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  1. Not nearly as much as your failed takes on this thread. Respectfully, I think you're better than that.
  2. My friend's father was an engineer at Lockheed in Burbank when we were teenagers in the early seventies. I didn't understand how he got them but the father somehow acquired all of Jimmy Doolittle's charts and notes for the 1942 raid on Tokyo and he would regale my dad with stories about Doolittle while Dad told him about having been strafed by an ME 262 in Belgium in late 1944. The first hobby I ever had was making model WWII airplanes with Dad which when finished would be hung from the ceiling of my bedroom. In addition to the B-25 Mitchell, we made the B-24 Liberator, the B-17 Flying Fo
  3. Hitler didn't have anything against a particular religion so much as against a particular ethnicity as was all too common in Germany at the time. In Germany and Poland and to a lesser extent in Nazi satellite countries like Hungary, Jews were historically viewed as being evil "money lenders." Then Jewish leaders were vilified as being responsible for the surrender in WWI. It suited Nazi ideology to scapegoat the Jews rather than acknowledge that the German military's resorting to being the first country to use poisonous gas and continuing to do so on an industrial scale while having U-boa
  4. Agreed. Whining from a few Boise fans here about the officiating is pathetic. Until the final couple minutes when Boise was committing intentional fouls to stop the clock we had shot four FTs whereas they had shot like 16. Might help if they put their players on off-season weight training as SDSU does. Maybe if Alston wasn't just a buck ninety he wouldn't get pushed around so much.
  5. Autism or Asperger's, ADHD, etc. it matters not to me. Good luck and God bless.
  6. Netanyahu is a bigger POS than Assad? Are you serious? https://www.aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/over-14-300-people-tortured-to-death-in-syria/1889956#
  7. The MIghty Bison didn't just lose, they lost 38 to - cough, cough - 14. So much for that invitation to the MAC . . .
  8. Thank you. Your team is very good and very deserving of a high seed in the NIT if you don't manage to win the MW tournament. And don't say you can't. Yeah, your history in it isn't good but SDSU's MO has typically been to fail to win the tourney in seasons they finish first in the regular season so it's likely to be you, USU or CSU.
  9. I checked and Frank Martin's contract supposedly has a $12M buyout. Assuming that's accurate, unless the guy really, really, really, really, really wants to come to Albuquerque, he can't possibly be in the picture.
  10. I consumed way more than my share of the evil weed during six years of college and thereafter while in the working world but I always told myself I would stop once I became a parent and I did. That was 27 years ago. Whether I partake again sometime remains to be seen but for years that was definitely my drug of choice.
  11. Nebraska has always been a basketball wasteland. As to CSU, that program was a dumpster fire when Miles took it over so he went just 16-47 there his first two years. After that he went 16-16, 19-13 and 20-12. But feel free to hire NMSU's coach away again whoever that is.
  12. Martin? He's the biggest dick since John "Johnny Wadd" Holmes dies of AIDS. Miles would be an excellent choice.
  13. I don't think the Shah took US hostages. Your post is otherwise accurate however as ever since Carter allowed the Shah into the US to be treated for cancer from which he eventually died the Revolutionary WTF Party has ruled that country with an iron fist. The Iranians/Persians I've known here in the US have all been great people and have assured me in their own way that they would love to see their country be a democracy again. However, it hasn't been one since the CIA deposed that government and inserted the Pahlavis as basically dictators in the early 1950s. Iran is a shit stain on the
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