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  1. Ha. An ignition interlock device. That has to be embarrassing.
  2. When we pass it even surprises me. We can run the ball for 30 minutes before you see a pass. When it comes it will catch someone off guard. That may be why it can be effective. This will be a good game to watch. SDSU with a good defense and our team that runs the ball well.
  3. Just run a wildcat formation and don’t let your QB Rogers touch the ball. Problem solved. Haha.
  4. He did leave WSU a nice pending lawsuit. https://whitmancountywatch.com/2021/08/31/rolovich-wsu-face-suit-alleging-retaliation-over-covid-19-risks-racial-equity-concerns/
  5. Sounds like ESPN is controlling this. ESPN may not have wanted the AAC to poach from the SBC because they too are under contract with ESPN until 2031. That would suck for those SBC schools if that is what kept them out of consideration. Can ESPN really have that much control?
  6. They will keep the 7 mil and pay the new schools +2 million. That is what I'm hearing. The new schools are okay with that because they are doubling their money.
  7. They will still make their 7 million. MWC is only paying 5 and our TV providers don't seem interested in making an increase. They can be upset but, they aren't going anywhere. It seems like maybe we are with the wrong TV money.
  8. The MWC announced today that they won't be expanding in football. Sounds like outside of basketball expansion is dead.
  9. There probably was contact. I don't like that the MWC got squeezed out of Texas by Aresco.
  10. He wanted religious exemption from getting the Covid vaccine. The State required him to have it. Probably a good time to get out of Pullman with the winter coming.
  11. I meant the MWC waited too long to grab some of those Texas schools.
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