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  1. And who’s right behind SDSU on that list? Crazy....I know.
  2. San Jose State has a pretty respectable football program. Now you tell me why they will NEVER even be in the conversation for a P5 conference. I think we all know the answer. Don’t both answering, it’s rhetorical.
  3. I wasn’t aware performance on the field was the only qualifier for a P5 spot. See below: Vanderbilt Georgia Tech Colorado Oregon State Rutgers Ole Miss Purdue Got it......
  4. Rob is completely right. 10 years ago we’d have been laughed at for even suggesting the NHL and NFL could land in Vegas. Now look where we’re at with discussions of MLB as well. These things only help the prestige of a city’s system of higher education.
  5. Just stop, the answer is obvious. However, you’re looking for a back and forth tit for tat so you throw the line out into the water. Your schtick is so old.
  6. True, I like the pick up if it ends up being him. Let’s go!
  7. Looks like a solid 1-year senior rental. Was kinda hoping for a 6’10 or taller beast to dominate down below but I’m not going to look a prize horse in the mouth.
  8. Gopher Power Forward Who do we have on our radar from Minnesota?
  9. I’d say at most your statement is woefully ignorant. The majority of college students don’t have their tuition paid by their parents. Maybe you were also trolling, no clue on this site anymore.
  10. You’ve fallen to the same ill fate as UteNation. When will you guys learn? In a UNLV thread nonetheless 🙄.
  11. What games are there to win exactly in May? I’m confused...
  12. I’ve said this numerous times but the posters he replies to the most are actually trolling him. If they weren’t so good at what they do, he wouldn’t always be baited back into the threads and conversations.
  13. Gotta keep this bumped! What’s taking so long on this last schollie?Lots of Twitter traffic that eludes to someone already claiming the spot but no one will spill the beans.
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