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  1. https://twitter.com/JUCOadvocate/status/1400878880118829059?s=20
  2. Out of shape and can barely dunk. Way over rated. Couldn't get on the floor with probably the worst UNLV team ever. Also enjoy his mother, she is a real class act! I don't use twitter, but if you do, it might be worth following her. I am told she says some outlandish shit going back to Gorman days. I think she was told to keep her mouth shut when he was at UNLV. I know everyone says that UNLV fans say players are bums when they leave, which the majority probably do. Just look at where the kids who left transferred to, will give you a good idea of the talent level on last year's te
  3. That was the Nazi plan. Wanted to relocate them to Madagascar, tried to get a bunch of other countries to take them as well. When no other countries would take them, that is when they came up with the final solution. Madagascar Plan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Madagascar lies off the east coast of Africa The Madagascar Plan was a proposal by the Nazi German government to forcibly relocate the Jewish population of Europe to the island of Madagascar. Franz Rademacher, head of the Jewish Department of the German Foreign Office, propose
  4. I think you're right on the money, except the plan wasn't Burgers. Lon was an advisor to DRF and Burgers. So I am pretty sure Lon had this plan for a while. KK get's the job after Burgers leaves and I use my connections to get you(DRF) the power 5 AD job you want. Lon is a very savvy and smart guy, that plans shit out way in advance. Also the plan wasn't supposed to take place for another year, but ISU was just so awful, it had to be moved up. With Lon having to retire this year instead of next, which was going to be his last anyway.
  5. Most of the stuff I have read and heard says KK's passion for UNLV is really felt with the kids he is recruiting. Very similar to the passion that Dave had for the program. The difference being, will KK let anyone help get recruits, like Dave did, or will he be a no grey area kind of guy like Lon was. Lon is know for being squeaky clean and wasn't willing to venture into the grey area of recruiting at all. Is KK going to be the same or will he push the grey area a little more. If KK's seat starts heating up after a few years does he risk tarnishing the Kruger brand and get some help with
  6. Good for you guys. Three star, at the most important position on the floor, PG. That makes two point guards from WV to transfer to the MW, McCabe to Vegas and Knapper to you guys. Anyone who played under Huggins is going to be a hard nosed player who should know how to play good defense.
  7. Pete's been pretty successful at USC and Seattle for the past 20 years doing the same thing. Kids like a coach who let's them be themselves and let's them have a good time. You act like all they are doing at spring practice is teaching dance moves and not practicing football. Why do you comment on UNLV topics more than UNLV fans? UNLV basketball is at an all time low and football has been awful forever, yet here you are everyday commenting on ANYTHING UNLV. Is being a UTE fan that boring? I get that some of the UNLV people on this site are a bit over the top, and say some delusional shit
  8. Conference play doesn't matter. Getting to the final 4 with a 180 net rating is where the rubber meets the road.
  9. does it say fudge on the other side?
  10. We should have enough ball handlers that he doesn't have to play point. I'd like him to be able to stick at the three. If his ball handling improves then it would be really cool to have him as a point forward as a junior or late into his sophomore season. Someone who can grab a rebound and push the ball up the floor.
  11. Depends on how good a job Lon can do behind the scenes to stop the petty bullshit that has plagued UNLV BB since it got Tark run out of town. Even if KK gets off to a great start, there will still be boosters who want "their guy" and will cause problems. The only way this works is if KK can get off to a decent start and Lon can manage to get the boosters to keep the infighting to a minimum.
  12. He knew he had a good ass team. I think that's why OU had to ask him to come three times.
  13. Dave's first year was Lon's roster. Transfers: Stanback, Moser, Quintrell, BDJ. Ant, Oscar, and Hawkins were four year high school kids. Low end Findlay kids with Lopez and Massamba. Then Khem transferred in mid year. Kevin should have a pretty good handle on knowing you can get good power conference transfers to Vegas like his dad. Hopefully he builds the roster the same way. Mix of top 100 kids transferring in and some good high school kids.
  14. I really like Blake and him having to play point last year really hurt his game. I think he will be a real good player for UNLV. As much as I dislike the black hole Hamilton would become, he did put up buckets(lots of attempts). I don't think Blake gets to Hamilton's PPG, but hopefully he can be a more efficient scorer then Hamilton. We will see who they get with the remaining schollies. Having a blue chip Vegas kid to come in and run the point for 3-4 years really hurts. PG has been our weakness forever. It's one of the main reason's Dave's teams didn't live up to their potentia
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