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  1. The issue is moot anyway. Even sans Michigan's 16 electoral votes, Biden still wins the presidency with 290. Phuck Michigan's electors. Phuck Trump double.
  2. What does she have to lose? Was she subpoenaed? Probably not. Even if she was subpoenaed all the House could do is go to court to enforce the subpoena and have her sanctioned for refusing to comply. By the time the court orders her get her fat ass in gear and the House can serve the order on her it will be December and she'll have only another 5-6 weeks left on the job. Since I figure Mr. Grumpy will give Biden and the Dems an early Christmas present and start providing info about December 16 the issue will pretty much be moot and Moscow Mitch will have a grin as big as the Cheshire Cat.
  3. I didn't. Maybe that was a Bidet thread.
  4. Or at least Baker WAS higher up the depth chart. Right now he's a football version of Steve Sax at second base circa 1985. Does THAT get corrected in a couple weeks?
  5. Just what are those variety of reasons?
  6. Giuliani is clearly senile. It's sad frankly because the guy once merited great respect. Just one more of Donald Trump's "best" people.
  7. Translation: "Our legal team, a.k.a. the Three Stooges, makes election misconduct allegations heretofore unknown anywhere outside a banana republic with absolutely no factual support but the main stream media is full of shit because THEY haven't produced facts to refute the allegations."
  8. Right now the only thing that could salvage any meaning to this season would be for the Aztecs to beat YBU. So we should just shut Johnson down for the next two weeks to allow his hamstring to rest while letting Salazar and Brookshire exchange snaps so they can at least say they had a chance to pass the ball in a real game. (Baker now clearly has the merely limited potential that all of us who aren't native San Diegans thought was the case from the get-go.) In the meantime, let ESPN know that we aren't going to Provo unless they play all our travel expenses. Have a problem with any o
  9. Seriously? With the problems we have at QB right now they'd beat us to a bloody pulp and then throw the carcass off a cliff.
  10. That's a guy we haven't heard from in a long time. I miss threads telling us how Wyoming had put a new roof on the equipment locker.
  11. If so, Purdue should similarly get hit for his comment about Ossoff's nose.
  12. That being your gold standard for assessing presidential success, my cat White Sox could have filled the bill. And unlike Trump, White Sox wouldn't have taken dozens of costly flights on Marine One to go golfing in Florida since he's good with just occasionally watching it on TV.
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