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  1. That's definitely true when the opponent's starter goes out with injury during the game. That isn't the case for Friday, however. I foresee a game like last night's Niners at Broncos with the home team boring the visitors into submission by a score of 11-10.
  2. Instant improvement could be had by simply firing the drooling fool they have as their athletic director.
  3. Since I haven't gone this far about Ben Stein, I'll say it now, What a Senile Mutha****er.
  4. I've run out of ways to say What a Stupid Muther****er.
  5. MacGregor is essentially a less sleezy Michael Flynn. After graduating from West Point, the guy shot up the ladder to the rank of colonel by the age of 41 but was so allegedly so abrasive that in 1997, he was given a desk job to communicate that he should retire. In 2001, that's what he finally did, then going to work for a consulting firm outside D.C. In 2017, he apparently became a regular on Tucker's show. In 2019, he was allegedly a "finalist" to replace John Bolton as secretary of defense. In 2021, the Orange SS nominated him to be ambassador to Germany but the nomination was shot down in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Immediately after the 2020 presidential election, Trump appointed him secretary of Defense, a post he held for less than three months after being fired by Biden. Gotta call complete BS on his claim that our current government has been discussing using nukes on Russian. My guess is MacGregor probably heard that from some retired sergeant who once worked for him.
  6. Flip #110 and #111 with #100 and #105 and your rankings might have some legitimacy. Until then, forget it.
  7. Who's Green? For that matter, who's "we"?
  8. I think you're going to beat SDSU. Despite being 2-2, our offense remains dog poop and you get us coming off a bye week whereas we will have played our only real football rival, Fresno, the week before.
  9. Half dozen worst losses ever by MWC teams against FCS opponents North Dakota State 22, CSU 7 (2012): 15 pts. Illinois St. 35, CSU 19 (2018): 16 pts. So. Dakota 42, CSU 23 (2021): 19 pts. E. Illinois 40, SDSU 19 (2013): 21 pts. So. Utah 41, UNLV 16 (2011): 25 pts. Sac St. 41, CSU 10 (2022): 31 pts. SDSU and UNLV deserve props for keeping the Colorado State University company on two occasions. However, nothing screams INEPTITUDE like 4 losses to FCS opponents of more than 14 points in a single decade.
  10. Things are apparently different in Frestucky than around the coast.
  11. Same guy here perhaps? https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/board/103542/Contents/salvage-his-rep--193947324/?page=1
  12. Don't even batshit crazy evangelicals usually support Jews as "God's chosen people" - albeit believing that all Jews will go to hell because they haven't accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior?
  13. So you have a "message" of warning, Andrew? Well, the rest of us have a message to you so-called Christian Nationalists. If your evangelical churches don't stop interjecting themselves into politics, we're going to get Congress to enact legislation to end their tax-exempt status.
  14. Thanks. I wasn't going to argue with the UNLV fan. I might be old but it isn't like I never speak with younger people. My son is 28 and never, ever refers to California as Cali, nor does his 27-year-old GF. Nor does my 22-year-old nephew who will be attending the SDSU game with us tomorrow. I see it as similar to our state to the north. If you go there and pronounce it Or-eh-gahn, everybody will know you're a tourist because no locals pronounce it that way. Nor, for that matter, do any locals pronounce the state to our northeast Ne-vah-da unless they've only recently moved there.
  15. It's over. The UC board of regents will not be stopping UCLA from going to the B1G. I have to wonder whether Cal may end up regretting its unsuccessful effort to make a mountain out of a molehill. Now the Bears not only look like a school which has mismanaged its athletic department for a couple decades but a school which rather than admit its shortcomings and expressing determination to overcome them was willing to play the victim card to try to right its sinking ship. Would the B1G actually want to add somebody like that? If I'm the B1G and want a piece of the Bay Area, I sit tight and work to get Stanford along with ND.
  16. Trump's inspiration (go to 3:15):
  18. I once felt sorry for all such rubes. However, with the exception of those who are literally low IQ, I no longer feel sorry for them. Anyone too GD lazy to try to educate themselves about what's been going on and who simply listens to whatever turds like Hannity and Carlson tell them deserves to get hoodwinked by the Supreme Bullshitter.
  19. Since I started completely unwatching FoxNews about a year ago, I have no idea whether they've reported it but there have been mucho talking heads saying on CNN and MSNBC that mainstream Republicans are becoming very concerned about Trump running for president again. Republican politicians have to be careful about voicing that view or they could be primaried but federal judges don't have to stand for reelection. I hope that soon after the mid-terms, Trump announces he's running. If that ends up resulting in a debacle for mainstreamers, they deserve it for allowing far-right one-issue evangelicals and militia types to take control of their party.
  20. It was opined a couple months ago after Gov Newsom weighed in that the UC board of regents had no authority to stop UCLA from going to the B1G. The consensus now is the BOR could legally put a stop to it. However, Jon Wilner speculates the chances of that happening are just 10-15%. IIRC, the BOR has that at today's meeting schedule once again. Video clips from the last meeting did not show a single person who was emotional about the issue. It was basically just several presentations about financial stuff. Although Cal didn't make a presentation, speculation makes sense that's really the only place the noise is coming from and being from the Bay Area himself, Newsom can't very well tell Cal to go jump in a lake. Has UCLA stabbed Cal in the back? Maybe but Cal has let its athletics go to shit. Although both schools have a huge athletics debt to pay off, even a Pac honk like Wilner acknowledges that despite additional travel expenses in the millions, UCLA figures to made $10-$15M more per year in the B1G than it would be staying in the Pac. But the amount matters because it's also speculated that Cal is trying to force UCLA to give it a portion of that additional 10-15 so it can pay off its own athletics debt. I think that although going to the B1G will hurt UCLA football, it's going to be a gamechanger for basketball and elevate that program back toward the top of the heap where it used to be. That will be as embarrassing to Cal as its little bro leaving it behind. An additional embarrassment for Cal would be having to let its little cousin, SDSU, join an almost century old conference that it appears to be stuck in.
  21. That news prolly caused a massive party on the Pea6 message board.
  22. Rocky has always been an old school guy and he's as stubborn as a mule. It was time for him to go at SDSU so he wouldn't stay around a year too long as he did at UNM. As a DC, he deserves a grade of A. As a HC, I'd give him a B- because but for having himself as DC, his teams weren't all that great. Hoke won 12 games one year at Ball State and he won 12 last year at SDSU. Both are school records. Between the two gigs he earned a buttload of money for his one contract at Michigan. Being in the Rocky mode and not needing another paycheck to live more than comfortably for the rest of his life, if JD Wicker demands that Brady fire his good friend Hecklinski and Jeff doesn't just quit, Brady will probably quit. (To everyone's knowledge, he's never signed the multi-year written contract Wicker presented to him so would presumably have no grounds on which to sue SDSU for refusing to pay him for 2023 and 2024.) Hecklinski is so horrible that although I hope Hoke is still around in 2023, if push comes to shove and Wicker fires Brady, I'll be fine with that because too much is riding on the football program not falling apart in coming seasons.
  23. Basically doing what I was told Special Masters often do in cases like this. I watched Jake Tapper's special on Trump last weekend and it was scary as hell how close the Orange SS came to getting his environmental lawyer replacement for Burr who was recommended by the now disgraced John Eastman to allow him to steal the election. But for a lifelong Reoublican highly-regarded retired federal judge stepping in at the eleventh hour, the US would have had its first actual Constitutional crisis. As that retired judge put it, what the environmental lawyer wanted to allow Trump to do only happens in "banana republics."
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