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  1. SDSU looks like a bunch of Mike Tysons in basketball shorts tough team.
  2. I have nothing against Beard or Otz both went back to their roots no big deal. I'm very happy with KK we'll be fine in the long run. I will always appreciate Otz taking out SDSU on the road we were looking scary that year until EML got hurt right before MWC tourney. UNLV might win another "Natty" we'll see.
  3. Don't panic lads they've got Jan 1 matchup on their minds
  4. R E L A X Rebs scheduled tough this year the guys are still figuring it out it's a patchwork unit hoping they make some noise in conference. Year 1 of the rebuild "long term". Just need 3 consecutive years of success then things will start rolling.
  5. Utah State if you want to win take out their punter! take a roughing the kicker penalty go for his knees but get him out of the game. In my opinion he is SDSU MVP he is a weapon. Of course tongue and cheek but I'd do it Buddy Ryan style go after him.
  6. Tough tough tough loss hope it's only Sanchez recruits leaving hoping Coach Arroyo sold them on the rebuild process and it's an outlier not the norm.
  7. The main difference I saw was the punter. 3 phases of the game. Don't forget special teams that punter was using Tiger Woods backspin, what control what weapon. 80 plus yard drives tough on the offense. Good game beware thou the giant has awoken!!!!!! Go Rebs See you at your new stadium next year
  8. We ain't finishing 8th in league no way that was their 4th game together we'll be fine.
  9. Just one win Rebs then we start rolling. Come on one time fellas
  10. I agree with you there. I don't know if it's recruiting or coaching or scheme or teams loading the box because our quarterbacks can't pass. Until we improve the boys up front we're in for more of the same ineptness on pass protection, short yardage situations and red zone scoring.
  11. If it's me I threaten lawsuit for collusion/monopoly whatever go the Orin Hatch route. Need a lobby firm if Sheldon Adelson loved UNLV like he loves the GOP and Israel we'd be in already. He could have been our T. Boone Pickens.
  12. Offensive line under Hauck and Sanchez were much better in the run game. Reason for it, offensive scheme, recruiting, not sure but don't blame it on lack of nutrition or training facilities. Some maturation process I'm hoping. Tiger Shanks #70 has had a tough year at tackle but the whole unit has not played well, they know it.
  13. I give Fresno props it was the perfect let down game and conference games have a way of staying close. Defensively Fresno is average not a lot of film on Doug B. but plenty on the Chuck Wagon they played it right loading the box make QB beat you with arm. The screens really were executed well and that's where they were vulnerable once we loosened them up we were able to run inside we got most yardage that way. When they needed it their pass rush got to us. They are definitely not one dimensional our goal was to stop Rivers after he destroyed us last year, 5 td's later by Jake we're goin
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