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  1. at least the resident hillbilly robespierre quit referring to jewish people as "the jew" i guess...lol
  2. Wearing a keffiyeh is dressing like a terrorist now?…lol good lord what a bunch of ignorant hicks…I’m out
  3. As was pointed out weeks ago I never commented on that…lol when did you move to the UES?…lol
  4. Get off the sticks kid and let the adults talk…lol
  5. Somewhere I have an old Palestinian coin with one side in Arabic and one in Hebrew…so it’s not always been “they simply want to kill each other”…lol the key to peace is trade, integration and investment in the occupied territories
  6. Do tell…how does one “dress like a terrorist”…lol
  7. Sorry it’s not from stormfront or wherever you get your news at…lol
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2023/11/20/world/israel-hamas-gaza-war-news?smid=url-share#chaos-darkness-and-fire-fighting-erupts-around-another-embattled-gazan-hospital
  9. Yeah I forgot they’re “getting what’s coming to them”
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