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  1. Well, good luck to them with that since Mike Aresco said at the beginning of the week that the AAC was no longer interested in adding OSU and WSU. Instead, the AAC is going to add Army for football only. Accordingly, I read that as an acknowledgement that the twins realize it is unrealistic for them to try to add any AAC schools to the P-2. If the twins are smart, they will work out something with Gloria Nevarez which keeps in mind that a decade from now, the REAL dominoes will fall so nobody with any possible value to a better conference will want to be restricted from joining such a conference. In that regard, the MWC's onerous exit fee will be front and center. With the money the twins figure to inherit from demise of the Pac, they have leverage over the MWC and if I'm them, I make a similar demand to what Boise State did that got them a better TV deal than the rest of the conference. That is to say, NO exit fee for the twins. In perpetuity. And why not also demand the same TV deal as Boise has? If Nevarez can't say yes, be prepared to threaten a raid of half of the MWC schools.
  2. Kansas isn't the cellar dweller it once was and the Pack played well. Disappointing that they couldn't get the win. I'm still not sold on Wilson, though, who doesn't exude leadership and the game reminded me a bit of when the Aztecs played before Touchdown Jesus under Chuck "Fourth and" Long. Most fans were bigly down on Chuck and I don't recall the exact score but they were a huge underdog abut I always thought that except for a bad call when our RB allegedly fumbled the ball into their end zone for a touchback when replay seemed to show his knee was down at the one yard line, SDSU might have won. Rumor had it Chuck slept in his office that week watching film until the team flew to South Bend and I wondered whether playing so well might inspire the team to turn things around. However, it wasn't to be as that loss seemed to be just one more game toward the players losing faith in that staff. Anyway, good luck the rest of the way, Pack fans. I've always liked he Reno area.
  3. I'm hoping UNM fires Danny so Brady Hoke can bring him back as SDSU's DC after our current guy, Kurt Maddix, gets hired away by somebody like Mississippi State.
  4. I ignore posters from lesser conferences unless they say something truly idiotic. You vaulted above that high bar so I replied.
  5. To say nothing about how bad SDSU's offensive line is.
  6. No assumption necessary on this. We all KNOW you're a dumbass.
  7. Don't want to sign a GOR? Then you don't want to share in conference decision-making. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/uw-oregon-expected-to-be-removed-from-key-pac-12-board-discussions-court-documents-show/?utm_source=marketingcloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BNA_091623170918+BREAKING+Court+documents+show+UW+and+Oregon+expected+to+be+removed+from+key+Pac-..._9_16_2023&utm_term=Active subscriber#comments
  8. Brady is a protege of Rocky and Rocky never cared about OOC games. Therefore, SDSU won't do anything different on offense but will instead focus on getting better at boring our opponent's defense so they can bore Boysee State into submission on national TV on the subsequent Friday night.
  9. Mayden's arm strength is fine, it's his accuracy that is subpar. And with the possible exception of the true freshman, I'm highly skeptical that anybody lower on the depth chart is any better. The defense WILL play better. For one thing, the transfer from TCU who was well regarded coming out but did nothing there and was badly beaten on UCLA's 81-yard TD strike can't possibly start. Also, New Zealand Williams can't possibly play more snaps at LB than Cody Moon. Finally, the other long TD the Bruins scored occurred when our D wasn't even close to being set for them going up-tempo. Our young safeties certainly learned from that. 31-14 Oregon State
  10. Not really. Navy is 1-2 so my record should actually be 13-8.
  11. A Beav fan wrote an interesting comment to Canzano's article published a few hours ago and I think he may have a point. As I continue to say, money and pretty much nothing else now drives college football. If OSU and WSU refuse to settle with the P-10, there is no telling what kind of dirt may be drudged up during the discovery phase of the litigation. Enough perhaps to scare ESPN and FoxSports into paying one of the remaining power conferences to admit the "twins" even though the P4 definitely don't want them?
  12. "Powerful" or otherwise, if the bottom half of the MWC/nPac wants to see their conference perpetuated beyond a mere decade from now, they better start putting significantly more money into their athletic department because the upper crust isn't going to continue doing all the pulling of the wagon forever.
  13. Just learned that George Koughkough will earn $3.6 million this year: https://www.johncanzano.com/p/canzano-pac-12s-leadership-comes?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=795059&post_id=137070972&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=false&r=9b2j7&utm_medium=email Strike that, GK will be PAID $3.6 million this year by the Pac-12. Kough, kough . . .
  14. Granted it's a different sport but getting to the college basketball tournament final did absolutely nothing to help SDSU get into a power conference. Maybe going to the football playoffs this year might help Oregon State but being the "winner" of a 2-team conference in 2024 would mean absolutely nothing. OSU's getting to the playoffs while winning a conference as bad in football as the current MWC is would mean next to nothing.
  15. The only way OSU and WSU can get the nPAC to be a power conference is to bring in G5 schools which are similar to Houston, UCF, Cincinnati, and BYU in their financial commitment to sports: https://herosports.com/fbs-highest-2022-2023-revenue-expenses-group-of-five-schools-cpcp/
  16. I voted for Wyoming for the same reason. If the Aztecs had a football fan base that supportive, they would have been in the Pac-12 years ago.
  17. Who knew? I certainly didn't. No problem though. Just offer those schools a buck fitty each for the name.
  18. Although it's unlikely to continue to be called the Mountain West* you're probably correct. However, that begs asking for how long? * No way will OSU and WSU join without the "Pac" brand be included nor should they. My guess is the conference will become the MountainPac or the PacWest.
  19. Dan Wetzel on predictions of how paying players would ruin college football: https://sports.yahoo.com/is-next-year-the-year-fans-tune-out-college-football-because-of-the-disaster-that-is-nil-195458354.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9jc25iYnMuY29tLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAN4Keev4xK6Y1OaiW5KhD2Obe1vJ7CbDGagMC93DiAA6-Pc7MGgEXs4dUaQ-33x2kLn8WlLZUf9RkCYsDF42z8U48YC8pWgtjrqbCzOrKJNAd6c2C-ERVh8IJgko86hsxUXLhRj_IRk-1EdAJPeJjb-7j8-LMJgpr8OwTyFINkk6 Sadly, it's becoming more and more about the money. I'm sure most of us here care about the little guys of the sport in our part of the country more than we care about the big boys. In my case, a LOT more. However, that isn't true of the casual fan and it definitely isn't true of the casual bettor. So they don't watch the little guys and ESPN and FoxSports care about ratings because good ratings bring THEM money. As for what alum93 said, a relegation system would be fair so a relegation system would be wonderful but to repeat, ethics and common sense don't matter anymore, it's all about the money.
  20. I agree in principle but not necessarily with everything you say. You're an excellent poster so I value your input on the following. If it wasn't obvious before June 30, 2022, it's now clear that for the football heavyweights, it's all about the money. Academics, ethics and the like simply don't matter anymore. As such, the mere fact a university is currently in a "power" conference won't get it into what will be the equivalent of a minor league for the NFL. So let's look at the top current football conference. The SEC will have 16 members next year and the great majority will be in the new Tier 1. However, Vanderbilt will absolutely not be in that group and I'd venture to say that Kentucky, Mississippi State, South Carolina and Missouri will also be excluded because none of them have distinguished themselves in football. So let's say 12 of the 16 SEC members will be in the superconference. I won't bother with specifics but although the B1G is very wealthy, just how many top-notch football programs does it have? The answer is just four definite ones, OSU, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin. Michigan State and Nebraska are tweeners so let's assume they'll also be allowed in. The ACC? Clemson, FSU and Miami will definitely be in. VA Tech as a definite add when Beamer was its HC but that school has done nothing when he hasn't been so at best, it's a tweener and I'd put UNC, Pitt and Louisville in the same category with UL likely out because its program has been so dirty so often. So let's say five ACC schools would get in (Calford will definitely not be among them). The B12? In my book, zero definites but BYU, TCU and WVU would be probables and Baylor a tweener. Let's say all four get in. Not a single football program in the Groupie conferences will get in. So that leaves the following: 12+6+6+4 = just 28. I've read speculation about there being 40-45 schools in the new tier so I'd say that's probably going to be accurate. For that reason, since football is going to be separated from other sports across the board, I think that another 40-60 schools will end up in a Tier 2 from which as many as two teams will be able to play in the CFP if highly-enough ranked. (The big boys won't like that but for PR reasons and fear of a restraint of trade lawsuit they'll allow it.) The remainder of the current FBS schools will drop down to the FCS level from whence they came.
  21. Nothing I can recall. My aversion to the guy is the quality of his writing. Murray isn't some student writing for a school newspaper or a jock talking off the top of his head. He's a professional writer on the staff of a paper that covers a community of a half million people yet his journalistic skills are such that you would think he was working for the Chico Enterprise.
  22. Just like Chris Murray is a detriment to Nevada's academic standing, so is OSBeaver a detriment to Oregon State's. The only difference is OSBeaver is a detriment to OSU to a power of 10.
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