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  1. On 1/27/2023 at 11:52 AM, bigd said:

    I’d say it’s the equivalent of the MW adding Utah State and SJSU after Boise and SDSU bolted for the Big East.

    I hadn't thought about it that way but considering I've always thought the MW erred in offering SJSU when it only needed to add one school so USU would have sufficed, it seems to me at this point the Pac should add only SDSU.

  2. On 1/27/2023 at 8:49 AM, Spaztecs said:

    If you were an OUW guy, would you want to be in a Conference with SUDS, SMU, or UNLV ?

    To the Athletic Dept and fans, that's the equivelant of NMSU and UTEP joining the MW.

    I don't disagree. However, just where else besides the B1G would UW and UO go? The B12 and its inferior academics? Don't make me laugh.

    My guess is those two schools would be more than willing to agree to a short-term GOR. 5-7 years maybe. However, I think Cal remains so clueless about its lack of clout in a conference it helped form many decades ago that ita UCB administration continues to grab at every possible straw to keep other schools from leaving. The conference was originally founded in 1959 (the year after Cal's last Rose Bowl appearance) with Cal, Stanford, UCLA, USC and Washington as charter members. If UDub was to bolt, Cal's Bay Area partner would be the only other one of the original five still in.

    If Jon Wilner has it right, UC's BOR didn't ask UCLA to distribute money to any other campus besides Cal because the BOR long ago set things up for Cal to partially subsidize the athletics of newer campuses. Frankly, it's an asinine setup that only former Soviet Union bigshots could love and Larry Scott was a perfect fit as the head oligarch. 

    But with due respect, regarding SDSU, you need to keep your mind on who the decisionmakers are and that's SDSU's president and to a somewhat lesser extent, its faculty senate. And their top priority is not advancing sports but elevating the school's academic profile. So Cal might be a bitch to partner with, as might Cal's brother university Stanford, but there's no doubt de la Torre and the faculty senate are elated about the chances of partnering with at least those two Pac schools in doing research. (SDSU already does that with another academic powerhouse, UCSD.)

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  3. On 1/26/2023 at 6:55 PM, AztecAlien said:

    I just hope the AD at SDSU has their ducks in a row before making a decision. Don't need another Big East debacle. That whole thing was a bad idea from the beginning. 

    Listening to what Wicker's responses to Dennis Dodd recently were, JD will look like a complete fool if SDSU isn't admitted to the Pac conference within several weeks of the announcement that the Pac has finally - finally - managed get its new TV deal done.

    Yeah I may be biased but WTF. Props to SDSU for all it's accomplished in the last dozen years to situation itself for power conference membership. But all the criticism which has been leveled at the Pac over the eight months or so seems to me to me completely warranted. I absolutely exclude Utah from that derision. I also exclude USC, UCLA, Wazzu and Oregon State. However, those Pac schools I haven't mentioned really need to look into the GD mirror and decide just now valuable they are to the Pac or any other conference since their athletics appear to be run by idiots.

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  4. A reasonable goal for the MWC at this point in time is to get one of our teams to the Sweet 16.

    Question: In order to maximize the chances of that occurring, which would be preferable? (1) To get 4-5 teams in so as to increase the chances that one team will get a good draw and get hot or (2) To have two from among SDSU, Boise, Nevada, USU and UNM crash and burn so badly over the rest of the season that they would be unable to defeat any of the other three which would therefore draw a better seed?

  5. On 1/22/2023 at 1:46 PM, 4XGrad said:

    Still trying to figure out how we went from several species of small furry animals grooving in a cave with a pict to the dark side of the moon....

    But it was definitely an improvement. Sid would probably disagree though although at that time I am not sure he even knew what he ate for dinner.

    Ummagumma was released in November 1969 and other than Money, most of the tracks which composed DSOM evolved over 2+ years of touring before recording of the latter album began. In the interim, the band issued a few other albums including Meddle which came out in fall 1971. Echoes from that album was a side-long version of the same type of music which appeared on DOTM.

    Btw, it was spelled Syd.

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  6. Lol at the UNLV hires Barry Odom thread which wasn't started until December 2 but nevertheless has 626 posts and counting. Isn't there a Rebel Net or some such thing anymore on which you guys can complain?

    Or maybe your president has an office on campus you guys can picket in front of? Hell, what about the Fertitta family? Maybe you can locate their home and picket there too since they seem to perpetually support crummy coaches?

  7. On 1/22/2023 at 8:09 PM, Did I hear a WOOSH? said:

    The amount of money involved isn’t the biggest issue.  Further audits are coming, there’s going to be lawsuits and charges filed.  Bridges burned.  The egg on the face is that the PAC should be able to own their mistake and cover the diversion damages themselves but they can’t until they get a new deal.  They have to convince a new tv partner that they haven’t done business with before to agree to terms in order for the conference to be able to repay their former defrauded partners .  Weird times. 

    Where did you hear that more audits are coming? If that is in fact the case, it might help explain why the Pac's getting a deal done has been moving as slow as Spongebob's friend Gary.

  8. On 1/22/2023 at 1:20 PM, 4XGrad said:

    Trying to understand what point your sarcasm is attempting to make. I have to assume you think that this is all being overblown. 

    Personally I thought is was a damn good game. fun to watch.  Hope BSU flips the ending script in the X.  My comments were not about MN athletics, not even an issue with the BB team. My problem is with the administration obviously not hiring a competent person to run event security. That, and I do have an issue with people that are slow witted enough to not be able to grasp the severity of the incident.

    I do not think anyone else here has had anything negative to say about athletics.... NO... I take that back, I think there were a couple of comments... To that end none of this should be about the athletes or even the coaches.... unless an investigation reveals that this was conceived and implemented by a coach, or facilitated by some coaches decision.... I would hope that is not the case and want to think it was because of ineptitude as opposed to deliberate planning.

    I resolved to stop blaming the officials for SDSU losses after Fumblegate in Provo in 2010 and if I haven't totally adhered to that commitment, I've almost totally done so.

    If a team plays well enough to win, it's almost impossible for officials to steal it from them. That absolutely applies in this case since any suggestion that some UNM (not MN) baseball players somehow cost Boise the game is even weaker than SDSU fans blaming an incompetent-at-best BYU replay official costing the Aztecs that game is ridiculous. I mean, in this case the alleged culprit wasn't even a replay official.

    For all of us here at the Mountain West Board, you stay classy, Boise State.


  9. On 1/22/2023 at 9:50 AM, PTR said:

    I could actually see any combination of Boise, UNM, or SDSU winning a game or even two. Obviously it depends on individual match-ups. Aztecs can grind teams down defensively and win those ugly low scoring 64-58 type games that are common early in the tourney. UNM can score the ball in multiple ways with multiple players. Front court depth and wing length size is a concern. Boise has shooters, size, and can grind defensively. Out of those three, honestly, I think Boise is probably the best equipped for tourney play, but so much is matchups and a bit of luck. 

    The big gray cloud hanging over the head of Boise State is the Broncos have never won a game in the dance (at least to my knowledge). My limited experience with watching the Lobos is you've hit the nail on the head. As to SDSU, I've never felt so perplexed by our team's possible chances. As you say, it will probably mostly depend on matchups and I'll add to that how Matt Bradley is shooting. Could win two with the depth and experience this team has but OTOH, could lose to a big underdog in the first game with their lack of discipline.

  10. On 1/20/2023 at 12:39 PM, ltcpilot said:

    Maybe you could show me a few of them scoring droughts and some 'ice cold 3-point shooting' tomorrow night?  GO FALCONS 

    I'm glad we got AF twice early in the conference season. Your young team is very well coached as is ours but your team is also very disciplined which our veteran unit is not.

    Watch out, MWC, in a couple years AF is going to compete for the conference title.

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  11. ID'ing the first coach in that photo is easy peasy: Claude Gilbert. The guy with his head turned is not so easy but my guess would be Ernie Zampese.

    Word from God is the guys on the 1921 team all rolled over in their graves at how last year's team choked on the 100th Season of Aztec Football moniker. (There was no team for a year or two during WWII, correct?)

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  12. ______ and ______ didn’t personally benefit from the overpayments, which became known to them following the audit.

    Blank and Blank are the two guys who were fired from overseeing the Pac-12 networks. (The correct term is networks plural.) The article also says the overpayments began sometime in 2016 and totaled about $50M when the audit was begun in August 2022 so the overpayment was apparently made over 5+ years.

    Possible conclusion: (1) Either Blank and Blank weren't exactly performing their due diligence or (2) they didn't personally benefit directly insofar as money into their own pockets but they may have benefited indirectly.

    One Blank reportedly began work for the networks before they were launched in August 2012 and the other guy began working for them in August 2017. The networks were lauded by the world when they went into existence yet as other conferences got clearly better deals, the Pac networks began losing their luster. It's therefore not inconceivable that the two guys knew about the overpayment from Dish or whomever and never put the extra money in their own pocket but did benefit indirectly by saying nothing because the extra income made their employer look better and therefore also made them look better.

    All that said, no way, no how will the Pac-12 go bankrupt over this. My guess is the 12 conference members will each be asked to fork over about $5M ($4.2M + interest) to cover their ill gotten booty. That's like asking one of us to open our wallet and hand over a Ulysses S. Grant.

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