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  1. I'm a pink little fairy. My name is Mark Lando and I think Tofu is better than steak.
  2. The anger toward Colorado State and Air Force reminds me when Syracuse and Pittsburgh left the Big East for the ACC. Syracuse and Pittsburgh were of very similar brand value relative to the Big East as Air Force and Colorado State are in the MWC. However, fans of each conference talked lot of noise about those 2 teams not dominating their old leagues. That's completely misreading their brand value AND WHY those were the teams were wanted by the A_C Conferences. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are name brands just like Air Force and Colorado State. End of story. No reason to
  3. Yep. Head in the sand syndrome runs abound. Nobody wanted to believe Air Force and Colorado State were leaving until McMurphy said it... and some are still in denial. The theories going around in here are something else. It's well known that Aresco is only fielding calls. He's not spamming anyone for invites. The AAC may even stay at 10. Who knows... This is just business and these men are professionals
  4. The AAC isn't reaching out to anyone. They are only dealing with teams that reach out to them. (the pool of those teams is big enough that they don't have to recruit) Everyone they're talking to called them.
  5. NDSU could be the new Boise State. They've done well on establishing their brand - even from a FCS platform. Why not give them a shot?
  6. I like Craig Thompson. However, the uneven distribution of revenue was a mistake. That kind of placating usually spells the beginning of the end. Right now these schools are just doing what they feel is in their best interest. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. ESPN and Aresco are in lock step.
  8. The Montanas and the Dakotas are the next Frontier. I really think Hair Thompson has been on it. When Hair Thompson said "We work in silence but we are working hard," he's most definitely talking about the Montanas (or the Texas schools).
  9. I think UNT is definitely in the mix. The major question to be answered now is does Craig Thompson act quickly, and try to undercut the AAC by swooping in on the Texas schools he wants, FAST; before they have the opportunity to select a second Texas school to pair with SMU. There comes a time when Thompson has to try and control the narrative. That's what he did with the Project.
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