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  1. End of game continued with strong pitching and a freshman hit 2 HR after that. Offense is looking potent. Need to curb the errors and runs which I fully expect to happen as they continue the season and everyone gets healthy.
  2. I know some kids who get as low as 10%. (Not on this team) And of course walk ons can stretch a roster.
  3. This is good, thanks for posting, with a big roster need to see where the pieces fit in the fall.
  4. I think they can break it up as much as they want. Softball generally carries less players but has the same amount of scholarships.
  5. Just a hard site to find, a Boise State forum site dedicated to softball might be easier or a Boise state forum site with a Softball tab or whatever. I’m happy there is a discussion period. Need to promote the sport and discuss more often, going to be in regionals this coming year, Go Broncos!
  6. Not staff, just a fan and found this board. Looking forward to the season. Not much in the way of softball on forums for Boise state softball.
  7. Yes, I believe Mikelle and Alicia F will still be added. Kasey Aguigana is a 2022 commit, she was a Junior in high school this year. Lots of talent this year, 30 players will definitely create competition at each position. Thanks for keeping this post going.
  8. I am hopeful the new additions elevate the whole team to a new level, I believe they will. Solid players returning, great players coming in, matched with great coaching is a formula for success.
  9. I believe some of the incoming freshmen changed their minds. We will see when the roster is updated again who is actually coming in. Looking like it’s going to be a great season. New coaches are making good moves.
  10. This does not take into account the players that are leaving, also I do not believe the incoming list of 2022s are accurate. 5 incoming plus the transfers.
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