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  1. Not sure if you're being sarcastic or a smart ass or you're simply uninformed but I'll bite my tongue and treat your post as fitting in the latter category. I don't know what the situation is in your state but most of the California State University campuses began as what were called "normal" schools designed by the state to educate public school teachers. The first two were in San Jose and Los Angeles. The former normal school became San Jose State College and eventually SJSU. The latter normal school eventually became the southern branch of the original University of California system in Los Angeles. I'm not sure about other UC campuses but UCSB was similarly originally a campus of what became the California State Colleges (now CSU) system.
  2. Maybe it's you that needs to wake up. It's a fact that SDSU was invited to the Big East for football and when that invitation was made and accepted, the Big East was still a "power" conference.
  3. Seems as though most SDSU fans think it was some merit. However, on the pre-game radio show last night, JD Wicker was asked his opinion and he said SDSU's administration is "fine with the way things are now, with San Diego State winning more championships than any other school in the conference." No way does President de la Torre have sufficient knowledge about sports to be able to make a valid analysis of such an idea so I'm sure Wicker was speaking for himself. IOW, I'm pretty sure he knows he effed up badly in how he handled negotiations with the Pac-10 (probably believed every lie Kliavkoff told him) and that he effed up at least as badly in extending Brady Hoke's contract through the 2026 season. So to save his own job, it's in Wicker's best interest to oppose any chance of Hoke coaching the Aztecs to relegation rather than merely bowl ineligibility.
  4. That was definitely an embarrassment I'll admit.
  5. In part. Just what are you guys hanging your 10-gallon monstrosity on?
  6. Our athletics department has gradually regressed since Jim Sterk left for Missouri in 2017. Yeah, the school accomplished a lot in getting Snapdragon Stadium built but from what I've heard, JD Wicker's part in the process has been greatly overrated. To that, I'll add this. Whenever I hear that man interviewed, I cringe. My two friends and I like to add up how many "you-knows" and "ums" come out of his mouth. I claim it's twice as many of the former than the latter but they disagree. Either way, there are so many, it's tough to keep up.
  7. Very much agree. Green could replace #17 Strahan who at least last night failed to use his height to any advantage. Not a good route runner at all. Maybe that kid is a sub but he was in on about half the snaps.
  8. Since I've now soured on Brady cHoke/Hoax or the other names folks have begun giving him, I wouldn't be that disappointed if SJSU beats the Aztecs this year. If Brady loses enough down the stretch it would save SDSU from the NATIONAL embarrassment of another bowl game loss in a MWC stadium to an opponent from the mighty Sun Belt Conference.
  9. That "good" UCF team only put up 18 point against you guys even though they had 530 - yes, 530 - yards of total offense. But that said, you'll probably beat this lousy Aztec team anyway. My point is simply that neither Boise nor SDSU is what it was a couple years ago.
  10. 'Grats for defending the honor of those of us who aren't in Hicksville. My brother's ex has lived in Morgantown for about 20 years and she now talks like SDPoke. Y'all need to kindly go phuck yerself SDPoke.
  11. I said nothing about "legacy teams." My question involved POWER CONFERENCES. What POWER CONFERENCES has Utah State ever been close to joining? And BTW, I was very opposed to the MWC adding you guys. However, to your considerable credit, you have performed considerably better than I ever thought you would and at this point in time, I'd put you guys at the same level as Nevada with regard to your value to the Mountain West's brand and TV contracts.
  12. Would also help to improve the conference overall because fear of relegation would motivate the Pac-8 teams to improve themselves while the opportunity for promotion would have the same effect on the MWC-8.
  13. Actually, it was a great answer since offers of promotion are based almost entirely on the perceived value of the offeree. You and others similarly afraid of this idea:
  14. Lol! How many times have Wyo, USU, SJSU, etc. been considered for admission to a power conference?
  15. Not unless that team pulls a Coach Prime or Oregon State Dennis Erickson move. Edit: Shoulda said not unless that team CAN pull off such a move. CU and Oregon State sucked pre-Prime and pre-Dennis but THOSE schools were each members of a power conference. The Pac-8/MWC-8 won't be one.
  16. None of us here should be naive enough to think that our school's football program will have any reasonable chance to become of the elite of the sport when the big boys break away from the NCAA. (Maybe within 50 years? I doubt that because that long from now there may no longer be any college football as we know it because the NFL will just develop its own minor league.) However, there is now a chance to create the best non-power league in the country. One good enough to have its champion play in the CFP annually. Let's not blow it.
  17. To you Wolf Pack fans who aren't afraid of the prospect of change, I say
  18. You certainly can't be expected to know this so I'll clue you in. Good or bad, among the attributes of this board is that fans of schools like SDSU, Boise State, formerly Utah, BYU, and TCU and more recently Fresno State and UNLV, want out of the MWC. We see it as a conference that is slowly but surely dying, at least when it comes to football. Therefore, if we can't get a promotion, we want changes made within the conference which will reflect our greater value to the conference while simultaneously having the potential to improve it as a whole. In contrast, fans of MWC schools who see the conference as the pinnacle of their sports potential understandably don't want any changes. Until a couple months ago, I was very optimistic that SDSU would be leaving for a Pac-whatever. Contrary to what so many fans of USU, SJSU, and particularly Wyoming argued, I thought that even if SDSU wasn't added to the Pac, there was no way that every school but OSU and WSU would leave the Pac. I thought there was even less chance that if that occurred, you "twins" would join the MWC as many Aggies, Spartans and Cowboys said would occur. Being left behind was beyond the control of OSU and WSU. However, if you just roll over now and allow yourselves to be subsumed by an inferior league simply because of its numbers - and it thankfully appears that you are doing the opposite - those of us who support the most valuable members of the MWC will lose a lot of respect for you.
  19. You misunderstood. Rowing was CREATED to solve the not-enough women's scholarship problem. Rumor has it that at least in SD with Mission Bay, a rowing team can be had on the cheap.
  20. To my knowledge, Nevarez hasn't said it would be two conferences. It's the media which has referred to it as such. Just refer to them as two "divisions" so relegation would be from the Pac-8 division to the MWC-8 division. Folks need to take off their rose-colored glasses about this stuff. I'd recommend as a first step reading one or more of the following books. The 50-Year Seduction: How Television Manipulated College Football, From the Birth of the Modern NCAA to the Creation of the BCS (2004) by Keith Dunnavant The Dirty Game: Corruption, Gambling and the Pursuit of Money in NCAA Football and Basketball (2019) by Al Figone What If? A Closer Look at College Football's Great Questions (2017) by Matt Brown Unpaid Professionals: Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports (1999) by Andrew Zimbalist I listed the Zimbalist book last despite it having been the first one published because the opinion in the 2021 SCOTUS case blasting the NCAA relies on it significantly. I had already read it and my copy makes pretty obvious that I left it out in a drizzle one day. Matt Brown is now a well-respected journalist when it comes to realignment. The Dunnavant book really pissed me off. Figone is just some shlub like me but I enjoyed that book because one chapter focuses on UNLV and another is entitled "The University of New Mexico Gambling Scandal of 1979 - As Bad as it Ever Gets." When is that ever mentioned on this board?
  21. To repeat, the NCAA is a dinosaur just waiting for the big meteor which is inevitably coming its way.
  22. It will probably end up being obvious it was fortuitous for Craig Thompson to retire when he did so he could be replaced by a much more motivated and competent person.
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