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  1. What's the AAC at? 8 million per? What's the MWC at? 4 per? It's been so long since I've seen this topic discussed. It's also worth noting that the AAC took less to secure ESPN and the MWC took theirs to market. They essentially bought ESPN exposure instead of taking more dollars. The MWC number was aided by being last at the table.
  2. Anyone who brings up realignment will be called a sock. Even though, Mark Blaudchun (@Blauds) at Sports Illustrated said this week that Boise State, SDSU, and Colorado State are going to the AAC. What's the point in starting newsy topics on this board - only to watch the threads turn into name-calling the messenger?
  3. I can’t help what you can process. Gonzaga has gotten no rub from the WCC. It’s been the opposite. The WCC has gotten the rub from Gonzaga.
  4. At the mid-major level, there is no prestige. Gonzaga has proven that. They made the WCC more appealing than the MWC just by being a member of it. In non- revenue sports there is zero difference.
  5. At the mid major level, the “Bus Leagues” are actually becoming the better model. The gap between the haves and have-nots has simply grown too large - for separation between “who is a better mid major league” to make any difference at all. Let’s be honest. There is zero prestige in the Olympic sports. What olympic sports conference a team plays in - in a mid major Olympic Sports sense - is less important than what gear company sponsors your teams. It’s trivial.
  6. Will it be BYU or UNLV. A lot of smoke surrounding UNLV. If it’s BYU, does that mean Gonzaga is in play too?
  7. When Craig Thompson strong-armed the league on the 20-Game Schedule, it pissed off a lot of people.... just as it did Boise, when Thompson tried to take away their sweetheart deal. All this smoke should've been expected. I can't blame other members wanting out. Being in the WCC, BW, WAC, etc, is a wash with the MWC as it is currently run. Playing in one mid major league over another in the Olympics makes no difference as those are non-revenue sports that no one watches or cares about. (1) Jon Rothstein on Twitter: "Going to 20 league games will not help the MWC get
  8. Per Matt Jones that seems to be the word. Apparently, Air Force being a service academy is working against them (I guess the AAC doesn't want another triple option team - and poor hoops team) (1) Lloyd Woosley on Twitter: "Matt @KySportsRadio Sources confirm meetings between Mountain West and AAC. Boise State along with San Diego State and UNLV to AAC. Air Force was also in discussions but AAC didn’t want a 2nd military academy." / Twitter
  9. Room for Wyoming on the life raft?
  10. California seems to be falling behind Texas and Florida. Hence the swing we've seen in the NFL draft.
  11. Greg Flugaur just tweeted Boise/SDSU and the AAC are talking. It sounds like they will be leaving before July. (2) Greg Flugaur on Twitter: "Peak around the corner: AAC Expansion. Boise St to AAC all sealed up before start of July? https://t.co/ZmJLYvMSwb" / Twitter
  12. I was rooting for the Santa Clara AD just like I root for UNLV's AD.
  13. My posting style is being a realist. I wouldn't be polishing 3... I detest fanboys. That being said, I have nothing but love for you and what you're trying to do. Keep going.
  14. I thought Harsin loved the Blue that much... But I didn't know it was Auburn blue.
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