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  1. Same here. It occurred to me as I took a couple hours away to try to get my head clear after the second of two very stressful weeks professionally that I should not have suggested guns in public are bullshit everywhere. As an example, my good friend who lives in rural Nevada always has a gun in his truck. I've never asked whether he does so legally but I get why he wants to do that because he does a considerable amount of driving at night out in the middle of nowhere and breaking down where there is no cell reception would make me nervous. However, to suggest anyone should be able to pack heat anywhere IS bullshit.
  2. I have no interest in getting into an argument with you as your posts are almost always logical. Contrast that with halfman who said my post "seems pretty racist." Of course, he won't explain that just like he hasn't offered an explanation for a couple other comments which made no sense to me about which I inquired recently. And BTW, since the guy has indicated he was once a major substance abuser, as someone who has had two close family members die from that malady, I have considerable empathy and respect for him so maybe I should be cutting him more slack than I have. If so, I apologize.
  3. To me, guns in public by ANYBODY are scary. Actually, that's not strong enough. Guns in public are bullshit.
  4. I have difficulty knowing when that guy is kidding versus when he's being serious so maybe you can interpret it for me. As to the term "patriot," it's been used so many times by FoxNews idiots like Hannity and Ingram to describe people to the far right of the political spectrum that IT is now a joke. (FWIW, since I can't recall Ben Shapiro ever so bending "patriot" far out of its intended meaning, I regularly listen to that conservative pundit.)
  5. DIdn't know there were BLM members in Canada. Prolly didn't know that because Canadian cops aren't as likely to kill people in order to take them into custody. I also want to add that I don't understand referring to BLM members as patriots. Cuz I was under the impression that only FoxNews people call folks patriots and I highly doubt BLM members are regular FoxNews watchers. Maybe the OP meant that BLM members are still Patriot fans even though Brady has bailed?
  6. I just want this country to get back to where the lunatic fringe stops dictating policy of the Dems and the Repubs. If that takes the Dems' lunatic fringe sitting out this election or worse, voting for Trump against their own interests and putting him over the top, I will probably still get my wish. Because if that happens, we're likely have four years of violence in the streets. It will be a modern Civil War bad enough that whether Democrat or Republican, our president in January 2025 will be a moderate. I sure hope it doesn't come to that but if it does, so be it.
  7. I talked to God last night and he said only a political party as phucked up as the Democrats could fail to beat Mr. Grumpy this year. God didn't say "phucked up," he said "mucked up." He DID say "Mr. Grumpy," however.
  8. A yuge number of Midwestern Blacks shot themselves in the foot in 2016 by just assuming Hillary had the election in the bag and not bothering to vote. Can't believe they will make that same mistake this year.
  9. I have no take on such things since I've probably eaten them as often as your average BLM member.
  10. "Parler" was a typo. Devin was actually thinking of this wonderful metropolis in his Congressional district: (I couldn't find a single photo of the modern downtown, which is presumed to be to the right of the sign. Wonder why not.)
  11. It's understandable that everyone in Tulare County loves Nunes. After all, his work in Congress has helped raise the standard of living there to a momentous level.
  12. Let's put an end to some of the squabbling and just tear down every statue with a white person on it. Unless the statue honors a member of Antifa.
  13. I see several benefits to choosing Demmings. 1. She would help Biden get out the Black vote- duh! (Yeah young people might not like somebody that moderate but they hardly vote anyway.) 2. She would make it tougher for Grumpy and Co. to claim Biden is anti-police. 3. If early returns from the East show Trump losing badly in Florida, it could mean that many Arizona and Nevada conservatives don't bother to vote that evening.