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  1. So fun is meaningless, huh? That sounds depressing. I'm wondering if you're the delusional one ... The MW being associated with NDSU's brand would benefit them so much. I have a hard time understanding how you don't see that. NDSU was plastered over every sports program for the past month+ . NDSU is on ESPN the mothership this Sunday (like they are several times every year). They'll probably be on ABC next week. They have more search traffic than every team but Boise state. They have more social media followers. They have more NFL players. They have more draft prospects, They have mo
  2. Please let me draw your attention to the current draft status:
  3. Tell that to someone in internet marketing. Do you know what makes the internet-go-round along with the trillion dollar internet economy? SEARCH
  4. NDSU's brand would be one of the top brands in the MWC if Boise State leaves based off of publicly available information such as internet searches and frequency of nationally televised games. See https://ndsutofbs.com/#brand
  5. This tweet sums it up nicely: If you're unfamiliar, that's (2) 1st rounders (1) 2nd rounder and likely a couple more late rounders with the rest that were experienced seniors that had jobs lined up, etc and needed to move on. SDSU basically had 1-2 of those.
  6. Here's the football revenue of the MVFC from 2019 NDSU SDSU YSU ISU UNI UND Missouri State Southern Illinois South Dakota WIU Indiana State 6.007 5.025 2.032 3.217 3.398 1.851 4.237 1.929 2.945 2.113 4.499 ^ NDSU has that revenue without guarantees (hardly any FBS team wil
  7. I'm going to assume you're just trying to rile up NDSU fans but just in case you're somehow serious: - SDSU has been able to sell out that stadium exactly 1 time. The 1 time was because NDSU fans bought half the tickets. (ALSO it was NOT SMART of them to build an outdoor stadium. It get's pretty cold there in November) - SDSU sucks - SDSU is located in Brookings which is a tiny college town. - SDSU sucks - NDSU has a national brand. SDSU is known as being their little brother. - SDSU sucks
  8. Funny. In all honestly NDSU is somewhere from 1-3. It's in the realm of possibility that Boise, CSU, and SDSU get swiped by the AAC. NDSU would look pretty good at that point.
  9. Shoot I accidentally pasted totally revenue there. 3.781m in ticket sales 9 games, $420,111/game
  10. Maybe you don't repeat yourself but you also don't have much behind your arguments... Because it's FCS and people don't watch football in the spring ­čśę . There's a reason all these startup football leagues fail
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