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  1. When I got in my car yesterday, a news station was on the radio and I immediately heard something like "he is also reported to be suffering from cancer and possible dementia." I didn't know who was being referred to but the tone of the report made it obvious it was a politician the reporter did not like and I wondered whether it might be Trump. A couple sentences later it became obvious the reference was to Putin and I was almost disappointed it wasn't the Orange SS. After pondering it a little, I decided my desire to see them die is the same. (Sorry Base-ists.)
  2. Well, since I've recently been castigated about lumping the entire UNLV fan base together, I'll be vague and say that the rest of us will know the hire sucks if each of the three historical Rebel dofi claim it's a good one.
  3. On December 14, the University of California board of regents are expected to FINALLY GTF off of their let's-placate-underachieving-Cal-and-force-UCLA-to-stay-in-the-Pac horse. All reports are that the only regents still riding that horse are Cal alumni and unfortunately for the Bores, they compose a small minority of the regents. However, having followed this closely, I still don't think SDSU's addition to the Pac will be announced until sometime in the new year. Even then, because the Pac leadership always moves at a snail's pace, that announcement will include that the Pac hasn't decided whether to add a second school. Then this board will get REALLY fun watching UNLV and Fresno State fans crap all over each other about which one is more deserving of getting such a promotion.
  4. 'Cause there's no more credible source for UNLV sports - or U of A sports for that matter - than Jason Scheer, right?
  5. I can tell you from personal experience that lap dances can get pretty expensive. Although I can't tell you this from personal experience, a friend of mine used to say bordellos give guys a much better bang for the buck.
  6. No coincidence at all. The Pope knows where he can get great lap dances on the cheap.
  7. Speaking of which, if UNLV actually has the kind of money that Rebel fans claim, they should contact Brennan's agent. Brennan would bring along one of the best DCs in the MWC, Derrick Odum, and if Rebel fans are also accurate about the level of their new facilities, given the kind of recruiting Arroyo did, by year three those two would have UNLV regularly competing for conference titles.
  8. (1) You got me there. (2) No.
  9. On your first comment, all I was doing was pointing out that the argument there has been zero progress under Arroyo doesn't hold water. Is that arrogance? And to reply to shoot2thrill, that certainly isn't saying recruiting rankings are "more important than results on the field." Look, I hope you guys get Patterson. I think if you do, he will be another John Robinson and immediately give your program a shot in the arm. However, just like Robinson was when you hired him, Patterson is old and has no need of money so you if you do get him, you better not be looking for more than a few years of productivity before replacing him.
  10. With due respect, you Rebels don't strike me as being the most astute fans in the world. How 'bout this? These are 247's rankings of UNLV's classes since 2016 by average score per recruit: 2016: 8th in the conference 2017: 11th 2018: 6th 2019: 7th 2020: 6th 2021: T-3rd (w/SDSU) 2022: 4th
  11. More accurately, mental illness is as mental illness does.
  12. UCI beat then #21 Oregon in Eugene by 11 after leading by more than 20 and choking away their third game in Maui to #9 Arkansas was undoubtedly a shock to the psyche. I think the Aztecs will win their next five and go into the MWC schedule 10-2. Not a great team but still probably better than anyone else in this conference since your school is missing its two best players.
  13. So much for the best reasonably conceivable outcome for UNLV unless the Rebels somehow become part of the Pac's plan. Didn't hear the interview but SDSU AD Wicker was on the radio last hour and confirmed the school is continuing to talk with both the Pac and the B12. I just don't see the latter conference taking UNLV because unlike the Pac, the B12's location gives it various other options like Memphis, USF and North Dakota State ().
  14. I say good for Fuentes and Ye. Their affection for each other just proves that true love conquers all.
  15. I was never a big fan of the Mac but next to Mick, she was the longest tenured and probably classiest member. RIP.
  16. I just got finished reading the usual AztecMesa thread wherein the old-timers and graduates of The Show opine ad nauseum on every loss. I'll admit most of them seem to know more about hoops than I do but I can't recall anyone there ever pointing out that our two teams which went to the Sweet 16 each had a great college PG to run the offense: DJ Gay and Xavier Thames. Sadly, this team once again has only a satisfactory PG. So this looks to be yet another SDSU same old, same old year: Good enough to get in the Dance as a 7-11 seed and win one game 2/3 of the time but that will be it. (Note: A third year we had a great PG in Malachi Flynn but COVID killed our chances of getting at least to the Sweet 16 again that year. No pun intended.)
  17. North Texas also hired one, Todd Dodge. Dodge's record was right up UNLV's alley: Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs North Texas Mean Green (Sun Belt Conference) (2007–2010) 2007 North Texas 2–10 1–6 7th 2008 North Texas 1–11 0–7 8th 2009 North Texas 2–10 1–7 8th 2010 North Texas 1–6[n 1] 1–3[n 1] 8th North Texas: 6–37 3–23 Total: 6–37
  18. Let's cut Robert some slack. As desperately devoid of a clue as the guy may be, his sports IQ is only microscopically lower than that of the average UNLV fan.
  19. If the Aztecs lose to a Tennessee directional school which will have to travel an entire day just to get to Hawaii, they should be moved down to below SJSU, Wyoming and USU.
  20. No, but I'm sure MG, UNLV's version of Jason Scheer, does.
  21. Well, it's apparent that I know far more about this stuff than most of you Rebels and I'm by no means unique on this board in that regard.
  22. Yeah and it seems to me those words could be coming out of Harper's mouth right now.
  23. To again refer to Chuck Long, 18 years ago SDSU's AD hired Chuck Neinas' firm to vet candidates. SDSU paid Neinas something like $30K. It wasn't known at the time who Neinas recommended but it didn't matter because SDSU's idiot AD already had HIS guy picked because he and Chuck had worked together at Kansas State. About six months after Chuck was announced as the choice, it leaked out that Neinas had recommended a young Jimbo Fisher who was hired by Florida State three years later. From 20 years of following college sports closely I'll tell you this. A surprising number of athletic directors are little more than paper pushing educators who have come up the ranks. People like that can hire rowing coaches because those sports don't matter. However, they shouldn't be trusted to hire head football coaches. Neinas had been commissioner of the old Big Eight Conference for about a decade and so knew a ton of bigshots. In contrast, SDSU's AD was an idiot with a law degree from Minnesota who had worked there and Kansas State as an underling and knew nobody important that he might have gotten great inside info from. Checking Harper's bio, he sure seems to be that same kind of AD.
  24. No search TEAM might be fine but it's stupid not to hire a search FIRM. For about a paltry 50 grand you can get some very worthwhile info.
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