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  1. Damn! So you're the first official communication from beyond the grave! What's it like in heaven? Wait, no, you're not with my Mom. So you're telling me the weather there is pretty warm, huh?
  2. Gross! NOT a BSU fan. or But get that smurf shit outta here!
  3. No all states. And only if the restaurants actually do it. There are many cases where restaurants are stealing the tips of servers. Some have been successfully sued, others are probably continuing to get away with it. So who is ensuring they're making up the difference to guarantee minimum wage? Bottom line though is why is there a tier below minimum wage? It's the jumbo shrimp of oxymorons.
  4. For you, a "can" is that space you're trapped in promoting stupid shit like Libertarianism. And I fixed the sentence by adding the word "be". Must be those rich line workers in Southeast Asia shirking their jobs that caused my laptop keys to fail typing the word in the first time.
  5. Actually I tip servers 25-40%. The fact I presented an argument that servers should start at minimum wage and not some bullshit tier below doesn't mean I don't tip.
  6. Jesus H Christ. Where did I mention raising the minimum wage?!? Not that your argument holds any merit, it's been debunked more times than Trump lied. The argument was that servers should start at MINIMUM WAGE, not the tier below it that has saddled them forever and a day. And for the others here jumping on the bandwagon - did any of you read the freaking attached article? Servers are TWICE AS LIKELY TO LIVE IN POVERTY THAN REGULAR WORKERS ON MINIMUM WAGE. People here can be such morons.
  7. No, she was subsidized more than whatever your state saddled servers with that was below minimum wage. Why the hell is it called minimum wage if there's a tier below it?
  8. That doesn't change the fact that the responsibility to subsidize a server's wages falls directly on the customer. Gratuities are not wages, they are a bonus the customer offers for service.
  9. Anyone else fed up with restaurants getting a free ride in skirting paying minimum wage to servers? Minimum wage is called minimum wage for a reason. Having a tier lower than that is a subsidy that hurts both the customer and the server. Servers are twice as likely to live in poverty than minimum wage employees. Gratuities are not mandatory. Many, many people under tip or don't tip at all. I don't buy into the argument that paying higher wages to anyone affects a company's ability to stay in business. It's horseshit. If fast food restaurants like McDonald's can pay minimum wa
  10. Aw geez guyz, get the tissues and a private room wouldya?
  11. Take the mayonnaise out of it and it looks like the beginning of a promising sauce.
  12. Personally I want to know who that Jack person is that Convert is prattling on about, and how he is responsible for upping prices that don't amount to much. A lot to unpack there. What say you Convert?
  13. Isn't fry sauce mayonnaise and ketchup? Never understood the idea of slathering more oil on my deep fried taters. But to each their own, I guess.
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