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  1. Not sure about the big sky? All of NDSUs games are on ESPN+ except Arizona on FSN1. I think all Missouri Valley Football Conference games are ESPN+.
  2. Wonderful university. Wonderful sports culture. Wonderful “game”. Wonderful people in the “game”. The reports to campus officials late last year revealed disturbing allegations about players from San Diego State University’s winning football team. Claims were rapidly spreading among the school’s athletes that five players had raped an unconscious girl and left her bloodied and bruised at a house party off campus. We’re they able to stream the rape on Facebook like the “gangbang” minnesota gopher football team? The student athletes said they were “Running the white bitches” in minneapolis. What’s the deal with the student athletes at sdsu? Is their game up to the gangbang gopher offering? at the very least the athletes and coaches at these schools should have to register as sex offenders before traveling simply as a cultural curtesy to their opponents and the cities they visit.
  3. It’s not the system it’s the schools. If they weren’t so greedy they would maintain tradition. They don’t have to take the money etc but they do because the system made growth and wealth possible. Along with that comes evolutionary change.
  4. Lol. You mean like here in the conference realignment thread? I think what you are trying to deny is the popularity and great football tradition of the NDSU Bison. It’s called officially “THE BISON LORE”. If NDSU and the MWC wasn’t a big deal it wouldn’t be the big deal it is. NDSU is the future. It’s all about growth. NDSU has now “grown” to become an FBS school. I’m sure the Commissioner is fully aware NDSU is ready now and where they will be in ten years. Picking up NDSU would be a very smart move. NDSU IS one of the most prominent and winningest college programs on the national stage now, that competitiveness isn’t going change. most of you say you want successful football programs in the MWC so the choice is obvious. NDSU is definitely on the very short list. the teams bandied about here are laughable blue origin to NDSUs Space X!
  5. You are from California. Lol. The airport in Fargo can handle the new bi winged craft made from plywood and your buggy ride to the ball yard is only 5 minutes. Lol. If you can’t afford to fly we do have a train station. The problem with the MWC is having to travel to ca. Looks like a hell hole from here. Almost as nice as Minneapolis. Lol. Basically.
  6. That’s classic female behavior. Boise is a 12 pt underdog to NDSU this week. You could take that down to 10 if they played in Boise.
  7. It’s their temple so they should let snyone in they want. Just like the MWC.
  8. Yes, they are studying a lot of new ideas. now that information can be passed freely among the libraries, as you have probably guessed, each library doesn’t have to have all the information themselves. It’s a good model for other colleges to follow. They are talking about getting computers to do it too, not just fax, phone and USMail. For example: NDSU is still the largest land holding college in the US I think and have some fields they have been studying and kept under continuous cultivation since the 1880s. That’s the type of unique information that has real value in research when shared. That kind of open research has been one of the secrets to NDSU becoming the most efficient team in college football when measured by $/win. That stat shows the quality of NDSUs food. Because it’s a top ag school with the inter-library research framework solidly in place they have the best food, hence the healthiest athletes expertly coached in the fundamentals of the game giving them an inexpensive winning edge.
  9. No. But they were instrumental in creating a North Dakota intra-library loan group among North Dakota’s 11 colleges and universities that’s pretty neat. They upgraded the media center too subscribing to all of North Dakota’s newspapers including the small town weeklies.
  10. Shuffle it around any way you want including basketball and football members only, it makes no difference. Some conferences are growing in number some are shrinking. Sooner or later one of the conferences, and it could be the lowest on the totum pole, will have to turn to division 1 FCS for a member.
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