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  1. Just A Little Something Different. Came across this article on how The San Diego Chicken became a legend. It brought back memories about all the times I laughed growing up when he showed up at games. Chicken wing in Cooperstown? Hope people will enjoy this. https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/ted-giannoulas-san-diego-chicken/ Thanks Ted
  2. Is there an award for most overtime losses?
  3. Threatened by all that success.
  4. The article is only from last year. I'm sure CSU has moved up in the rankings this year. Again, well done.
  5. Congratulations to CSU and New Mexico being ranked in the top 25 and UNLV nearly cracking the top 10. Way to represent the MWC. Hats off and well done. https://www.bestcolleges.com/features/worst-college-football-programs/
  6. Yeah, I read the article. It was mostly finger pointing at one side. I super idiot you because again you went to blaming one side when I thought you would blame the political BS being played from both sides. But nope. There was a small part where the article actually got it right. I will ask what political party has current control of Congress? But hey, 87,000 new IRS agents should help with immigration legislation, understaffed and overworked border agents. From The Article "Congress, too, deserves blame, because it failed for decades to fill a legislative vacuum that anti-immigration officials moved to exploit. For too long, an overworked and underequipped border-police force has been left to determine crucial social, economic, and humanitarian policy. It should be no surprise that this police force reached for the most ready tool at its disposal: harsher punishments."
  7. It's tied up in the lobbyists checkbooks. Our entire political system has become corrupt AF. There is no more allegiance or fear of We The People. The power elite run it all. I will state it again, Democrat and Republican politicians are exactly the same just disguised differently.
  8. What point is that? Liberals lose their minds because 50 illegal immigrants were shipped to Martha's Vineyard to fend for themselves? What happened? 24 hours of caring only to ship them out. You also keep talking about all these rights people here illegally have but I don’t see you talking about the rights of American citizens living in squatter throughout the metropolitan areas of this country. It's going to get worse. And where is all the housing for the millions of illegal immigrants that have crossed under this administration? What, we have capability to house and feed millions of illegal immigrants but turn our backs on the homeless? How do you fix the problems or ease policy on immigration with that many people crossing? It's a clusters caused by partisan BS. But you only point the finger at one side. Those horrible conditions in Martha's Vineyard. But nothing to see here right?
  9. Birdbangers robbing and stealing Shakespearean style in North America since 1890.
  10. Evidently we're going to need a bucket for all the faketard tears. Democrats have had Congress, the Senate and the WH for nearly two years. Where's all that legislation on immigration?
  11. Evidently the cheetah has been reintroduced into the Ririe Idaho area.
  12. Malcolm X was spot on with his characterization of white liberals being hypocrites when it comes to the treatment of people of color. So many tears. Losing it over 50 illegal immigrants being sent to one of the wealthiest places in the U.S. Then they shipped them out. Liberal media claims of It being a humanitarian crisis and the 50 immigrants were left to fend for themselves from all those nasty billionaires. Wonder how they feel about millions crossings into the U.S. to fend for themselves against acts of violence or dying in the back of trucks on the way under this current administration? Biden has also used children as props. Here's the best one. Ultra liberal CNN guest Ken Burns compares sending 50 illegal immigrants to billionaire land Martha's Vineyard is like the Holocaust, Nazi death camps and the slaughtering of Jews. Talking about dumb+++++s.
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