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  1. Even at whatever his age is now he would probably be better than Cordero.
  2. Yep. Just like when SDSU played Louisiana Lafayette in New Orleans exactly 10 years ago. That was a great game for those who like nailbiters as ULL beat SDSU by 2 points. So the guys you're debating may have loved that one and they will likely love this Frisco Bowl because it can be expected to be just as exciting. Personally, however, I'll take an ugly Aztecs victory over that result any day of the week.
  3. As opposed to the Infamous Potato Bowl which "features" two teams which limped through the entire season.
  4. Your mighty football team is under .500 against SDSU since you joined the MWC. Eat shit.
  5. And not without good reason; UTSA is a damn good football team. HOWEVER, how many people within the Big 12 and Pac 12 are aware of that? SDSU could have made hay with those conferences by beating Oregon State. I'm not sure they will care a whit if we beat UTSA. (Of course, the P12 SHOULD be aware that we've won something like 7 of the last 9 games we've played against teams from their so-called power conference.)
  6. Unlike some here, I'm no big fan of Nick Rolovich but if he'd agree to swallow his misplaced pride and get vaccinated, UH could do worse than bringing him back.
  7. And in other news, the sun will be setting in the west.
  8. Since SMU is in Dallas and TCU is in Ft. Worth, the B12's adding SMU would be akin to the MWC adding a university located in Carson City if there was one. Memphis makes more sense but right now, Ryan Silverfield sure doesn't look like the reincarnation of Mike Norvell.
  9. Yes. And equally surprising as SDSU's bringing back Brady Hoke as its HC.
  10. Re-read my post. You missed fanhood's Freudian slip. fanhood's so doing was particularly bad considering what a libtard ole Sigmund was.
  11. It DOES astound me how CSU somehow seems to have P5 type money to spend on football. Gotta wonder whether half the campus isn't used to grow primo weed for fun and profit. As to Nevada, despite your relatively modest financial wherewithal, you should be fine as long as you can keep that athletic director around. Seems to me that guy is the best this conference has.
  12. The horrendous officiating also contributed to USU's point total but if SDSU's effort is no better in that next game than it was for the MWC title game, I'd just as soon they didn't play it.
  13. Republicans Pleased To Have Such Upstanding Supporters https://nypost.com/2021/12/04/ex-claims-ethan-crumbleys-father-a-deadbeat-dad-calls-mother-a-monster/
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