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  1. Your source is loony tunes. Not sure what you mean by the other board but I can't imagine anyone wanting to hire Graham based on a mediocre 9-8 record at Hawaii after taking over a team which went 18-11 the two years before he got there. Who in the MW could possibly be that desperate for a new coach? If by "new pastures" is meant a CUSA school, maybe I'd buy that. Also, the USU job isn't even open and why would they replace Blake Anderson with a headstrong asshat like Rolovich?
  2. Authorities said Friday that the assistant director, Dave Halls, had handed the weapon to Baldwin and announced “cold gun,” indicating it was safe to use. Today's L.A. Times reported that Halls had previously been fired from a set for safety violations and he was well known for continuing to give short shrift to safety and was therefore a good guy to use for sets which had budget and time problems. If that's true and Baldwin was in charge, he's probably in trouble for simply hiring the guy. https://www.newsunzip.com/wiki/dave-halls/ The Times also pointed out that the six crew
  3. You could be on to something there. Specifically that TT wants to be offered admission to the Pac when it likely expands in a few years and since the Pac's football fortunes have diminished considerably over the last decade, this is the perfect time for TT to go balls to the wall to improve Red Raiders football to make TT desirable to the Pac despite it being located in Lubbock.
  4. Agreed. Wilcox is a very good coach but Cal is a very bad job. (Because "Charlie Progressives don't surf football!") What Jeff Tedford accomplished at Cal was damn near a miracle.
  5. "Objection, your honor, irrelevant." "Objection sustained." Granted, a few Wyoming head coaches have gone on to become the head coach of a power conference team. However, how many head coaches hired by Wyoming were ever previously the head coach of a P5 school? To my knowledge, the answer to that question is none. Particularly if I'm correct about that, what possible reason do you have to think Wells would actually take the Wyoming job even if it was available, which it isn't?
  6. Helton's a great guy who did a good job cleaning up some of the dirt left by Kiffin and Sarkesian. However, as Leo Durocher once said, nice guys finish last or, in the case of U$C, they get run over by all the big bucks boosters who expect to challenge for the NC annually. My dad and former father in law both attended USC so I've probably been to three or four dozen of their games over the years and my sense from that is that despite recent struggles, the program isn't far at all from being at the top of the conference again. Just have to hire the right guy who will put together a better staf
  7. Sorry but a guy who has been a head coach at a P5 school isn't coming to Laramie unless he has a smoking hot wife who threatens to leave him, sue him for every dime she can get and take the kids with her if he doesn't take the Wyo job.
  8. Hoke already left SDSU once and as a result earned many millions from Michigan so his family is financially set forever. Also, Brady's wife loved SD and never wanted to leave in the first place. Those are the main reasons Hoke agreed to return to the SDSU staff to be nothing more than the defensive line coach for Rocky Long during which he earned a measly couple hundred grand a year. (Well, measly in SD, maybe not Montana.) So Hoke won't be leaving SDSU again unless he retires (he's already paid into CalPERS long enough that he has a vested pension) or is fired.
  9. Cyclical to a point. However, Boise State excepted, SDSU, UNR and Fresno have been consistently out-recruiting the Mountain division schools over the last few years and UNLV and SJSU's recruiting have improved significantly under Arroyo and Brennan.
  10. Does a school in Lubbock actually have $7 million to just give to Wells for sitting on his butt over the next two years? Also wouldn't anybody thinking of replacing Wells expect to earn at least $4 million annually? Could there be a bunch of working oil wells (no pun intended) on TT's property? (I ask because although it's little known, there were once working oil wells on the property of Beverly Hills HS as if that school didn't get enough revenue from donations from maybe not filthy rich but wealthy parents whose kids attended the school.)
  11. Did you hear that somewhere or are you just speculating? I ask because this is just Wells' third year of what IIRC is a 5-year deal and according to Coaches Hot Seat, he's earning a not insignificant $3.6M annually and TT's TV revenue is likely to go down significantly with the departure of UT and OU, is it not?
  12. I've only read the posts on this and the previous page so my apology if this has already been said. Articles in yesterday's L.A. Times included this info. Not just one, not just two, not just three, not just four, not just five but six members of the film crew walked off the set the morning of the shooting over safety concerns. From everything I've heard, this was a low budget production which would probably have had no more than a couple dozen people on scene so it seems impossible that everyone involved wasn't aware of that including the armorer who therefore should have been extra caut
  13. It's nothing short of amazing how much attention some of you guys not named JDGaucho (aka Mr. Big West) pay to the college football versions of baseball's low minor leagues. I get that the MW is just a AAA league but fess up. You're so afraid of the MW dropping down to just AA quality with your school still stuck in it that you've decided to start a virtual bulletin board of possible alternate landing spots.
  14. If our defense scares the poop out of Haener and/or knocks the poop out of him, I think we will win. By something like 13-10. Call me crazy but I also think that if we're behind by two TDs at the half as I think is quite possible and Hokelinski have the nads to put Haskill in and let him go straight RPO, we could also win because the kid is so athletic and Fresno won't have prepared for that. (It's much more likely, of course, that Hokelinski will put Haskell in with three minutes left and us down by three TDs.)
  15. Great find, godogs! To hell with The Boot. Considering which two teams have garnered 90% of the votes here, the LOSER of their game a week from Saturday deserves a Hairy Turd trophy.
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