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  1. As an aside, I think the new WAC really pulled off a decent league for the future. A hybrid model would’ve been the best for the teams that remained as the MWC, if we could have pull ed the ZAGS and a couple others, while keeping FB numbers at 9. The Texas-centric WAC learned from the current MWC and really cobbled together a cohesive group. They are taking advantage of the MWC staying out of Texas to make up ground with the MWC.
  2. Looking at this line up of schools, it seems crazy now that the WAC 16 didn’t stay the course. Thats a good league. 9 of the WAC 16 are current MWC members... plus 1 B12 (TCU), 1 P12 (UTAH), 2 AAC (SMU & Tulsa), etc. In the place of those schools now is Utah State, Boise State, etc
  3. The AAC didn’t care about paying production costs because they are actually “buying” access to the larger viewer pool. This is about more than dollars. That’s what people aren’t grasping. They hitched their wagon to ESPN. They just picked their pony for the next decade. Anyone who remembers the failed CSTV will know why the AAC wanted “dibs” on the ESPN spots. Can the MWC go to open market in half that time??? Surrre... but ESPN is largely spoken for because of the AACs deal. The AAC bought security. The MWC’s leverage with CBSSports and Fox will depend on anyone (Bois
  4. The expectation that television deals (in the midst of current technological shifts) are going to keep going up is a leap of faith. 11 years was probably the right move. It’s my understanding they left money on the table (not going to open market) to stay at ESPN. Consequently, they actually wanted to lock up those ESPN windows and the length of time was a good thing - from a strategical sense. ESPN has the viewers and they wanted the viewers.
  5. Unpopular opinion: This is actually a good distribution. Good league. Zero Sub 200 teams. I think the RPI has it as the 4th ranked league. It goes to show how people only focus on 1 piece of the chart concerning a small number of teams. In the Covid year, I’m not sure what any of that’s worth. Houston is one of the few teams that really have a shot.
  6. My opinion is it would be in the MWC’s best interest to get into Texas. When the MWC was at its best, TCU gave the league so many benefits. Can the MWC elevate one of the Texas candidates into being the next TCU?? I don’t think it has to. If that Texas recruiting trip aids Colorado State, NM, Wyoming, AF, etc, it’s worth it. So, if we are using that available spot as a recruiting benefit, I really believe there are perhaps 3 schools that should get the call. Either UNT, Rice, or UTSA. Id go with UTSA because they are the only game in town in SA.
  7. At this point, why would you keep the “REBELS” name and not the imagery, since the name has already been associated with all that imagery for so long we all know it means confederate??! This High School already made the change last year. They are the rebels too and they admitted their Frontiersman mascot was a Reb. UNLV should just become the Sharks. Then this issue would never come up again. https://www.nj.com/monmouth/2020/06/nj-high-schools-confederate-mascot-is-demeaning-and-has-to-go-petition-says.html
  8. I would argue that “consolidation” at the top of the non-autonomy class is more of an immediate need/want/desire than moving between 2 autonomy leagues. When the AAC and a UConn split, that created a vacuum that any program with visions above their current station will be wanting to fill. All of the media contracts nearing expiration only makes the need for positioning more pressing. When Ball State played SJSU in the AZ Bowl that didn’t help matters.
  9. I’m convinced Boise State realizes they are like Nebraska and won’t kill their “golden goose” by moving to the AAC, like the Huskers did when they left the B12 for the B1G. Boise has been with most of the MWC teams going back to the old WAC, where they experienced their greatest success. They understand they need the MWC teams more than the MWC needs Boise State. Hair Thompson was 100% right in making them wait for membership back in the day. The Original MWC saw Boise State for what they are, and getting into the MWC (at any time) was a major achievement for them. Now Hair can alway
  10. BSU fans need to hope Avalos is a HR hire. If Avalos is less than Harsin, they become just another body - whether that’s in the AAC, MWC, etc. They simply can’t take that hit. It’s been almost 15 years since the OU game and soon recruits will just remember mediocrity. Thats a big responsibility to put on a 1st time HC. There is no way they should get one dime more than any other team in this league. The trend that started since Pete left has been DOWN and Avalos is not the type of hire a great program would look at. I think this was the first HC job that even kicked the tires.
  11. If Boise chooses another league for Olympic sports, it may be a net plus if Jeramiah Dickey is able to get a scheduling agreement to bring in AAC teams OOC. Future MWC Basketball schedules are now anchored down by the 20 game double round robin, which Hair has insisted on. The number of 200 NET teams that will support is brutal.
  12. If it is possible to recreate the old MWC triad with Utah-TCU-BYU... Who would be three teams that have the potential to step in those shoes? I’d say it would have to be: SDSU, UNLV, and Colorado State. All 3 of those teams are MWC originals. All 3 have new (or will have new) stadiums. Can those 3 lead the conference into the next decade, like TCU-Utah-BYU did in the first decade. Can those new facility investments inspire their admins to pick up their games like the old trio did back in the day?
  13. This would be a first in conference realignment. Most teams will sabotage anyone trying to ride coattails. West Virginia was actively working against Louisville in Big 12 talks, despite being on an island. If Boise is stumping for more teams to come with them and split their piece of pie another 2 ways, that will be a first. That being said, I hear ESPN loves Wyoming.
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