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  1. I never changed anything a mod went in and modified it. Only mods can change the thread name mine said racist Utah Mormons at it again.
  2. Mormons love playing the victim card.
  3. Looks like the ugly Jazz fans are at it again Ja Morants parents harassed with their son being called the N word multiple times. Utah is notorious for this type of ignorance. Westbrook had an issue with a fan calling him the n word before covid. The state of Utah is too bland and boring to have an NBA team. Link below https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/31523231/utah-jazz-ban-three-fans-verbal-altercation-game-2-vs-grizzlies%3fplatform=amp
  4. Too bad you’re too fat to climb a set of stairs without getting winded.
  5. Ugh so sorry for his family. I think Hawaii should name a section after him in the new stadium. Colt Brennan North end zone has a nice ring to it
  6. I think he’s going to suck bad
  7. Is it because he went to Utah State. He should consider changing his name to Jordan NoLove
  8. Fat guys like you don’t have to worry lol.
  9. They are both complete dumps can’t believe Idaho spent millions putting windows on their barn.
  10. It would have to be a one and done. FBS schools can’t travel to FCS schools for road games even if they wanted to.
  11. Game Highlights for those that didn’t see it live. Game came down to defensive stand by the bengals. This was a tough loss for the Vandals and will knock them out of the top 25. They came into the rivalry game ranked 24th.
  12. It was like all the vandal games these days streaming on PlutoTV. This game was broadcast locally in Pocatello and Moscow ota. Idaho State now leads 2-1 in the rivalry since Idaho dropped back to the Big Sky.
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