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  1. "Most likely to be playing in the MWC in 2026:" Results Update (in progress): #1 UTEP (11.2%) #2 "Rice or UTSA" (9.5%) #3 (tie) North Texas (8.6%) #3 (tie) NDSU (8.6% #5 New Mexico State (7.8%) #7 SDSU (6.9%)
  2. Wrong, there are just a bunch of new visitors. It's not surprising why there's been a surge of interest in the MWC.
  3. They may say that they will "be fine" with 10 schools, but I believe that was nothing more than false bravado. As soon as a conference gets the news that it's losing teams, the rumors start to fly and panic sets in very quickly when a conference drops down to 10, as everyone saw with the Big 12. Then, it hit the AAC, and everyone over there started freaking out until the AAC's commissioner Aresco announced 4 replacements will be named. Prior to that, Aresco had maintained the line that "we're happy with 11 teams" and aren't looking to replace UConn. Eventually, we learned they
  4. It had to be long, because so many potential future MWC members are being discussed here and elsewhere. The findings thus far are very interesting, though: Most respondents, thus far, tend to think the MWC would be more likely to add existing FBS schools (eg., UTEP, NMSU, Rice, UTSA, North Texas) than FCS-to-FBS schools. However, three FCS-to-FBS schools do seem to have nearly equal support: Montana, Montana State, and North Dakota State. . It would not be surprising if the Presidents and Boards of MSU and NDSU are monitoring the situation very closely and giving the idea
  5. UCSB looks like a pretty good choice to me. If the MWC loses teams, a good starting point would be to add a new basketball/olympic member to have an equal number of teams in each sport. . If AFA and CSU go to the AAC, it seems really important for the MWC to take decisive action, and to formulate a plan as to how they would respond. The AAC was caught flat-footed when they were sandbagged by the Big 12, and that wasn't a good look for them.
  6. Which new school(s) would you most expect to be playing in the MWC in 2031? YOU CAN VOTE FOR TWO OR MORE SCHOOLS.
  7. The only way that happens is if all the western AAC schools bolt for another conference, and that's not appearing too likely as long as Tulane remains. Temple and Navy will never ditch Tulane, and if Tulane stays, Tulsa and Wichita State stay. They're not going to boot ECU. So that's a rock solid core around which they can keep rebuilding, as needed.
  8. That may be, but it would depend on which other schools the AAC adds and on which, if any schools the MWC would add in response. If the AAC has 12 and the MWC stands pat with 10, the AAC could end up having the most strong FB & BB schools. Thus, failing to replace AF and CSU, if they leave, would be a pretty obvious strategic error. . btw: Thompson's idea of standing pat at 10 ("because there's no one good to add") would make it that much harder for them to rebuild when they lose BSU & SDSU. Nobody thought App State or Coastal Carolina would be good to add
  9. Most of the media are speculating. No doubt, Boise St. is one of the top five under consideration, but have you considered the possibility that Kansas and Iowa State, the two AAU schools, might oppose adding Boise for academic reasons? That might help to explain why some people have Boise in as a dead lock, while others are saying it's not 100% certain yet.
  10. "If you build it, they will come." If the MWC invites them, with enough broadcasting revenue to offset travel costs, they will probably come.
  11. Being proactive seems the right idea. If MWC doesn't persuade those two schools to stay, it would make sense to come up with a Plan B and start implementing it, whether it would be inviting some CUSA schools, independents, or FCS-to-FBS schools. The Sun Belt conference is arguably as strong as any G5 in football right now, due to adding FCS-to-FBS schools (App. State and Coastal Carolina). Bearing in mind that Boise St. was an FCS-to-FBS school, a case can be made that adding two more of those might be worth considering.
  12. NDSU would be an exciting addition for the MWC (or the American or MAC) as a FB-only member. They have won 8 Division I FCS championships in the past 10 years, winning nearly 14 games/year. The Bisons would probably be one of the upper echelon FB programs in the MWC. They would probably agree to join as FB members, because the travel costs might be prohibitive for their other sports. If so, the MWC could add one of the stronger BB western schools to join along with NDSU.
  13. SDSU is an R2 school, according to wikipedia. Memphis fans are claiming that they will have R1 status by year's end.
  14. There are people on the AAC board saying that "the AAC is finished," too, but the truth is that none of the conferences are "finished." Even if it loses AF, CSU, BSU, & SDSU, the MWC will reload, and some of the upper-to-middle of the pack schools (e.g., Nevada, Utah State, & Fresno) will become the upper echelon FB/BB schools. Meanwhile, BSU and SDSU won't be big fish in a small pond any more, and their teams will struggle if they end up in the Big 12, just like Cincy, UCF, and Houston will in a few years. Take Utah FB, for example, they were winning 10 games/yr. before joi
  15. That doesn't seem like a very strong argument, since the AAC's commissioner talks regularly to ESPN and expressed confidence that their broadcasting revenue wouldn't drop if they add the MWC schools on their short list.
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