hit the broad side of a barn with his throws
  8. funny...unlolv fans were bitching about one potential Errorzona burnout coming aboard (Sumlin)...only to end up with another Errorzona burnout (stoops) if this is true...lol big time...lol
  9. More pants shitting going on with USC right now than taco night at the old folks home...lol
  10. we are all just god playing hide and go seek with ourself given your authoritarian bent tho...i can see why you salivate over the idea of some sort of omnipotent SkyKing ruling over everything...probably gets you hard...lol
  11. great to see the buzz has returned to the program again...lol
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