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  1. Many San Diegans attribute their teams' choking to a curse. That's because they themselves are soft as a baby's butt.
  2. Hey! You KNOW robe's a millionaire several times over. You know, 'cause he lives in a state where everybody's rich: https://www.chamberofcommerce.org/how-rich-is-each-us-state/
  3. My guess would be the one which separates her state from Any Klobuchar's neck of the woods. Ain't much Democratic life anywhere else around.
  4. The Party of Stupid indeed. But the US is slowly becoming The Country of Stupid.
  5. Good. This country could use a strong third party but that one isn't it.
  6. Maybe but I suspect his ego has grown so yuge that he actually thinks he can win the presidency again.
  7. Right. DeSantis could get the GOP nomination straight up against Trump. However, if the polls suggest that may not occur, there's the following possibility. Trump's ego is so big that rather than ignoring Liz Chaney, he has shit on her so many times that if it looks like Trump could win the GOP primary, Chaney will either run for president as a Republican to draw votes away from the Orange SS or she will run as an independent. The latter would seem to be the best strategy because it would allow her to drop out if DeSantis wins the primary or remain on the ballot in the event Trump beats DeSantis. Either way, Chaney should be able to drive a stake into the heart of Trump's political career.
  8. No. Reading the tea leaves, this is what will happen: In the very unlikely event UCLA is forced by the UC BOR to remain in the Pac, there will be no expansion. Assuming UCLA leaves, the Pac could conceivably take only SDSU to keep the Aztecs from going to the B12. Even if the Pac adds another school besides SDSU, it wouldn't be UNLV. The choice would be one of these options: SMU or Fresno State as a full member or Gonzaga for its Olys and SMU for football only.
  9. The saber rattling is at the behest of Elitist U, Cal. Although Cal may still have the juice within the UC Board of Regents that it always did, it wrongly thinks it still has the same clout within the conference it did when it was the Pac-8.
  10. It was indeed a piss poor job of coaching down the stretch. Having watched all of Brady's pressers this year and listened to several of his Monday morning radio interviews, he clearly lacks the passion he had during his first two seasons at SDSU. Maybe he can get it back but I'm skeptical and at this point suspect that 13 months from now he'll pull a Rocky and announce his retirement while subtly suggesting he was never properly appreciated by SDSU fans. If he does, my reaction will be the same as it was when Rocky did that: You did a pretty good job overall so thanks for that but it was time for you to go.
  11. Just curious. Have you put your money where your mouth is?
  12. Nothing like ^ ^ ^ from someone whose school is stuck in the Mountain West forever. That or the Big Sky Conference if the MW ceases to exist.
  13. I'm right there with you, brother. UNLV2001 and a couple others here excepted, Rebel Land is full of fans that are still living in 1992.
  14. Question of the Day: I get the "base" thing but the vast majority of those people have the IQ of a box of hammers so why the hell would anyone smart and industrious enough to have put out thousands and thousands of dollars in college tuition and put in thousands of hours of study in order to earn a bar card work for Donald Trump at this point in time?
  15. "Joe Biden put white people last in line for COVID relief funds."
  16. If the Pac was to add somebody else besides SDSU, you guys would definitely be a good geographical fit. OTOH, so would Fresno State.
  17. All great points. However, after a half season of lethargy, the defense has been better recently. Granted, those guys gave up a bunch of eleventh-hour points to Fresno but it wasn't them who turned the ball over four times. Edit: Regardless of the teams having the same record, SDSU has much better personnel than UNLV and the two have been headed in different directions the last three games. There can be no excuse for the Aztecs not winning this one.
  18. “I have no doubt that an aggressive DA or US Atty someplace will go after both the President and his lawyers once all the dust settles on this,” Eastman wrote in an email to two other private attorneys working on Trump election challenges, Alex Kaufman and Kurt Hilbert. One would hope. Alas . . .
  19. I don't understand what you're referring to. "They" who? Israelis generally or simply the Likud Party which has run roughshod over the country's politics?
  20. Further evidence of how weak the Pac is. A quality SDSU poster advocated on our good board last week that the Pac should add SDSU and Gonzaga immediately and then stand pat to see how things shake out over the rest of the decade. I'm not going to bother locating it but there was significant logic supporting that guy's position. Sadly, the Pac has never shown the type of vision necessary for that kind of out of the box thinking. (Is the Pac leadership really composed entirely of old white people with PhDs in esoteric subjects?)
  21. To hell with Bibi. He needs to retire to a kibbutz in the middle of nowhere.
  22. You would think so but I'm not so sure since teams' emotions usually begin at the top. During Hoke's first two seasons at SDSU, he exuded considerable energy and passion. Thirty games into his second tour of duty, he shows little of either and it's apparent to everyone that had our AD not stepped in, Brady's good buddy would still be our offensive uncoordinator. At this point, I envision that following the 2023 season, Brady will pull a Rocky and announce his retirement after having moaned and groaned multiple times about being underappreciated by SDSU fans and media.
  23. Personally, I take nothing from Aztec games against what are essentially junior colleges.
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