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  1. That’s what it says under the score, at the break. Grow up... Bulldogs
  2. A member of my family owns a large rental co. At one time they had over 150 rental units in the greater Vegas area. But they are liquidating. I was told that most people moving to Vegas are elderly. They aren’t looking at living there, or anywhere, 10 or more years from now. So the crippling drought won’t bother them. Commercial investors are flipping houses. The long-term play is over. It’s like shorting stocks. Sports teams are transient, they will go where the $$$ is. Give them bread & circus. They don’t care if Vegas is a ghost town in 10-20 years. They will just move on again, to the
  3. Sewer water can only help so much. The coliseum has backed up sewers... ick... but the Colorado river is running low, and Vegas will soon have to recycle even more sewer water for drinking purposes. Why does nobody seem to be paying attention? Vegas and towns of the lower Colorado basin will soon be shedding people like crazy. It’s completely unsustainable. Maybe another desalination station in the Pacific could help, but it will be a couple years too late. Get real people! Vegas is about over... The town is in its death throes and the people just can’t grasp it yet. Gotta wake up and move..
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