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  1. "At this time, it's country over party." But the Republican Party that woman and so many others have supported their entire life no longer exists. Who could have foreseen that Steve Bannon's vision would someday be fully realized?
  2. As others have said, the nationwide numbers hardly matter now anyway (well, except to Convert). Some say the debates are important, some say the October economic numbers but to me, those seem to be small potatoes. Although Biden could cobble together a victory without either one, what's of by far the most significance is what occurs in Pennsylvania and Florida. If Trump doesn't win both of them, he's toast so I suspect he will be spend a lot of time and a lot of money in those two states going forward.
  3. Yes. 52.1/47.5 is not a "dead heat." dead heat /ˈded ˈhēt/ noun a situation in or result of a race in which two or more competitors are exactly even.
  4. To the extent Trump has been saying that failing to remove underbrush has contributed to the ferocity of the fires, he appears to be correct. However, to the extent he thinks clear cutting is the proper procedure for doing so, the science suggests otherwise. No better example than Europe. For hundreds of years it was thought that trees could be clear cut over vast acreage to provide fire wood and the forest would simply grown back over time to what it once had been. That proved to be a mistaken belief and now Europe has only about half the forest area it once did. If underbrush is selecti
  5. I've never gambled on a presidential election so maybe that's my problem but the graph doesn't seem to read 50/50 to me.
  6. Trump has indeed narrowed the gap by how is that a dead heat?
  7. If Biden wins Florida it won't matter if Trump wins Pennsylvania.
  8. Nor would I and since there is no "neither" option, the logical vote is Kanye.
  9. According to Brady Hoke, beginning today at 5:30 am, the Aztecs were to begin practicing "with a ball," which he said is kind of important for football. However, there has been a regular practice schedule without a football for many weeks, weekly team meetings via Zoom and daily interaction between position coaches and their guys. The Aztecs still can't have contact drills but that's expected to change soon. It's understandable that with all the brush fires Fresno still can't practice outdoors but why can't they find indoor facilities to do so? What's SJSU?
  10. Agreed. And when the Pac12 does so in the next week, it's sure going to have egg on its face: https://pac-12.com/article/2020/08/11/pac-12-conference-postpones-all-sport-competitions-through-end-calendar-year (Check the date of that announcement from the league office.)
  11. Lack of enthusiasm for Biden is understandable because there's no reason to think he will be anything but a mediocre president. However, there's mediocre and there's miserable. Moreover, although I wouldn't expect Uncle Joe to say so, it's highly unlikely he would run for reelection. So my credo is this. Rid the country now of one of the 3-4 worst presidents in its history and then start over in 2024 with a clean slate.
  12. That's my guess too. The entertainment industry is always the first to feel economic downturns and restaurants go belly up more often than any other type of business.
  13. I'm just speculating. What other reason would he have for failing to support Biden?
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