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  1. Sections 220 and 221 are general admission. They are north east upper sections
  2. About 1,000 tickets left. Best place utahststeaggies.com
  3. The conference tournament where big blue ripped the mustache off the nmsu mascot was epic.
  4. Excited for the game. It will be tough for the Aggies to get the win. Just so happy with the job that coach BA has done with this team. It is truly a miracle what he has done so far considering last year. Boise has our number, but we will see what happens, this team seems to enjoy being the underdog.
  5. Nevada is getting a steal with Norvell. UNLV is not getting any value out of Arroy so far.
  6. Muma had a really nice game. You are missing that Rice also had a forced fumble that sealed the game as well.
  7. I would be completely on board with North Texas and UTSA if CSU and AF leave. North Texas has really good facilities and solid fan support. UTSA while playing in the Alamo Dome is the only team in town and get fairly good support as well.
  8. Thompkins should have got a penalty on that you are absolutely right, but did not injure the player. AF is one to talk whose offensive line always chops the defensive players knees. I love the cadets, their service and their mission post the academy, but they are no choir boys.
  9. Awesome game, glad the Aggies pulled it out. I respect what the Cadets do, but man I don't like playing them. Calhoun is one big whiny Douche. The late hit that took out our starting QB was a pure cheap shot, it is embarrassing the refs did not call it.
  10. I think you stay at 10. I don't see the logic of AF and CSU leaving. The money is not much better. The MW how it is currently constructed is an awesome conference with great regional rivalries. I can't see their fan bases thrilled with the thought of going to the AAC and playing teams you have no history with. What makes college football so great is the rivalries. It sucks the way that it is all playing out.
  11. It is odd that they did after the 2nd game. They should have done it after last season and then brought in a new coach. Now you have a lame duck interim coach with still 10 games to play. Be interesting to see how the team responds.
  12. The ND team returned 19 of 21 starters from the spring team. They also beat South Dakota State in the spring by 11 points. It is a really solid team.
  13. Nice win Aggies. ND is a solid team. The Aggies had a really tough time with their offense and the misdirection throws that they were playing and all the trick plays they ran. The second third and fourth quarter the Aggie defense played really really well. I'm just happy to get out of the game with the win.
  14. Awesome win for the Aggies. Fun game to attend. So happy based on the debacle that was last year. It is only one game but you could already see a team that was actually coached and prepared for the game.
  15. Wow, not good for CSU. SDSU is a good team, but there is no way to get completely taken outside and get abused like they are. Worried for my Aggies against North Dakota next week.
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