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  1. "I have always been a committed member of law enforcement, just like my dad and my wife. However, I can no longer tolerate criticism of my profession by Democrat politicians, some of whom are aligned with Antifa, and feel I must express my opposition to that. Accordingly, in support of Derek Chauvin and wrongly demeaned members of my profession, I want to hereby announce that I have changed my last name to Slaughter."
  2. I've highlighted the operative phrase. Memphis Guy has no idea how much AF just rides in the MW cart while several others pull it.
  3. The actual RULING was narrow but the dictum wasn't. The NCAA's existence as we've known it is now officially on the clock and that sack of crap has only itself to blame.
  4. What blew me away was hall of famer Hugh McElhenny saying he took a pay cut to play for the 49ers from what he was earning as a Washington Huskie. I knew there was blatant cheating in the old PCC but thought it was confined to Oregon, UCLA and USC. Apparently UDub cheated better.
  5. I'm in IF the rules are better defined. Last year I chose teams based on thinking the number of victories was going to decide things and didn't learn until later it was going to be winning percentage. Also, I think there needs to be a rule covering every division that if you don't make your pick within a certain amount of time, say 24 hours, you've waived your right to make a pick until your name comes around again when you can make two picks and if you don't make any picks within that 24 hour window, you've waived your right to do so until your name comes around again and then you're entitled
  6. 1. It's all a financial calculation for Mr. Grumpy. If, as I suspect, he decides his bottom line will be enhanced by continuing not to announce his plans either way, it will be at least two more years until he does so. 2. Since he rode down that elevator in Trump Tower, Mr. Grumpy has become so unhinged that I'm becoming more and more concerned that when he announces he won't run again, he will give as the sole reason that he can't possibly be given a fair chance to get reelected because the federal government has been conspiring against him. Following that, we could have an insurrection
  7. If you're rebuked by a bunch of bishops, does that mean you can't make heaven? Or does non-heaven power reside elsewhere, like with the College of Cardinals? Or maybe the St. Louis Cardinals?
  8. Or they work here: https://www.borax.com/borax-operations/boron-california Housing out there understandably costs next to nothing, those are well-paying union jobs and Mojave and Barstow are just as awful as Boron so if you work at the plant, you might as well live there.
  9. Nothing says stupid more than Uber and Lyft drivers voting for the initiative which overturned the California Supreme Court's determination that given the circumstances, such drivers were employees rather than independent contractors under state law. Actually, probably both stupid and uninformed. As the saying goes, you can't fix stupid. However, uninformed CAN be fixed but in the case of my wife's one nephew, he's simply too damn lazy and shiftless to do that. So shiftless he's prolly not even paying into social security for himself so will be on welfare in 30 years.
  10. I wouldn't go so far as to say nothing. Let's compare G5s in the NY6 bowl game. Unless I'm mistaken, the SBC and CUSA have never had a team ranked high enough to qualify for that game, Although the MAC has managed to get that done, other than PJ Fleck's directional school, those MAC participants have fallen flat on their faces in that game. The MW? We should thank our lucky stars for Boise. The AAC, otoh, has acquitted itself pretty well with regard to the NY6 bowl. As much as I bag on the MW, right now I think recruiting has been ratcheted up enough that the conference is going to c
  11. Cheating in both basketball and football at ASU. Cheating at GCU. Ridiculous election auditing in Maricopa County. Mistreatment of little kids at their border. Let's just kick the state of Arizona the phuck out of the Union.
  12. I know you mean well, but c'mon, man. Texas State, not UTSA, has the best facilties among the Texas have-nots and UTEP, Tejas Norte and Arroz Con Pollo are worthless athletically. That said, although everybody forgets about them, NAU is the best geographical fit for this conference and Flagstaff is very close to Sedona and just an hour and a half from the beautiful Grand Canyon. If there's any close to one of those Texas schools to make them a good roadie it's news to me.
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