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  1. I agree. Only way they move to the B1G is as part of a whole West coast division. I, however, can see them trying to go independent. It seems to be the most delusional, dysfunctional and arrogant athletic department not located in Austin.
  2. The PAC will not do a god damned thing that they don't first get approval for from the B1G. That was the bargain. The PAC becomes the B1G's gimp, lives in a pine box in a basement in Chicago and makes no moves without consulting their Alliance "partner." In return, the B1G agrees not to nuke the PAC from orbit, poach its best schools and form PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE.
  3. There is not going to be a P6. That was the ridiculous public posturing of an imbecilic blowhard who just got his conference nuked from orbit. Hell, there's barely a P5. The new B12 is the short bus of the P5, and they'll only get to keep that status if the SEC decides it needs a gimp to counter the votes of The Alliance.
  4. Assuming that Georgia and Bama are in, that leaves 3 contenders for two spots: cincy, B1G champ and the B12 champ (provided its Texas or Okie) I can see carnage in the BIG with nobody emerging without 2 losses. Texas already has 1 loss, so they'll either be eliminated this weekend or hand a pretty unimpressive okie team a loss. This is absolutely the year that a G5 can get in.
  5. Try not to Munson this, Reno. I have you on the moneyline.
  6. Aresco started to believe his own bullsh1t. He thought he could crawl into bed with espn as anything other than a disposable pawn. When the Hateful 8 stuck together and spurned the move to tear the conference apart solely so that OUT could get out early without a payout, he set Bowlsby on a path of destruction. Had he stayed neutral, the B12 may very well have looked at at least one MWC school, instead they were hellbent on leaving the ACC like a soiled, deflated plastic +++++ doll. And now Mr. P6 is more like this:
  7. Not sure about some of that. Indy (and Minny for the Super Bowl) get those events because the stadiums are downtown with all the amenities available very close to the stadiums. I don't see the NFL putting a Super Bowl in a stadium where the nicest hotel nearby is a Holiday Inn Express. Plus the logistics and time to get out there needs to considered. It's almost 30 miles from the Loop/River North, which in traffic can be an hour and a half. Getting the fans (and particularly the high rollers that are going to want to stay downtown) out to the game, would be a nightmare. Plus, it's
  8. The Flutie Effect is a myth. It results in a temporary increase in the number (but not the quality) of applications received and in donations specifically to the athletic department. It doesn't do a damned thing to drive the academic side of the university by the metrics that most use to define quality: endowment, faculty quality, research funding and selectivity. Just look at Alabama, which just clocked in at 148th in the USNWR rankings or Oklahoma at 127. They've been Flutie Effecting for decades, yet both are still academic bottom feeders. Schools that do well at academics and acad
  9. I always understood that the move to the PAC had nothing to with sports and everything to do with culture and where both the school's alumni base and non-Colorado student pool was located.
  10. And how do you build up USC, UCLA, Stanford, Colorado and UW back into national brands? By continuing to do what hasn't been working for almost twenty years? Or by gaining access to the nation's most profitable conference, most widely watched conference network and becoming relevant to a high population part of the country that still cares about college football? The 21 team B1G would have 5 legitimate bluebloods and another six or seven programs that have had high points where they've competed for national titles in recent decades. To that, you can add 20 AAU schools with combined endowme
  11. What I read bandied about was that if they took 7, the B1G would have three 7 team divisions (Atlantic, Great Lakes, Pacific). Conference schedule of 6 division games plus 3 out of division. Two game playoff of division winners and one wild card. Championship rotating between Indy and the Rose Bowl. It was just pure speculation, but from my perspective, that doesn't sound like much of a self-own to me.
  12. But would they? Assuming the B1G took 5, 6 or 7 (Colorado), the PAC schools would still have a full schedule of games with regional pod/division rivals. They'd just be jettisoning games with the NW "states," Utah and the AZ schools. They'd be adding intersectional games with a couple of B1G schools (all of whom have large alumni bases in LA, SF, Portland and Seattle) while tapping into the most successful conference network and becoming relevant to a part of the country that actually still cares about college football. All this would be accomplished without selling their academic soul to t
  13. Nice efforts here.....a real can-do spirit on display. But lest I need to remind anyone, the PAC has accepted the protection of the B1G, so they're not going to do God damned thing unless the B1G gives its blessing. The alternative is that the B1G goes nationwide, poaches their best schools and forms Prestige Worldwide to prepare for the looming clash of civilizations with the SEC.
  14. When UNR gets into the AAU? *I'm being facetious. UNR's campus, in the next twenty years, has a higher probability of burning down in a wildfire than getting into the AAU.
  15. Kind of the way TCU is nicknamed Tons of Cocaine University. Oh wait, that's what the superior public university in Austin calls you.
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