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  1. 1. True but AF has played three option teams in Navy, Army and UNM and a fourth game against Colorado when the Buffalos were still using J.T. Strout who is one of the worst starting QBs in the country. 2. With that I fully agree. I'm looking forward to it!
  2. I thought about voting for you guys but your southern brothers had much more to play for against a team with lesser talent and failed to get it done. That said, looking ahead to next season, UNLV figures to get over the hump and finally go bowling again. The Wolf Pack, however, is far too much of a mess to get bowl eligible again that soon.
  3. And those who complain about complainers who complain about complainers, etc., etc. But there is nothing worse than UNLV either. Although Rebels football will never be another Rome and whatever it turns out to be can't be constructed in just three years, Arroyo IS building something and this thread is asinine.
  4. If Walker loses on December 6 but Trump is reelected in 2024, since Walker won't have to concern himself with deep legislative issues, maybe The Donald will name him America's new poet laureate.
  5. I'm sure their so doing will persuade soccer fans the world over to adopt their cause. You know, because soccer fans are all so woke about equal rights for minorities.
  6. No way should any conference which accepts a new member for all sports give it a reduced share of TV revenue forever. Since I've never heard of that, it would exude that the conference couldn't lure somebody it wanted more. Further, it would set a precedent that would detract from the ability to add new members in the future. My guess is this. The Pac's offer to SDSU will be that it receives the same reduced percentage Utah agreed to but rather than automatically ending in 2-3 years, that reduction will continue until SDSU gains Carnegie Tier 1 research status.
  7. Yeah but I wouldn't think UCLA would have agreed to something like that unless they were quite sure the BOR would indeed allow it. However, UCLA appears to have been caught totally taken aback by the opposition that's arisen.
  8. Right. Just abject stupidity of such a magnitude that the offender can't be trusted to serve competently as dog catcher much less President.
  9. I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn last night but did take a class in torts many years ago so have some familiarity with the point you're making. However, you don't say whom you believe would be sued. Granted, if push came to shove the B1G would sue everybody but I assume you think the primary defendant would be the UC Board of Regents? (For one thing, I assume damages wouldn't necessarily be limited to the make whole variety but also perhaps involve punitives and the UC system generally for whom the BOR is the agent definitely has deep pockets.)
  10. Chuck Long was shown the door at SDSU because on the heels of a sub-mediocre four years under Tom Craft the school replaced him with a guy who had been a very good offensive coordinator at a P5 school but had never before been a HC and should never have been and after 70-7, fans were ready to tear down the athletic department offices. I think highly of Danny Gonzales but wonder whether the Peter Principle may similarly exist with him. Your take on that?
  11. Right wing of the GOP hates everything Dem. Hunter's biggest mistake was to take that gig in the Middle East. (Can't recall exactly where and I don't give a shit anyway.) His second biggest mistake was to be the son of a president. That leaves him open to being the whipping boy for such great Christians as Matt Gaetz, MTG and Josh Hawley.
  12. Donald Trump: Dumbest got-damned billionaire in the history of the world. The Base: Dumbest got-damned 40 million people in the history of the world.
  13. The betting line hasn't moved an inch all week. Still SDSU -14.5. If CHUCK Long was coaching the Lobos, they'd give up and the Aztecs would blow them out. However, the Lobos are coached by Danny Gonzales and ROCKY Long so although I have little doubt SDSU will win, I'm not sure they'll cover. My guess is 21-10 with UNM managing a TD because SDSU turns the ball over once deep in its own territory. Hang in there, LoboMan. You guys have always been a basketball school and I sense you're on the upswing again in that sport.
  14. https://247sports.com/college/san-diego-state/Article/Sinn-Brennan-breaks-down-his-commitment-to-San-Diego-State--197846919/ I like this kid a lot.
  15. There's a lot of reason to think that Hunter Biden may have violated US law(s). However, where in hell did somebody come up with the idea that Jan. 6 prisoners were mistreated? Oops, I forgot that I no longer ever watch Hannity or Carlson.
  16. More specifically, for those who are staunch supporters of the smallest possible federal government, their wet dream is for the Government to become merely a shell. As an example, Clarence Thomas has spent his public life doing everything possible to eviscerate the Government's involvement in people's lives. Thomas did that as chairman of the EEOC and now that the C6 are running SCOTUS and Roberts no longer has any power to rein him in, Thomas is being successful pushing that philosophy there. Bottom line is the modern GOP's agenda at the federal level is little more than to stop Democrats from enacting substantive legislation.
  17. Well, Lake is done for this election cycle. However, she's such a true believer in bat shit crazy that I'd be very surprised if we don't see more of her down the road. At a minimum I expect to see her on FoxNews or one of the true John Birch networks.
  18. Going to be difficult for the Dems to find a good replacement for a tough as nails legend like that.
  19. Ironically, tests show that 40% of Republicans have an IQ below 80, 10% are geniuses and the rest are in between.
  20. Has absolutely nothing to do with this I'm sure: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/04/prop-8-mormons-gay-marriage-shift/
  21. Thanks. So Cal is now a scintillating 0-3 in basketball and a perfect 0-6 against Pac12 competition in football. Good thing that UCLA is going to financially bail the Bores out going forward.
  22. And deservedly so. He's proof positive that educational quality isn't necessarily a function of student population size.
  23. This stuff is a major challenge for me to comprehend and I would probably just give up but for my interest in a soul or spirit transcending life as a human being. I was sufficiently interested in that that not long ago, I purchased a book which purported to explain why the concept of a soul defies logic. I can't recall the name of the book but in my view, the writer's theory failed to prove any such thing. So having discovered this thread, maybe I'll read and try to follow what you guys have been sharing that further refutes that woman's beliefs.
  24. CU has to be among the dozen or so most overrated sports schools in the country. Yeah they shared a NC one year in football but they did so by bringing in a boatload of quasi-criminals. As to hoops, the Buffaloes have won exactly two NCAA tournament games this century.
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