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  1. That’s both true and crazy. UH is a powerhouse in a giant market. Any outsider sees adding them as a no brainer. But most of us aren’t from Texas so our logic doesn’t apply.
  2. USC could help themselves by winning. They’re just a decent school looking up at Oregon and Washington. They wouldn’t be so lonely if they got better! :-)
  3. Remember how Boise State balked at the huge travel problems involved in sending its olympic sports on the road to the Big East schools? Imagine the Pac schools sending women’s volleyball to State College PA. The geography has me doubting a B1G move on the PAC.
  4. Is there any doubt that those two wouldn’t try to wall off everyone else and keep all of the money and attention for themselves?
  5. It won’t hurt. And I know for a fact that he’s working his connections to get the best possible situation for the Broncos. I would be astounded if Dickey is not working to get a BSU, CSU and SDSU western wing with maybe BYU as well. We know SDSU would have interest and CSU is a no brainer. BYU is always a mystery.
  6. Every single B1G school is an AAU member. The arrogance of the B1G will not allow them to add a non-AAU member. That means Iowa State and Kansas. Those are the only options unless they poach CU.
  7. Yes, I think that’s the calculation. Problem is, an undefeated season is unlikely but the MSU game was guaranteed.
  8. You guys don’t know me yet. I’m more Duck than Bronco, but not by much. My take on Arroyo is that he’s an excellent recruiter and just okay at play calling. With the on field talent the Ducks should probably have scored more easily. But his play calling skill shouldn’t matter much to UNLV fans. Can he recruit? Can he manage the coaching staff? Can he handle the media? Can he rally the team when the wheels start coming off? The jury is surely still out on Arroyo. But I’m guessing Vegas made a pretty solid hire.
  9. I’m a bit of a contrarian on Alston. I’m not convinced he was our best player. Remember Anthony Drmic from Australia a few years back? He was unquestionably BSU’s best player. Never took a play off. Almost never had an awful game. Alston was hot or cold. He often pouted when things went south. He got in his own head. I actually think the Broncos will be better without him.
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