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  1. Lol. I wasn’t basing that off of how many games have been canceled so much as the recent increase in reported cases in many states, specifically those in the MW footprint.
  2. Did anyone else notice that there are two MWC games on Thanksgiving day this year? Chances are that they’ll probably be cancelled due to COVID, but this is awesome!! I normally don’t watch football on turkey day (don’t care about NFL), but I’ll definitely make some time to watch some MW fball.
  3. Dave freaking Roberts, man. If they’re ever going to win it, they need a manager that can light a fire under their collective asses.
  4. Everyone is obviously Twins fan this week... hoping they send the Cheaters out with a swift exit. Brew crew have their work cut out for them, but it’s only two wins and they don’t have the fans at Dodger Stadium to deal with.
  5. Judgement day is upon a handful of NL teams, today, the final day of the reg season. Four teams fighting for the final two spots in the playoffs— Brewers, Cardinals, Giants, and Phillies. AL side is all but set, only seeding in question. Playoffs should be fun to watch this year with the expanded field.
  6. Cowherd got his career start in Vegas, so he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for the town since then, but I think he’s spot on.
  7. Only should be implemented in last play of the game, Hail Mary situations.
  8. I’m impressed with what he’s done so far, but it’s been against sub-par competition. Anxious to see how he does against teams coming up in the next month.
  9. I’ve seen a lot of sloppy ball from what I’ve watched so far, but you can definitely attribute a lot of that to not having spring ball, limitations on fall practice (see Navy), first weekend jitters... sloppy or not, I’m glad it’s back. My interest level was really low a few weeks ago, but after catching some of the games today it’s been elevated somewhat. That Arky St WR was fun to watch.
  10. Im torn for the same reason. I like Niumatalolo, but my hatred for Aresco exceeds that of BYU.
  11. Since it’s Jackie Robinson Day and all, but also remembering Chadwick..
  12. 42 is one of my favorite films. Was great in just about everything I saw him in.. even his small role in Draft Day was one of its highlights. Diagnosed with stage III colon cancer four years ago... amazing not only that he kept it that well under wraps, but that he kept on working for as long as he did.. long enough to play his iconic role as T’Challa. 2020 can go to hell.
  13. That Zags-UA game went to double OT and was a classic. That’s a painful memory for me just because it should’ve been UNLV going to the tourney that year but collapsed in the final five min of the game against CSU in that MWT final. I think they were held without a FG during that time frame. Sad that was how Marcus Banks career as rebel ended on that note. A great memory from my pre-teen years watching Lute and UA take down the big bad Pitino and UK in the championship. RIP
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