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  1. Don't know much about him, but overall seems like a safe/solid hire. Hopefully he can get some impact transfers to come in because as the roster is currently constructed the aggies would struggle to get above 7th place next year.
  2. Tough first half, with the 9 minute scoring drought i thought only the aggies could struggle like that on offense. Syracuse is a tough matchup with their zone and length.
  3. Give TT credit, they are a good team. They forced some turnovers and started to make shots. I think we can count on WYO winning some tournament games next year.
  4. two things the aggies had to do to win, shoot the 3 ball well and limit turnovers. They shot like 20% from three and turned it over 22 times. Defense was good enough to win today, but like always this season the aggies offense is the achilles heal. Overall if you had told me the aggies would overall play this well this year after losing Sam I would have taken it. They now need to take the next step and win some games in the tournament.
  5. Proud of the grit by the Aggies. Limit turnovers to 4 in the 2nd half and hit some open 3 point shots and the aggies will have a great shot to win.
  6. This is always our kryptonite, a point guard that can create and control the ball. We do fine in the MW, but struggle in the tournament.
  7. Alex would be a slam dunk hire. He seems like a a really nice guy as well.
  8. I know the finances behind and it should be done, but i absolutely love the spe trum tbe way it is.
  9. That is the one thing that upsets me about Utah the most is being unwilling to schedule Utah State. I can understand football to an extent, although when they do home/home with Fresno, San Jose, Norther Illinois, WYO and SDSU i lose respect. In football I don't think they should schedule them every year, but every 5-6 years would work. Basketball on the other hand is just plain silly on why they will not schedule Utah State. It benefits both programs, there area plenty of OOC games available and they are games the state deserves to see. I am perplexed why in basketball they are unwilling
  10. I hope Utah falls flat on their face. They think they are so mighty and better than anyone else especially all programs in the state. Hard to find a more arrogant and stuck up fan base. Hope they screw up the hire and continue the downward trajectory Krysto had them on.
  11. SDSU covers. I will never bet against the aggies so my heart tells me they cover and win, but realistically TT covers.
  12. I wish this was the year the aggies were going to win, but TT will be a really tough matchup for us. They play with great intensity and have really athletic guards, 2 of the things we struggle against. If they can somehow get Queta going he might neutralize some of it. I do think the aggies defensively will be solid enough to win, but we struggle offensively. The 2 keys for an aggie victory from my perspective are, <12 turnovers and shoot at least 38% from 3. We struggle when we turn the ball over and our 3 point shooting overall has been poor this year. If we do those things we would
  13. Go Aggies, i am shocked we are not in the play in game. Excited to play Texas Tech. Will be a tough game, but should be a fun one.
  14. wichita in with a net in 70's. the aggies might be doomed.
  15. Sucks that Oregon State just won. Not sure USU will get in now. That sucks. What made it worse is i watched the game and had to listen to Walton talk out of crevace the whole game.
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