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  1. Uh, I think Boise State should be more concerned about attracting enough fans first before they can expand the stadium. At the very least renovate the east side bathrooms before adding seats. Adding more seats would be insignificant if you can't even fill the seats that you already have.
  2. I remember the UH players in 2007 complaining about lacking soap in the showers of the locker room, the same players who would win the WAC crown the following season. June Jones had been giving UH it's best seasons ever, and he had been expressing related concerns as well. It's no wonder that in 2008 he left for SMU of all places.
  3. I'm not sure if playing Illinois would have made much of a difference. We have to bear in mind how Hawaii's last game in the regular season panned out. They were at home against a 4-win Washington team who finished literally at the bottom of the PAC-10. At that point, Washington had nothing to play for. The Huskies jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the 1st quarter. Hawaii never got the lead until they scored with 44 seconds left, and yet Washington would still manage to drive all the way to the Hawaii 4-yard line. Hawaii would escape by intercepting a pass in the end zone. So, considering th
  4. Playing games at 8 pm on a Saturday night on CBSSN, a network that is not accessible on basic cable surely won't help. Consider the fact that the team hasn't even come close to winning a conference title ever since Utah hired Urban Meyer (winter/spring of 2003), and you will have a fan base that is filled with apathy.
  5. Hawaii had initially scheduled a game at Michigan to start the 2007 season, but Michigan backed out, so Northern Colorado was a replacement for the scheduling gaffe. You can't fault Hawaii for how they scheduled when the other side doesn't want to hold their end of the deal. Of course, Michigan replaced Hawaii with.....Appalachian State, who defeated Michigan 34-32 in one of the most dramatic games in the history of college football.
  6. Colt Brennan was, by far, the best QB that June Jones coached in his tenure at University of Hawaii, and most likely the best QB in the history of University of Hawaii football. I graduated in the spring of 2006, but was able to see him when Hawaii came to the blue the following season. Chris Petersen commented on the run-and-shoot that "you cannot stop it, you can only hope to contain it." Hawaii botched 3 snaps on FG/PAT attempts that night, but you knew that even with all that occurring, Brennan was not going to let that get to him. His team still kept fighting and gave all that the Bro
  7. Conference championships at the expense of teams that literally don't exist anymore.
  8. Kustra had nothing to do with the MWC getting worse. What really made the MWC worse was the fact that Utah, BYU, and TCU left, and it backfilled with programs that, with the exception of Boise, are not as recognizable to the average joe. What Kustra did may have been edgy, but the other programs didn't even bother to step up until after the Big 3 left for greener pastures. Heck, Fresno didn't even consider firing Pat Hill until they finished their tenure in the WAC, when it was so obvious that he should have been fired much sooner than that. Sorry, but the MWC getting worse falls on the sh
  9. If you know that all you need is a 6-6 record to become bowl eligible, then you aren't going to be as "amped up" to win as many games as you would have had to 10-20 years ago. Factor in the players and coaches who frequently skip bowl games nowadays, and you have teams that aren't going to be excited about most bowl games these days.
  10. Some P5 teams would suffer as well. That is why bowl games need to be reduced, so that ALL teams would be motivated to win more games.
  11. I had a feeling that the playoff would be another biased system like the BCS was, and sadly I was right. Breaking away would only seal the G5 to certain doom as it still does not attract enough viewers. Colorado State may have opened up a new stadium in recent years, but that hasn't translated into a higher attendance rate. One of the things that needs to happen is a reduction in bowl games, maybe by about 35%. We have seen time and time again over the last several years that players and coaches alike have been skipping them so that they can get a head start on their next gig.
  12. CSU proved that having nice things doesn't mean much if the team isn't winning.
  13. I remember growing up watching the NBA throughout the 1990s, seeing many good players, including Bradley. I wish him the best of luck in his recovery.
  14. Please, not another COVIDized season. I can't take another one.
  15. I can see this happening elsewhere. It wouldn't surprise me if it were to happen at institutions in FBS conferences as well. As college becomes more and more unaffordable, students are likely to look elsewhere for post-high school education. Plus, the student debt can be too much to bear, especially when having employment that pays well seems to be harder and harder to come by these days. Donations from alumni can only do so much. I think it's fair to say that programs who frequently lose are likely to have such losing catch up to them. (Just ask University of Idaho.) After all, this is
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