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  1. From what read, he caused the accident. Not to mention being involved in another incident at the same intersection where he pulled a gun.
  2. Ok, I am going to recommend lol anonymous. It's free.
  3. I agree Idaho does produce quite a bit of food. California produces about 25 percent of all food in the U.S. I added a little bit while you were typing. Don't you find it kind of ironic that 46 percent of people migrating to the Boise area are from California and there is a water problem?
  4. Overuse is an understatement. The Suez Water Co has about 250K customers in Boise and Eagle. Just read the first little bit. https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/local/suez-urging-its-customers-to-conserve-water-boise-eagle-irrigation-lawns/277-37d645ac-7b84-4a3e-92de-8cb7c6b0c80f Here is a piece from CalMatters.org from 2016. "On average, each Californian used 85 gallons of water at their homes every day in 2016. By national standards, that’s right about in the middle. In Idaho, each person on average uses 168 gallons a day, the national high." Like I stated, Idaho has been l
  5. I would agree somewhat here. However, The U.S. also has an over development problem where there is a lack of water.
  6. You can add Idaho to the list that continues to screw Wyoming over when it comes to water. Idaho has been losing small to medium size farms to development and urban sprawl but claims the extra water is for agriculture. Palisades Reservoir which is a very large reservoir on the South Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming Border was only 4% full by the end of summer. That's ridiculous!! Wyoming has tried suing Idaho several times and lost. Somehow Idaho has water rights from Jackson Lake WY where the Snake River starts. I heard it was over a bottle of whiskey when Palisades Reservoir Dam was conside
  7. That's Ty Webb, but I think blue will be voting for Mitch Cumstein in 2024. 🇺🇲
  8. A genius will fail occasionally in their attempt to come up with a genius idea.
  9. Life expectancy in The U.S. has been falling long before last year or the year before. But hey, Supersize it after you stop by your doctor's office to get your legalized heroin. 👍
  10. I was pacing and trying not to pull my hair out during that crazy game. The 4th and long conversions over and over and over by the Chargers were ridiculous!! Not only was this game insane, the entire Raiders season has been nuts.
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