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  1. I expect the Aggies to go 2-2 by beating UCONN and Weber. Don't think BYU on the road is a sure loss, but certainly the Ags will be underdogs in that game. UCONN has been really bad, but brought in a new coach and a lot of P5 transfers. Think the Aggies will win, but think it might be more competitive than what the odds makers show.
  2. The conference will have their chances, but will need to go undefeated or only have 1 loss. SDSU has a road game against Utah which if they win that and go undefeated would for sure be in. Same for Boise and Fresno.
  3. Excited to have football back in a few weeks. Excited to see how the Aggies perform this year. College football is the best sport in my opinion.
  4. I am not saying I disagree with you, but the committee should only look at the current year and if the team is deserving and not on past performance.
  5. I am not pumping up my team, they suck in the NCAA tournament, everyone knows that. The conference laid a huge egg today
  6. Realistically none, past performance should not have an impact on current year performance. Perception is another thing. Computer metrics don't translate to the next year so the prior year performance should not matter. The teams deserved to be in the tournament this year.
  7. Pathetic performance by the MWC teams in the tournament. 0-4 is terrible on the national stage.
  8. On bright note, Medved did not get attacked by Howard in the post game handshake line. So at least CSU has that going for them today.
  9. Good season CSU. You guys made like 13 three pointers. Generally when you make that many you win.
  10. Was not expecting this, but am stoked for the game. This will be a tough matchup for the Aggies, it might get ugly. Excited to see Bean play one more game at home.
  11. CSU held Mitchell to 5 points which you can't do much better than that. The CSU free throw shooting was horrendous. I felt like I was watching the Aggies shoot free throws as they have had several games of poor free throw shooting. Good job SDSU your team made enough plays to win the game. Moore was awful for CSU tonight.
  12. Armus was awesome on Ike. Him and Kigab were the keys to the win. Good job Boise.
  13. I think it was a block, but even if he made the free throws the shot by CSU still would have won it. They still got the free throws on the missed free throw foul. For sure some tough calls, but credit CSU for making 1 more play to win the game. Both teams shot horribly from 3, but that is the way it goes. I am proud of the way the Aggies fought tonight, that was a hard fought game on both ends.
  14. Good game CSU, your team made a few more plays to win the game. Proud of the fight in the Aggies tonight.
  15. Obviously I would love that, but USU has not looked great against the top teams in the league. The games have been mostly close, but the Aggies have not found ways to get over the top. The keys for me to an Aggie victory are on offense make 3 point shots, limit turnovers and have in the 17-20 assist range. On defense they got to play Roddy tough. He will get his points, but need to make him work for it. 3 point defense is my next big key since they will more than likely double Roddy a bunch and he is an awesome passer. The Aggies got to get out quick on those passes and contest 3 point shots. Should b a fun game to watch, I wish I was down there in person.
  16. Nice win Aggies. Played really well. On to CSU, which is going to be an extremely up hill battle. Maybe 3rd time is the charm for the Aggies against CSU this week.
  17. Outside of being a good football coach he is a good man. I can't imagine going through what he has gone through the last 3 years. My heart aches for him and his family. I hope he can find the peace and comfort during this time.
  18. If that picture doesn't get you excited for the winter olympics nothing will.
  19. Stew struggled in the NCAA tournament. I wish he would have challenged the teams more in the out of conference, but he was awesome in the conference tournaments. That being said there was not a better X's and O's coach in my opinion. His offensive set plays were thing of beauty.
  20. WYO got to the semifinals 2 years ago as i believe an11th seed. The Aggies got to the semifinals as a 7th seed like 5 years ago. You are right that no one has won the current format seeded 6th-11th.
  21. YOu are correct, Lake Placid would be 10 times better than Beijing.
  22. How dumb can IOC be to put the Olympics in Beijing. Put it in a damn place that has world class skiing and is actually know for winter sports. I will watch some of the Olympics it is just pointless to put them in places that have no reason to be hosting them. There literally should be like 6-7 spots for the winter Olympics and have them rotate through. Have 2-3 in the US (SLC, DEN, and Tahoe) 1 in Canada, 2 in Europe and 1 in Japan.
  23. He was awesome, nobody will probably break his Superbowl wins.
  24. It is funny, all fan bases have them.
  25. Few weeks ago there were some UNLV fans on this board asking for an extension.
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