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  1. My mom was an administrator at UNLV, and UNLV basketball was my team in junior high and high school, so I've always followed them. Beyond that, excuse me for doing well enough in high school and on the SAT that I could go back to the northeast for college. And you're still a hundred years away from ever sniffing the AAU.
  2. UNLV-UNR should be on Rivalry Weekend. That would have brought out more than 500 people last night. The whole having it on Nevada Day is just stupid. I know that people in Reno take the whole "native Nevadan" thing more seriously than in Vegas, but state pride shouldn't mess with a proper college football rivalry. And I'll admit, I have no Nevada pride. I was born and grew up in Connecticut before moving to Vegas in the sixth grade. We spent one year in Reno in the middle of my Vegas time, and I haven't lived in Nevada since leaving for college. So, my perspective is either out of whack because I'm not a true Nevadan or might be valid because I can approach it with an outsider's objectivity. Who the hell knows. I just know that 500 people for the season finale ain't good.
  3. Tens of people in the stands tonight. That kind of crowd can only move recruiting to the next level.
  4. Last two years, the game was close at the half and then Michigan came out and banged Ohio State like a gong. Let's see if they can do that without the sign stealer whispering into the ears of both coordinators before every play. I'll say that if Marvin Harrison Jr only has a single touch in the second half too, Buckeyes are doomed.
  5. I'm a UNLV fan because of basketball, but I'd really like to see the school devote some resources and go D1 in hockey. Follow ASU's path, and UNLV would make a natural fit for the NCHC with close regional rivals in ASU, Denver and Colorado College. I'm not saying ignore basketball, but don't put all the Winter sports eggs into that basket.
  6. He's hiked his skirt at the NFL for two years now, but they didn't want him. Bears' new President is the former B10 Commissioner, so he would know what he's getting himself into and won't be bringing Harbaugh's antics to Chicago. Plus, he wants to be more intimately involved in football operations, and Harbaugh is front office poison. Raiders are stupid enough to do it, but some reports are saying that any NCAA/B1G suspension or show cause on Harbaugh might be honored by the NFL. Plus, if there's gambling shenanigans involved in any of this (FBI is still sniffing around Ann Arbor), does Vegas allow him anywhere near the NFL? Best college football scandal....EVAH!
  7. First two teams with a pulse that Michigan plays without Stalions and the combined score is 55-39, amd the QB who was the Heisman frontrunner a few weeks ago now looks like crap.
  8. Michigan suddenly drops their request for a TRO the day before their suit would have given the big ten subpoena power and the opportunity to put Harbaugh under oath. Seems like it was all just grandstanding for the fanbase.
  9. Have you seen the videos that are all over the internet? A low level recruiting assistant directly giving instructions to both coordinators and Harbaugh. Riddle me this, why are the HC and both coordinators letting a low level recruiting assistant direct their play calling? The fact is that they're not unless they're damned certain of why he knows what he's doing.
  10. Always reminded me of Woody Hayes. He was a complex guy who didn't manage his emotions and temper well, but he didn't cheat, was incredibly charitable without asking for any recognition and was absolutely beloved by his players. Neither of them would last a year as a coach these days. And while that's probably for the best, I do think that something is lost at the same time.
  11. Thank you for the deeply reasoned and well presented counterpoint to what I said. Your UNR education has served you well.
  12. Nice gift, but $36M is not a whole hell of a lot to start an entire department from scratch. At a standard disbursement rate of 4.5% annually, that's only going to kick out 1.6M annually. A quick google search found that Colorado's department's new building cost $82M...just for the building. And I'd guess that aside from things like faculty salaries, scholarships, grad student fellowships that any department needs, you need a lot of very expensive equipment up to and including a wind tunnel. And somebody tell Sandoval to put on a god damned tie. He looks like a beatnik.
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