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  1. Fan duel is giving Boise fans 5.5 pts.  It’s -112   BYU fans can give 5.5 for -108.

    We are discussing Boise ATS.  BYU might find difficulty in covering 5.5.  Then again Boise’s defense allows over 500 yds/game

    The money line has BYU a better than 2:1 favorite.   It’s +$178 if you pick Boise to win.



    We have BYU as a 2.5 favorite  look for a 28 - 26 game, O/u 54.5

    odds shark show BYU favored by 1 point.  
    O/u is 55 it’s -110 either way. We didn’t touch it. 

    It’s likely BYU wins and covers the 1 pt spread.  You need to put up $110 to win $100.  It’s a really tight margin but BSU can’t run the ball and they give up 504 yds/game, pretty well balanced between run and pass too.

    For confident Bronco fans take the money line.  Tonight we are seeing +$175 ($100 wins $175). I guess the hope is home field = at least 3.  Didn’t help last week but it was an upset loss.

    We are tempted by the money line but are very cautious.  The Game Analyzer guidance has led us to -$218 on the MWC this season.  Boise’s upset last week hurt .

    So far no money down this week….


  3. 23 hours ago, BSUFiend said:

    Now I really am curious who MWC could potentially add with this implosion of AAC..  Tulsa/SMU?  Gonzaga/WSU?  Time to go shopping


     If football success is key, FCS powerhouse North Dakota State could be a potential option for the Mountain West.    

    Craig Thompson

  4. 4 hours ago, BSUFiend said:

    All things considered, I wouldn't mind Montana and NDSU joining. But I'm also tired of every thread being hijacked by their fans.

    Lol. You mean like here in the conference realignment thread?  I think what you are trying to deny is the popularity and great football tradition of the NDSU Bison. It’s called officially “THE BISON LORE”.

     If NDSU and the MWC wasn’t a big deal it wouldn’t be the big deal  it is. NDSU is the future.  It’s all about growth.   NDSU has now “grown” to become an FBS school.  I’m sure the Commissioner is fully aware NDSU is ready now and where they will be in ten years.  Picking up NDSU would be a very smart move. 

    NDSU IS one of the most prominent and winningest college programs on the national stage now, that competitiveness isn’t going change.  most of you say you want successful football programs in the MWC so the choice is obvious.  NDSU is definitely on the very short list. 

    the teams bandied about here are laughable blue origin to NDSUs Space X!  


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  5. Down $10 on the MWC this season. 

    So far this week

    We have taken the Wolf Pack +6.5 pts.  We see a Boise win but we don’t see them covering. Expect a mythical score of  27-24 Boise. That puts the O/u at 51. We stayed away from the O/u and the money line. 

    So far this season the WP has been playing on a 102 yd virtual field on defense but Boise is on a 168 yd field. That may make a difference, allowing Boise the win. Nevada could have a wonderful passing day. 

    Boise is a little stingier so the lower the score the better off the Wolf Pack will be.

  6. 16 hours ago, East Coast Aztec said:

    It isn't where you want to fly to, it's where members of the MWC want to fly to.  And most probably don't feel like flying to basically Minnesota.  I would be fine with Missoula.  Not Fargo.  NDSU is out of our footprint.  NDSU has a good thing going, just stick to that.

    You are from California. Lol.  The airport in Fargo can handle the new bi winged craft made from plywood and your buggy ride to the ball yard is only 5 minutes. Lol. If you can’t afford to fly we do have a train station. The problem with the MWC is having to travel to ca.  Looks like a hell hole from here. Almost as nice as Minneapolis. Lol. Basically.  

  7. 11 hours ago, wolfpack1 said:

    Once you are here around long enough, you will find out they don't share their "sources". Easier if something goes wrong to have plausible denialiblity.

    That’s classic female behavior. 

    Boise is a 12 pt underdog to NDSU this week.  You could take that down to 10 if they played in Boise.

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  8. 42 minutes ago, jdgaucho said:
    56 minutes ago, East Coast Aztec said:

    Been saying it for a while now.  But the whole taking in an FCS opened up Montana for me.  So congrats, Bison fans.  Griz get my support because of you.  Hard pass on Fargo.  Try the MAC or the AAC (i hear they take anyone)

    Fear strikes out.  Lol

  9. Quote

      I think the problem with the MWC is that it wants to be a football conference but not enough schools are willing to commit to it the way they need to, and the ones that are committed have big fish in small pond syndrome. 

    Precisely why you want to add NDSU.  They are one of the great all-time college football schools.  

     Lots of people say if NDSU is called up (they are ready in all respects) they will become a small fish in a big pond!

  10. Boise State is not a very good football team but they are extraordinarily efficient. Their offense plays on a short virtual field of 70 yards and defense plays on a long 124 yd field.  Until that changes they will probably continue to win. 

    We picked them to win against the spread and as our apple II+ predicted they easily covered 9. The II+ also predicted the under but we stayed away. Might be time to get back in on the O/u.

    So far we are $100 ahead.  We put $220 up and have $210 back with $110 still in the box.  Can’t wait for the UTEP game. It could be wild. 

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  11. A bad football team: 

    UTEP:  points scored 81. Points allowed 127.  1.57 pts allowed for each point scored

    A better football team:

    NMEX:  points scored 81. Points allowed 85  1.05 pts allowed for each point scored

    That game could be high scoring


    A good football team:

    Utah State:  points scored 123. Points allowed 92.  0.75 pts allowed for each point scored

    A very good football team:

    Boise State:  points scored 105. Points allowed 70.  0.67 pts allowed for each point scored

    This game could be low scoring




  12. 9 hours ago, Brew_Poke said:

    Must be some top notch research done there, then.

    Yes, they are studying a lot of new ideas. now that information can be passed freely among the libraries, as you have probably guessed, each library doesn’t have to have all the information themselves.  It’s a good model for other colleges to follow.  They are talking about getting computers to do it too, not just fax, phone and USMail.  

    For example:  NDSU is still the largest land holding college in the US I think and have some fields they have been studying and kept under continuous cultivation since the 1880s.  That’s the type of unique information that has real value in research when shared. 

    That kind of open research has been one of the secrets to NDSU becoming the most efficient  team in college football when measured by $/win.  That stat shows the quality of NDSUs food.  Because it’s a top ag  school with the inter-library research framework solidly in place they have the best food, hence the healthiest athletes expertly coached in  the fundamentals of the game giving them an inexpensive winning edge. 

  13. Quote

    I’ve been killing it so far this year.  Winning on a lot of unders.  Won big on Okie St @ Boise St under 58 last weekend.  70 is a very large number. 

    Want an an easy Under?  ND @ Wisky first half.  Both have strong defenses and not so great offenses.  They will play conservatively in the first half trying to figure each other out before taking more chances in the second half.  45 is a low game number but bet the under first half.  

    70 is huge We have 53. It probably represents the perceived ability of Boise to break it open. If so it could go over.

    Ill run ND @ Wisky.  I like your thinking on that under. My system can only do finals. To do halves requires some of your tactical thinking style.



    Equally matched teams

    we have  NMEX -5

    NMEX Lobos 29 @ UTEP Miners  24

    Las Vegas has NMEX -1

    We took NMEX ATS (against the spread) $110 get $100. We think the lobos cover. O/u is 54, we show 53.  Too close for us, but the indicator says under. We stayed away. Haven’t been hitting the O/u. Once bit twice shy.  We didn’t play the money line either.


    Now we see.  In the MWC we have $220 down trying to win $200. Juice is high this year it seams. Also not seeing FCS lines. Did they lose too much money or am I missing it?

  15. On 9/11/2021 at 12:13 PM, Aggie84025 said:

    The ND team returned 19 of 21 starters from the spring team.  They also beat South Dakota State in the spring by 11 points.  It is a really solid team. 

    Not really.  Middle of the pack MVFC team at best. Good spring because most teams were not at full strength. Very little to be learned about teams from the absurd spring season.  The FCS did end up with a great national championship game though. 

    What you saw was what UND is.  Couple good players, no depth and average coaching/recruiting. They play NDSU next Saturday.  We have NDSU -13 in that one and are looking for a 31-18 type game, similar to the last 2 meetings. If UND looks good in that one you may be right.  

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  16. Boise state is not the powerhouse nationally they once were. However they can cover the 9 point spread  We have taken Boise to cover  We put down $110 to win $100.   The money line on Utah State is +238 but we didn’t take it.  The O/u appears to be 70.  We stayed away from that proposition.  We take baby steps as college football rebuilds it’s statistical continuity.  Placing this bet was not easy, we have seen some crazy results, a couple we published on this board last week.  We have to get back in sometime.



    BSU -9


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  17. 4 hours ago, Wyobraska said:

    Has NDSU been able to build a real library yet instead of the low level one that has been there in the past.  A library that symbolizes a true university

    No.  But they were instrumental in creating a North Dakota  intra-library loan group among North Dakota’s 11 colleges and universities that’s pretty neat.  They upgraded the media center too subscribing to all of North Dakota’s newspapers including the small town weeklies.

  18. Good night for the MWC.  Looks like the GAM system is in a rebuilding year.  My take-away; UND showed what they had. the Aggie’s might want to think about coming out of the chute  a little more prepared.   They shouldn’t have given up 21 early.  Good MWC teams won’t give it back 

    The Aggies gave them a moral victory, something UND has been quick to claim in the past. Reading comments on Sioux sports.com you might think they won.   That’s a good sign things are returning to normal in the new version of the virtual United States  now owned and operated by the Chinese.  But what do we care as long as crt is taught in schools, you wear your mask and orange man bad, right?

    I stuck with the calls but there seems to be little continuity between the teams before the Chinese take over of the United States and now.  This was my stated concern.  

    Fortunately we placed no bets. 

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