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  1. 24 years of dealing with the White Trash Taliban is enough for one lifetime.
  2. This is my favorite quote from Lenin. I wish it would be passed on to the Boomercrats "“Without Revolutionary theory, there can be no Revolutionary Movement.” ― Vladimir Lenin."
  3. Sorry, but after the past four years, I'm just not in the mood for you Trump supporters victim games right now.
  4. We agree, it can and will get worse in Idaho. It's a safe haven for radical right wing extremists thanks to this kind of political messaging. The point in my previous post was Idaho's right wing extremism is as bad it gets. Where I live now, in the Tri-Cities, it's every bit as conservative as Idaho. But progressives are protected from extremism by fair minded political bodies at the state level.
  5. All the conspiracy theory anti vaxxers would feel right at home here in Benton and Franklin counties " I was born in a free country I don't have to wear no stupid masks!!!"
  6. Greetings mwcboard non sports forum My name is Connor My PPPAs are he/him/his I'm a native of Idaho. The bad news is, if you don't want to deal right wing nut jobs running your state, you're going to have leave. I did. The good news is that it can't get any worse than Idaho.
  7. The AAC adds nothing to the Power 5 footprint, so I'm glad that Boise State didn't take a mediocre offer just because it was there to be taken. Sometimes the best move is the one you didn't make.
  8. And Boise State is a real man! He's gonna be clappin them cheeks like you and the rest of the conference deserve.
  9. Gonzaga's bigs are all marshmallow soft.
  10. Guys, it is the year 2021. Celebrating racism and slavery is NOT ok! We've got to be better than this!
  11. Greetings mwcboard forum Preferred personal pronouns and possessive adjective: He/Him/His I'm a recent graduate of Boise State University, and longtime lurker. With my studies concluded (for now, education never ends, right?), I finally decided to make the leap and become an active part of the community. Boise State is emerging from a dark period that saw us play down to the level of our competition. The nation is also reemerging from a dark period that saw trust in public institutions undermined by foreign actors. As faith in America is reestablished, expansion will pick
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