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  1. That's because despite having highly prestigious educational backgrounds, for the most part the Pac is run by people who still haven't figured out that first and foremost, major college sports is a BUSINESS.
  2. I don't know how others feel but it warms my heart how this message board designed to cover all members of the MWC has become THE home for the discussion of UNLV football and basketball.
  3. Many thanks my man. I had never seen that before and although I knew him only briefly, Peter was a great guy. As an aside, Scolari, Leno, Eddie Van Halen and I all once used the same auto body shop. (I had no idea when I first took my Jeep Cherokee there.) I have never met Leno but my LAPD BIL says he's a great guy too. Jay is known for having his people show cops around the hanger at Van Nuys Airport that Leno has rented for years to store most of his car collection. My BIL met Leno for only a minute or two but the fact Jay has done that for years is enough for me to consider him a great guy too. RIP, Peter.
  4. Is that right? I never liked that show so hardly watched it. The Newhart Show was definitely filmed before a live audience which is how I found out about Scolari's juggling which he entered the audience with during breaks in the shoot.
  5. How many recent football seasons has YBU finished ranked? And what about head-to-head basketball records recently?
  6. That reminds me. For a brief period of time, I was casual friends with the guy on the right: He was on the Bob Newhart show at the time and lived down the street from us. Very funny and a top-notch juggler during filming breaks on that show.
  7. Whether accurate or not, YBU fans are obsessed with the public perception of their school's inferiority to Utah. It's an attitude I can identify with since for most of our history of being in the same conference with YBU, SDSU fans have been obsessed with that school because of the public perception that it is superior to SDSU. That same perception annoys Fresno fans with respect to SDSU. However, viewed objectively and historically, SDSU has definitely narrowed the gap with the school in Provostan. Although the same can't be said about Fresno vis-a-vis SDSU, being hell bent to catch us HAS improved Bulldog Nation.
  8. I noticed that Stanford's Kolby Bowman is transferring to SJSU. Far as I can tell started only one game there and probably has just one year of eligibility left but I remember seeing his HS film at St. John Bosco and he played bigger than his 6-2, 200 lb. measurables. He had said Stanford was his dream school because of the academics and I wonder whether he therefore made that his primary focus rather than football. If that's so and he's graduated, SJSU won't have Bowman for very long but he could end up being very productive.
  9. The 2019-2020 Aztecs were ranked in the top 25 for most of the season. Same for the Aztecs team during Kawhi's final year. Probably more than two dozen wins as ranked teams by just those two. Then there was the other SDSU which also went to the Sweet 16. Etc, etc. The problem with this MWC season is the same as with every MWC season: Most years it's a good basketball league but nothing more. Good enough that it's been my opinion for years that a few schools which almost never perform well in football should do nothing more in that sport than field a team and switch the savings to hoops. I think that could elevate MWC basketball to the point of giving its best teams a possible shot at a Final Four berth sometime and the NATIONAL visibility that would bring. However, realistically, this is yet another season in which the best the MWC can possibly be expected to do is win 2-3 games in the dance.
  10. Hey! Don't you go bursting the bubble of the Aztec who said a couple weeks ago we wouldn't lose more than 3 games in conference.
  11. The New Pac-10 and Backfilling* for Loss of USC and UCLA (or the school the Monty Show's version of Gilligan calls "Yoocluh"): Maybe desirous of remaining at 10: Arizona and Washington Likely want to bring in SDSU and maybe a second school: ASU, Oregon, Utah Desperate to backfill with anyone with a pulse: Oregon State and Washington State Who TF knows: Coach Prime U Want to turn the Pac into an Ivy League of the West and don't know how yet but are sure they'll figure it out in time : Cal and Stanford * Adding one or two schools to the 10 would not be "expansion." Going beyond 12 would be expansion.
  12. Having now subjected myself to an entire Monty show, the guy is a huckster reminiscent of former longtime San Diego sportstalk radio's own Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton. ("From Baja to the Canadian Rockies up and down the West Coast this is Sportsnight the ____day edition. Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Leeeee Hamilton and for the next couple of hours, Iiiiiii want to talk sports with you.")
  13. I knew next to nothing about this Monty guy so have done some digging. On Altadore's twitter site, a bunch of people have come out of the woodwork to say Monty is notorious for being FOS. Also, anyone who can find the site will see Monty's bio on which he admits he's been fired by more stations than the number of penises which have visited the backseat of Madonna's limo.
  14. Not exactly a secret that UW and UO would like to join the L.A. schools in the B1G. There's also been enough smoke coming out of Tucson about UA possibly being interested in the B12 to think something is smoldering about that. However, it's also quite clear that none of the other seven schools have any desire to leave the conference but are instead committed to keeping it in existence and it's unclear whether UW and UO could politically leave for the B1G even if the B1G should offer them membership and I've been told a state board runs all three public universities in Arizona and it is unlikely to let UA leave the Pac on its lonesome. Prediction: The aforementioned three schools don't want a GOR at all whereas the other seven want a lengthy one. The obvious solution will be a compromise GOR which is either of short duration or has an escape clause.
  15. So in Houston today is January 26? SDSU and Arizona to the B12 is not only a great idea, I'd be good with that. However, the same governing board runs all three public universities in the state and ASU is reportedly adamantly committed to remaining in the Pac.
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