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  1. I'm unclear if you're clarifying my point or disagreeing with it. However, although a couple nights ago I saw an idiot retired US general or something refer to this recent skirmish as a "huge Iranian loss," I have to wonder just how informed he and some other supposed experts are. Fact is, militarily 2024 Iran is definitely not the contemporary version of Saddam Hussein's Iraq. For one thing, unlike the Iraqis, the average Iranian would be motivated to fight rather than run away. For another, unlike Iraq, Iran has several strong allies like Hezbollah which are supposedly well armed themselves and they've similarly detested Israel since the day it was created 76 years ago. It's tough for me to decide which of the two is more effing stupid, Trump or Netanyahu. However, I fear that by the coming of 2025, we'll have a pretty good idea.
  2. Shit, Poke, Eben "The Twerp" Novy-Williams doesn't have even 1,200 followers and 1,000 of them are Rebel Robert socks.
  3. Given Trump's inability to focus on other things around him and keep his mouth shut for more than a few minutes, I'm with the commenter who opined that maybe he's sedated. Maybe he should bring a doctor's note to court like any child would do when schooled:
  4. I don't necessarily disagree with that guy but let's be clear. Those 300+ drones and assorted missiles are not close to the totality of Iran's arsenal of thousands of such weapons and the Iron Dome or whatever it's called would be far less effective against a greater onslaught. Combine that with the fact that almost immediately after those weapons were launched, Iran quietly informed the White House that it did not intend to use any others and the conclusion to be drawn is that Iran's current position is merely "tit for tat." Meaning that after Israel took out certain Iranian facilities, the Mullahs were compelled to respond in some manner or risk appearing to have cowarded down to Israel. So although I heard a pro-Israel talking head argue that this Iranian response is proof of that country's military impotence, although Iran is clearly inferior to Israel militarily, it is not impotent and Israel needs to be careful not to get into a full-on war with Iran, Hezbollah, Yemen and the other anti-Israel actors in its neighborhood.
  5. +1 I've frequently checked the OSU and WSU fan boards this year hoping for info that would suggest the two are determined to go balls to the wall to rehab the Pac. Although there's still a glimmer of hope of that on the Beaver board, WSU fans seem to have coalesced over getting into the ACC ( ) or just joining THE Mountain West Conference. (Losers.)
  6. Yup. Thames shot 37.4% from behind the arc and averaged 17.6 in'13-'14 and he was nails in crunch time when the Aztecs ended Kansas's 68-game home winning streak versus OOC opponents. As good as DJ was, he never had a season to match what X did as a senior.
  7. Props for doing so and not forgetting Coach Dietz: https://www.abcahalloffame.org/inductees/2002_dietz_jim?view=bio Not many know of the guy but he coached the baseball team my entire time at SDSU during which the stadium his team called home was dog poop and word was, Jim's office was in an effing trailer. Dietz also had such a pathetic budget that for most of his tenure, the primary custodian of the team's physical facilities was him. It's pretty tough to win recruiting battles under such circumstances but Coach Dietz did a good job of it and there's zero doubt in my mind that he coached his players up better than his progenies Tony Gwynn and Mark Martinez. May the Aztec gods bless Jim Dietz, the epitome of an Aztec for Life.
  8. Not mistakes? "Trickle down" was a crock and because Reagan was far from the sharpest tool in the shed, it's tough to say whether he knew that but backed it anyway to support his billionaire supporters or whether Nancy told her Ronnie to "go along to get along." Speaking of Nancy, "Just say no" was the height of naivete. And Reagan's encouragement of evangelicals like Jerry Falwell to become involved in politics was at the forefront of the movement that eventually led to a dumbass narcissist like Trump becoming president.
  9. JFC, Trump. Make up your mind. Is it a Communist Show Trial or a Witch Hunt?
  10. Consistent with the title of this thread, shame on this guy, who once refused to go full-on MAGAT, for still not stepping down as the OSS's chief of communications: https://historica.fandom.com/wiki/Steven_Cheung
  11. Aztec baseball has gone from underachieving mediocrity to
  12. When your recruiting is hyper focused on one-and-done Mickey Ds AA types, you're playing with fire and likely to eventually get burned.
  13. And you voted for this guy: https://www.the-independent.com/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-ivanka-trump-creepiest-most-unsettling-comments-a-roundup-a7353876.html
  14. OJ was once my favorite athlete. We moved to L.A. when Dad got a job there just before OJ came to USC and then Dad attended night law school there. How exciting it was to watch the gun running behind what John McKay called "student body right." After OJ became a star with the Bills and I got my driver's license I stopped for a red light at a small intersection and stopped directly across the street was a pearl white convertible Caddy. There was no doubt OJ was behind the wheel so I honked and waived and OJ waived back with a big smile. When you're just 16, that kind of thing means a lot to you and then OJ's final season came with my favorite team the Niners after I moved back to the Bay Area. Then OJ was great in the Hertz commercials and Naked Gun films. OJ then spent the last half of his life being a steaming piece of shit . . .
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