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  1. That's definitely true when the opponent's starter goes out with injury during the game. That isn't the case for Friday, however. I foresee a game like last night's Niners at Broncos with the home team boring the visitors into submission by a score of 11-10.
  2. Instant improvement could be had by simply firing the drooling fool they have as their athletic director.
  3. Since I haven't gone this far about Ben Stein, I'll say it now, What a Senile Mutha****er.
  4. I've run out of ways to say What a Stupid Muther****er.
  5. MacGregor is essentially a less sleezy Michael Flynn. After graduating from West Point, the guy shot up the ladder to the rank of colonel by the age of 41 but was so allegedly so abrasive that in 1997, he was given a desk job to communicate that he should retire. In 2001, that's what he finally did, then going to work for a consulting firm outside D.C. In 2017, he apparently became a regular on Tucker's show. In 2019, he was allegedly a "finalist" to replace John Bolton as secretary of defense. In 2021, the Orange SS nominated him to be ambassador to Germany but the nomination was shot down in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Immediately after the 2020 presidential election, Trump appointed him secretary of Defense, a post he held for less than three months after being fired by Biden. Gotta call complete BS on his claim that our current government has been discussing using nukes on Russian. My guess is MacGregor probably heard that from some retired sergeant who once worked for him.
  6. Flip #110 and #111 with #100 and #105 and your rankings might have some legitimacy. Until then, forget it.
  7. Who's Green? For that matter, who's "we"?
  8. I think you're going to beat SDSU. Despite being 2-2, our offense remains dog poop and you get us coming off a bye week whereas we will have played our only real football rival, Fresno, the week before.
  9. Half dozen worst losses ever by MWC teams against FCS opponents North Dakota State 22, CSU 7 (2012): 15 pts. Illinois St. 35, CSU 19 (2018): 16 pts. So. Dakota 42, CSU 23 (2021): 19 pts. E. Illinois 40, SDSU 19 (2013): 21 pts. So. Utah 41, UNLV 16 (2011): 25 pts. Sac St. 41, CSU 10 (2022): 31 pts. SDSU and UNLV deserve props for keeping the Colorado State University company on two occasions. However, nothing screams INEPTITUDE like 4 losses to FCS opponents of more than 14 points in a single decade.
  10. Things are apparently different in Frestucky than around the coast.
  11. Same guy here perhaps? https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/board/103542/Contents/salvage-his-rep--193947324/?page=1
  12. Don't even batshit crazy evangelicals usually support Jews as "God's chosen people" - albeit believing that all Jews will go to hell because they haven't accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior?
  13. So you have a "message" of warning, Andrew? Well, the rest of us have a message to you so-called Christian Nationalists. If your evangelical churches don't stop interjecting themselves into politics, we're going to get Congress to enact legislation to end their tax-exempt status.
  14. Thanks. I wasn't going to argue with the UNLV fan. I might be old but it isn't like I never speak with younger people. My son is 28 and never, ever refers to California as Cali, nor does his 27-year-old GF. Nor does my 22-year-old nephew who will be attending the SDSU game with us tomorrow. I see it as similar to our state to the north. If you go there and pronounce it Or-eh-gahn, everybody will know you're a tourist because no locals pronounce it that way. Nor, for that matter, do any locals pronounce the state to our northeast Ne-vah-da unless they've only recently moved there.
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