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  1. Switch Victor and Moses. Iwuakor is a rim protecting center in the mold of George Ackles
  2. Kaluma just followed UNLV assistant Carlin Hartman on twitter. So it's a good bet he is staying
  3. Yes Yes Yes. Big strong athletic PG who can score, rebound, shoot the 3 and pass. Also pushes McCabe to the bench
  4. Hamilton is probably in the top 3 of the best available guards who can score. He will be a hot commodity.
  5. Chappell looks like rapper T.I. and his mainly a player development coach
  6. Some actual impact transfers who can score. Lose your top 3 scorers and so far have gained 2 guys who have played nearly 200 games combined and average 4 points combined
  7. I like him and he's close with Tari Eason. Doesn't make sense now with the kid from WVU
  8. Waiting to hear about Tari Eason and Cam'ron Fletcher. Also the shot blocker from Lamar University
  9. UNLV is recruiting another Summit League player to take his place. Stanley Umude from South Dakota. Long list of Power 5 schools after him though
  10. Transfer portal is like the Juco Ball of the 80s and 90s on steroids. So easy to build a team now
  11. God bless Reece Brown, Devin Tillis, and Moses Wood but they need to go
  12. Like this. Hopefully KK is recruiting Tari Eason and Cam'ron Fletcher as well.
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