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  1. just watched kingpin, hear they have an excellent potato bar.
  2. Actually true. Much as a homer that makes me sound. Traded three years of Cottrell for one of Udeze. He wanted guaranteed playing time being a fifth-year transfer. He was coming to Vegas until we picked up Cottrell. By the way Cottrell's people told UNLV they were only going to talk to power fives and to not bother. Tremendous job by KK to recruit him and his handlers. Brought in former Rebels and pulled out all the stops for him.
  3. I usually avoid or don't comment on your stupid posts or the ridiculous posts of +++++in rabbits, "I'm a cute fuzzy bunny." Get over it, this is how college hoops works now. UNLV has a prestigious background and it was a great period of time to live through. EVERY school is losing transfers including the most historic program UCLA. To think UNLV is somehow special or different is stupid. "We're NOT a stepping stone for players in basketball." What the +++++ are you talking about? UNLV in it's current state is looking up to becoming a stepping stone. Also Dave Rice isn't here anymore man, get over it. Curious where all that four and five star talent took us. I think you believe we are Kentucky and should be reloading with five stars every year. Only way that would happen was with Patino and UNLV doesn't have the balls to bring him in. "Why would you leave when you can make the NBA at your current situation?" Ask Brady Manek! Could of gone pro, but went to UNC for a title shot. Must mean OKU is a stepping stone as well. I really didn't care about your stupid little posts before cause I would just skip through them. Think it's time to block you. bull durham.mp4
  4. So, he can develop here for two years then leave for power 5? KK and staff are runnin the reverse, take high level talent that aren't getting playing time and welcoming them with open arms knowing they can't leave again without sitting out. Doing a good job recruiting the kids as well. I think this is the first UNLV class without a freshman recruit. The strategy has worked for Musselman and only multiplied his abilities when he got to Bama with big time resources behind him.
  5. I've heard the last one is being saved for an impact player. Don't know it that's a really good three-point shooting guard/forward or impact big man. Like it's been said when we got three years of Cottrell over one year of Udeze it was an easy choice. Udeze was coming to Vegas until we picked up Cottrell. Worked out nice for UNM, because I really like Udeze. Just park him in the paint and he's a double double in the MW. Would of been nice if we could have gotten both. I expect Muoka to really break out this year though too.
  6. MM was a +++++ing joke! Scheduled sub 200 teams to try and get 20 wins, so people that didn't know better would see 20 wins and think he was doing good. Then he even lost to them by 20 points. Even when the boosters bought him Hardy, Ntambwe, JTT, Justion, and McCoy, with Jovan Mooring, Dwayne Morgan left over, he still couldn't do shit. Then on his way out the door he tries to play the RACE card, give me a +++++ing break. Spent too much time at Drai's and not enough time on the court. He was a used car salesman and if you bought his act then that's on you.
  7. Where is this news that Gilbert is leaving? Cause I can't find it.
  8. Vegas kid, so we should have a real good shot if he wants to come home.
  9. Seahawks Fan. I know John (GM) and Pete offered him a chance to come in and try out. If memory serves, he came in, interviewed and half assed it, and wasn't really interested in actually getting a job. This is when we had RW3 as the starter. He was more interested in telling everyone how nobody would give him a legitimate shot at a job. He was more interested in pushing his agenda that he was being blackballed, which was bullshit. Seattle was well prepared to offer him a spot, but it didn't fit his narrative.
  10. His last name. That's what got him his first head coaching job as well.
  11. It won't be Justin, doesn't have the experience yet.
  12. Team is going to be modeled after pops, hopefully roster construction thought out better. Lon had 6'7 Brotherson playing center at one point. Defense first, second, then find points where you can. Problem with that style is it can lead to Barkley calling you the "Walking Rebels" on national TV (in the tourney at least). Great defense is what made us the Runnin Rebels, but you have to actually create turnovers AND push the ball, not walk it up. The problem with bringing in hard nose defensive first kids from power conferences is the officiating in the MW is very ticky tack. That's one of the reasons MW teams are terrible in the tourney. When they get to the tourney, the MW teams get bullied because they're used to MW officiating. With Kevin going after defense first kids, I hope the refs will actually let them play D and KK will let the kids push the ball.
  13. Think he already did. Was a Hartman recruit.
  14. Speak to high school, AAU coaches in the NE and Florida, hell anywhere east of the Mississippi and ask their kids what their opinion of UNLV is. The answer is WHO? That is straight from actual coaches. Sorry man, I'm as big of a fan as you are (maybe not quite), and these young kids know nothing about us. No idea who we were and what we used to be. Listen to the interview from that kid that followed Otz(Grill). or watch McCabe's YouTube channel after he committed. His friends ask him to tell them about UNLV, all he can come up with is we have a mascot with a big mustache and hat.
  15. Think any of these kids listing UNLV might be favors from their handlers to Lon. Try to get UNLV's name out there a little for Kevin.
  16. Just kidding, they never bothered me, except when kicking our ass. BYU is in a class by itself and half my families LDS. Still can't stand em.
  17. Reminds me of BYU. "Get your arm off your sister."
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