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  1. I know it’s hard for Aggie fans to hear because he’s revered as god with his followers that bought into his bullshit. To everyone else, Stew branded USU as an overrated program that schedules light and easy, as evidenced by the annual inflated records and swift exits in March. His refusal to play the scheduling game and go out and play quality teams on the road or neutral court did more to hurt your program’s reputation than any good he ever did. Flash forward to now, USU then turns around wondering why they can’t land an impromptu game with a quality opponent, be it BYU, UCSB, Houston, o
  2. USU spends the better part of a decade and a half under Stew running away from competition, and developing a reputation as a program that runs away from a fight in the process, but when they want to play, they expect a quality team to play them at their beck and call? That’s not how it works. You’ve reaped what you’ve sowed.
  3. As of today, yes. No question.
  4. No way do I trust DRF with making the ‘right’ hire. She has no clue. She thought she could replicate what USU has done with hiring Smith. If that’s what she wanted, then she should’ve gone after Smith himself. Instead, she took a coach that has only proven he was riding on the coat tails of Mike Daum to success. I’ll echo the previous sentiment that DRF needs to go, first.
  5. Losing in Logan has lit a definite fire under the ‘Tecs collective asses. On a mission right now and demolishing everyone in their path. I really hope they keep this effort up all the way to the end.
  6. Even though it would appear on paper that USU should sweep the rebs, I think Otz having Smith’s number will come into play... I’m predicting a split.
  7. 2049 in 4K is glorious. Collateral, Unforgiven, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Looper are also fantastic which I’ve recently added to my collection.
  8. Not per Google. Poly= polygamy, followed by polygamists and polyamory THEN Polynesian.
  9. Even if it went to eight, I don’t think I would care anymore than I do right now. It’ll still be a P5 love fest.
  10. Good to hear, but that’s only for the short term. Prostituting your program out even if you can schedule games is not a viable long term solution to success. The Arizona Bowl victory was three years ago, so as great as that was for your program it’s value has been outlived and I think deciding not to play this season will have a far greater impact on the program. If the WAC were able to attain FBS status, mentioned earlier in the thread, then I hope for your program’s sake it would be reconsidered. Geographically and competitively, I still think this would be the best fit for your program
  11. No NMSU?? This is where they should be and gives them the best opportunity to win, IMO.
  12. We’ve all seen some bad SJS fball, but that one quarter is right up there with some of the worst.
  13. Did SJS just lose another TE to injury?? And it’s still only the 1st qtr.
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