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  1. They have the advantage of playing Boise State at home in week 2. Their last month of games? Army, CSU, New Mexico, Utah State. While they could lose those games I just don't see it. Maybe Wyoming or Hawaii catch them in october.
  2. playoff predictors lets you choose the winner of every game in the MWC. It uses NFL rules as far as standings, so sometimes it won't look right but its a helpful way to make predictions. MWC Predictions Link As for my predictions I will attach them below. If you have questions about any individual game I'd be happy to discuss my reasonings. Teams I am high on for 2020: AFA, Nevada, Fresno Teams I am low on for 2020: USU, Hawaii, UNLV/UNM
  3. This just looks like an overly biased SDSU fan trying to rile up others.
  4. The biggest injustice was Troy being relegated despite Umass landing a spot.
  5. I would love to see that conference today, but I'm not so sure Arizona, ASU, and Utah are equally eager to reform the WAC.
  6. He basically just reconstructed the old WAC and called it the Rocky Mountain Conference.
  7. My Take: Air Force should be favored in all 4 OOC games, but I don't expect them to take down both Purdue and Navy. I'd guess 3-1 with a loss to Purdue, but 4-0 is definitely on the table. Boise State has a very difficult OOC schedule. All 4 opponents are absolutely capable of beating the Broncos. I suspect the Broncos go 3-1, and would be equally surprised to see 2-2 and 4-0. Colorado State - I agree with you on this take - I see 3-1. They play 3 of the worst P5 teams. I see Oregon State being the 1 loss. New Mexico - All comes down to the NMSU rivalry game. They'll likely be 2-2 in the other 4, so would be either 2-3 or 3-2 depending on the result of NMSU. Utah State - They lose a lot of talent and have a very frontloaded schedule. I don't see an OOC win outside of SUU. 1-3 for the aggies. Wyoming - I also expect 3-1 with a split between ULL and Utah.
  8. My take: I think Fresno beats Colorado. Colorado has a new coach and was a bad team last year, and Fresno looks to be much improved. 3-1 I don't think Hawaii is going to be ready to take on either Arizona or UCLA. New HC and new QB, probably a modified system. And all this with one of the worst offseasons possible to be implementing new everything. 2-3 I agree with Nevada's 4-0 in that I wouldn't predict a Nevada loss in any one of those games, but I suspect one of the east coast games turns out to be a loss, 3-1 SDSU I agree with, 2-2 or 3-1 depending on what happens in the UCLA game. Even Toledo could take the Aztecs down if their offense doesn't start out playing well. SJSU has one guaranteed loss (Penn State). CMU and UConn are probably both 50/50 games, I'd guess 2-2 but wouldn't be surprised to see 1-3 or 3-1. UNLV has the toughest OOC schedule in the MW. Louisiana Tech had a solid team last year, and would probably be one of the West division favorites if it were in this division. I don't see UNLV winning any of those games.
  9. I definitely feel like the Aztecs should be the favorite heading into the season, with Nevada right behind. They are the only team in the division that will return their QB and their Head Coach. That continuity definitely will help will the uncertain times of Covid-19. Nevada also has an easier schedule than SDSU so a Wolf pack win could give them the advantage they need.
  10. I had posted yesterday about the Mountain Division. Today I released this piece on the West Division and wanted to get a feel from you guys on this. Do you agree or disagree with your team's projections listed here? https://fifthquarter.net/news/2020/06/25/mountain-west-football-most-important-game-for-each-west-division-team-in-2020/
  11. I definitely agree. The reason I chose Nevada is because in my season predictions I have Wyoming being 4-1 in conference heading into the Nevada game, meanwhile I expect Boise to be 7-0 in conference outside of the Wyoming game. Nevada is looking to have a season similar to Wyoming. If Wyoming beats Nevada they'd be in a position to win the division if they can beat the Broncos. If they lose to Nevada then Boise would win the division with a win or a loss to Wyoming.
  12. I definitely am hoping the Lobos can compete, but it is going to be tough. Their division doesn't offer any easy games. I could see them heading into November sitting at 4-4 with wins over Idaho State, NMSU, Umass, and SJSU but their final 4 games don't do them any favors. @ Hawaii, vs Boise, @ AFA, and finally vs Wyoming is about the toughest final 4 games the Lobos could ask for. Maybe they steal one of those game (most likely Hawaii).
  13. This is what I love to hear! I have high hopes for Wyoming this season. I am expecting them to compete for the division.
  14. This is Caleb from Fifth Quarter. I am going to be covering the CFB's west coast, and primarily the MWC. This is my first piece (the West division will go up tomorrow). I am hoping to hear some feedback and gauge what you guys would enjoy reading. I am going to be putting out a feature piece soon on the 6 new MWC coaches, so be looking out for that! https://fifthquarter.net/analysis/2020/06/24/mountain-west-football-most-important-game-for-each-mountain-division-team-in-2020/