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  1. She has had one foot out the door since she got here. Has a resume ready for any power conference job that opens. You really think she hired Kevin because he gave the best interview, like she states? Nope, Kruger's came up with this plan, not her. The AD does run all sports, but they can also be told just stay out of the way of this and let it work. If this hiring of Kevin works, she takes the credit and gets a job in a power conference. Just needs to stay away and let the Kruger plan unfold. Let her poke around in football more freely since that was HER hire and has to work for h
  2. Couldn't get his shot off against MW talent, hows he plan on doing it in the PAC.
  3. Son is head man for BB, he has all the power we wants. He retires the day his son is named Head Coach. Then buys a house in Vegas to "retire" to. Also moved up his retirement plans by two years when his son was named coach. He did this to make sure he can be in Vegas to do everything possible to make sure Kevin and UNLV BB succeed. Lon knows the ins and outs of UNLV, is here to smash all the behind the scenes bullshit and squash the dysfunction that has plagued UNLV BB going back to Tark. He will not be here to "retire" he will be here to make sure Kevin not only wins, but wins big.
  4. Completely agree. BUT, and it's a big one. Lon has to stomp out. weed out, clean house, whatever you wanna call it with the boosters and the athletic department. Just to make sure Kevin doesn't get bogged down with the same bullshit Lon/Dave had to deal with. Kevin makes UNLV a top 25 program again with some tourney appearances and a run or two here and there, then Kevin can go anything in this town for the rest of his life. Lon is fully aware of how dysfunctional UNLV is. If Kevin is to succeed here and then want to stay, Lon knows he has to get rid of all the infighting that is UNLV BB
  5. Absolutely. Also would be a real solid guy to bring in as well. Lon's been around college sports longer, so let him fix it and get rid of the toxic environment a couple years, then have Sanchez come in and not have to deal with bull shit on day one. Could just concentrate on fundraising and keeping the riff raff out, that has plagued UNLV athletics since they fkd Tark over.
  6. Definitely could of used him to bring the ball up this year. A little token 3/4 press and teams would run 10 seconds off the clock before we could even try to get into the offense. Forget about even trying to get out and run, no ball handlers so they had to slow it down every rime. I liked Hardy when he was here, more than Hamilton. I just like the kids Kevin is bringing in now better. They have been competing at a higher level and should excel like most of the transfers from power fives Lon brought in when he was here. Moser, Stanbeck, BDJ, Jasper, etc..
  7. Exactly! This is the Kruger's plan 100%, no if's, and's, or but's. Give her the credit, ALL OF IT, get her gone! Let Lon run the AD if he wants or on an interim basis while he finds the right person. She had her resume out to other schools the day she got hired here. Like I said we may have gotten really lucky. Kevin loves Vegas, Lon and the family will be here. Just hope, and cross everything(fingers, toes) that he succeeds, cause if he does, he's probably here for a while. I heard him talk about moving around a few times when he was younger and that's not what he wants for his young
  8. Night and day. The Kruger's who know big time basketball and even more important, know Vegas and what UNLV expects(unreasonable as we may be). Otz a mid-west guy who just was not the right fit, like a fish out of water. Just offer everyone in Vegas to build relationships for 4-5 years down the road, I guess was his plan. Just glad his boy at ISU took us(DRF) off the hook while paying Kevin's contract as well. UNLV basketball finally catches a break, bet's on how UNLV f's it up this time?
  9. Hardy isn't a point, not even that good a shooting guard. Jordan started at point, as a freshman in the big 12. Hardy barely made it off the bench for Oregon. So, yeah Jordan would start at point over Hardy. Kevin likes his pgs to play good D and be facilitators, scoring is a bonus. Jordan has been coached by a hard nosed coach at WV who preaches defense, Hardy is a black hole just like Hamilton. They still might bring in someone better to start at point, sure as hell isn't going to be Hardy.
  10. Really, who wants him back? If his brother could of come with, but that's not happening. Couldn't see the floor at Oregon. With the length and talent Kevin is bringing in, I see Hardy in the same boat here, 7-8 off the bench. I see him going to a league below MW, where he could be the man on a shitty team and put up 20 a game. Maybe get noticed with high point per game totals, and get a shot overseas or development league for NBA.
  11. wouldn't of even made it to the MW Tourney finals with him if MM was still around.
  12. https://twitter.com/KSL5TV/status/1379142416809160705?s=20
  13. Whew!! Thought you were going to say something about the Easter Bunny. Thought he looked a little like my uncle hiding eggs this year.
  14. Thanks a lot! Now I have to have a serious conversation about it with my family. It is Easter, any other bad news you wanna break to me?
  15. The players the fans expect, 5 stars, don't play that old school hard nose in your face approach. Works with lower rated kids. Who knows though maybe he finds a mix that works there. Douche bag. but a Good coach, no doubt.
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