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  1. Texas Tech has all thier OOC games cancelled right now and TCU has only at SMU left so SMU either goes to TCU or that game is cancelled unless they get waiver from league to play since both close to each other.
  2. Sorry my bad. So top 2 teams if you play 10 teams would play in championship. But I also can see if 1 team is undefeated they are the champs.
  3. Understand. Just what I have heard. Maybe they will do it the way you say which is fine but either way OOC games are done and ND will be with them
  4. Play everyone one time and bag the championship game unless you take the top 2 teams if they split during the season
  5. So the ACC is now talking about a 10 game schedule round robin playing 5 teams twice each and ND will be in the mix.
  6. Mama Joes for breakfast, dog house grill for lunch and elbow room for dinner. Wineries are not bad either. Plus I have relatives there(well clovis)