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  1. Although I don't think UCSB has ever played at SDSU, the Aztecs traveled to Santa Barbara once. My buddy and I traveled up to SB from L.A. and it was a great game:
  2. Cal's average football attendance in 2019 was 12.5K higher than SDSU's. SDSU will catch Cal once it joins the Pac. In 2021-22, SDSU's average home basketball attendance was 7K per game higher than Cal's even playing in the MW. I'll let Fresno fans speak for themselves.
  3. I doubt it. Much as I respect UC Berkeley, no member of the Pac has been so responsible for its demise and I can't believe the rest of the conference doesn't know that.
  4. A lot of it had to do with properly defending SJSU. Despite completing at least 20 passes each game, Cordeiro hasn't had a completion over 40 yards in six weeks. Since USU has an excellent staff, that should continue at Logan.
  5. Take heart. You still have Creeper.
  6. Thanks be to Creeper for helping pull the Aztecs out of their lethargy. Ignorant to the last . . .
  7. ^ ^ ^ I've been on this board for at least a dozen years and read thousands of posts but that is the most pathetic one I've ever seen. ^ ^ ^
  8. Because she's not a career politician, not much is known about Lake's personal life but it appears to me she could be a convert to evangelical Christianity. The talking in tongues type even. Those kinds of self-righteous people are dangerous and given Lake's intelligence and smooth demeanor, I think she could become one of their heroes on the national stage.
  9. SMU is #72 on USNWR's national universities list which beats the hell out of all other speculated candidates and would at least in theory help schools with recruiting Texas for football. Plus, although the fan base is small, it's rich. That defense of SMU having been made, I agree with you that if the Pac adds SMU, it would be a dumb thing to do. Which probably means the Pac will do it.
  10. Not sure about that but I'm certain that on this board - and probably elsewhere - you never were.
  11. What a prick that guy continues to be. It's probable he won't go away until his fat ass kicks the bucket.
  12. The predecessor to far-right broadcast news was tabloids like National Enquirer and Star. Their demise began when the number of purchasers able to read at even a third grade level diminished. Thankfully for Trump, most of his base remains capable of watching TV at about a third grade level.
  13. I do think that the way our politics are going, the GOP could be in big trouble. Contemporarily, its backbone is millions of middle age and older evangelicals. Obviously the age factor is problematic for the Republicans but so is religiosity. Middle-aged and elderly Christians are sorely lacking in pragmatism and smaller and smaller proportions of each generation are adhering to organized religion. No better examples than how much Dobbs affected Tuesday's votes in many states.
  14. I haven't followed it closely but considering how SDSU and Boise were able to rescind their commitments to the nBE, I assume BYU and Houston could still bail on the B12. Given its location, the Pac wouldn't seem like a particularly good move for Houston but Provo would pretty much be smack dab in the middle of Pac excluding the L.A. schools with SDSU as a backfill.
  15. The only way SDSU won't be going to the Pac is if the UC BOR prevents UCLA from going to the B1G. Since the odds of that happening are considered by Jon Wilner to be 5%, the odds of SDSU to the Pac are now ~95%. Gonzaga turned down MW membership a vew years ago. SDSU taking its best-of-the-MW basketball program to the Pac would presumably be a reason for Gonzaga not to change its mind about that.
  16. Unlike some of its alleged peers, the Monty Show is a quality production. Given public records act legislation, there can be little doubt that as Monty said, Kliavkoff discussions with SDSU would have been entirely verbal. (Because in California, exceptions to the ability of the media to acquire emails and other written communications made by employees of SDSU's athletic department are, with few exceptions, all a matter of public record.) I can't vouch for their accuracy but I heard from two people with contacts within SDSU's athletic department that as long as a few months ago, SDSU officials had encouraged Kliavkoff to have the Pac consider adding BYU along with SDSU. That makes sense on many levels among which are that BYU has quality programs in both football and basketball and although BYU is similarly not in line to become an AAU member, it also similarly doesn't have the bad academic rep that plagues Boise State. Anyway, the timeline is this: November 17: The UC BOR is expected to finally cast aside the lobbying of Cal/Newsom/Perez and allow UCLA to go to the B1G while forcing UCLA to annually turn over some schakels to Cal as a quid pro quo. Sometime shortly after the Thanksgiving weekend: The Pac will announce its new TV deal with ESPN and Amazon. Possibly on the latter date or within days thereafter but more likely in mid-December: Dan Patrick will be proven correct on the part of his story about SDSU to the Pac. Considering how the Pac has always moved at a glacial pace on everything, I expect a concurrent Kliavkoff announcement that they're still considering further expansion but that even that hasn't been decided, much less which other school(s) would be offered.
  17. I'd say close but no cigar. The top tier will be composed of the B1G and the SEC, which will each include at least two current ACC schools (think UNC, UVA, Clemson and Florida State) and in the case of the B1G, possibly also UO, UW, ND and Stanford. The SEC could conceivably also take TCU and WVU. I'll call that the Super Level or to be diplomatic, L1. The next tier will basically be comprised of the 2025 Pac, B12 and ACC leftovers. I'll call that L2. Any members of the MWC which aren't added by the Pac or the B12 and all the rest of the current G5 will inevitably merge in some waywith the best of the current FCS to form L3. L4 will be composed of run of the mill members of the current FCS. The TV revenue difference between levels will be dramatic.
  18. Sorry for the skepticism but I'm not feeling it.
  19. And I'm pretty sure that our dumb mofo former president who used the term doesn't know what it means either.
  20. The gaucho graduated from a school in the same conference as a school I attended for a couple years, his school is located in one of the primo locations in the country and he now lives in the city in which SDSU is located. Bottom Line: The dude is A-OK in my book.
  21. A lot of sites like that give you X number of freebies and then after five or so you get a paywall. IIRC that happened to me with the Mercury News.
  22. Yeah. Other than Pullman, I don't think there are any difficult roadies with Pac membership. It's been many years since I've seen the Eugene airport but have heard it's about as big as Fresno's and that ain't too bad. Every other Pac location is very near a major airport you can fly into.
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