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  1. BYU will be fine because they can play the NIL game. Money talks and with it the honor code or whatever will become much less of a deterrent. NIL is rapidly changing things for the worse... it has magnified the ' have/have nots' issue.
  2. What's that quote about being without sin and throwing the stone? Anyway, it's amazing how people will argue about just about anything on message boards...
  3. I've got to say. I saw this thread title. Knew who started it and knew who'd be here to chime in. Trump not a Russian spy. I knew that. Trump doesn't shy away from taking help from anywhere to help pump up his ego or make more money... knew that. Did Trump receive any help from Russia?... no idea... and don't care at this point. Would he take it if offered? yep. Do I want Trump to just go away? Sure do.
  4. I know this is a message board and folks are free to comment on most anything (within reason) but the bolded text above is why, after all this time, folks who were not there and have no idea what really happened should just let this one go and move on. jmo
  5. Good for you! Still doesn't mean what I wrote wasn't accurate.
  6. Agreed. Strange and oddly obsessive. Including the signature he's added. Posting about issues on a different fan board here... ??? beetlejuice-ish
  7. My question was rhetorical. The point was no one knows and if they did know they'd make the moves everyone is claiming are a done deal.
  8. Well of course the PAC schools don't want to go... if they did, they'd already be gone. Kinda my point. Also, my point is, at this point everything is speculation... you could be right with yours or maybe not... but logic kinda indicates if the PAC schools were certain that the media deal would be trash or that O/UW were leaving or that the media deal would not provide sufficient TV exposure... then they would already be gone. So it's fine for us to have our opinions and listen to the blog, volg, media folks that agree with what we think but currently no one really knows what's up unless they are in the room with the decision makers. Cheers... I hope things work out for Fresno St. I like some of the folks there.
  9. The important thing to point out here is that all of what I write is simply speculative opinion. This means I have a healthy understanding that I could be 100% off (or some degree less than that off). Might be a good idea for you to point out the same thing when you post. That aside, my response to the above would be this... imo, the socal market opened up and increased SDSU's opportunity only because UCLA/USC bolted... otherwise, it would be status quo for them. On the other hand, nothing has changed in the Centcal market so I'm not so quick to agree with your opinion on the desirability associated there. As for who is dominant where or who carries more credibility where, I will leave you with this... given the choice, a Fresno HS student will select any number of college choices ahead of Fresno St... these choices would include both Cal Poly SLO & SDSU.... given the choice, a San Diego HS student will also select any number of college choices ahead of Fresno St.... and these choices would include both Cal Poly SLO & SDSU. This of course is my opinion but I am actually basing it on things I know from my profession.
  10. Not likely but the world is filled with possibilities. And considering I don't know the future I'll say your scenario is possible. I do continue to wonder why all of these schools who are going to bolt from the P12 to these other conferences are still waiting to do so. I mean if it's so clear that this is going to happen, what's the hold up? My thought is the P12 will be fine for at least the next 5-10 years. If in fact that is incorrect and the p12 dissolves there will certainly be too many moving parts to really determine what things might look like. I do however expect that if the Socal market is viewed as desirable to the media... and I said if... then really the best option out there probably is SDSU and not Fresno. But that's just an opinion.
  11. I was going to say... Not. A. Chance. But while my guess would be not in a million years, I suppose stranger things have happened. Lots of folks think UCLA will realize how difficult cross country travel is for their student athletes (and yes, that's what they are supposed to be... student athletes) and return to the P12 but they won't because the money is just too great for them to do so. imo
  12. In my younger days I was an endurance athlete and did many things that most people think is nutty so I always try to say 'to each their own' but I gotta agree with you... absolutely no way I'd have any interest in doing that and can't comprehend why anyone would. I mean you do all that work to get to the summit and you have like 30 seconds there before you have to get the hell out of there or you die. Awesome fun.
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