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  1. UCLA @bsu_alum9 is up, then @Slapdad.
  2. It’s been over 12 hrs since Slapdad made his pick so I’m going to do mine now because I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to make mine the next two days, so rather than hold things up... San Jose State @Rebel doc you’re up @jdgaucho on deck @bsu_alum9 can pick anytime @bornsilverandblue for one more @MetropolitanCowboy
  3. B_Lootz


    Not a Dodgers fan in the slightest, but I loved it. Glad my daughter was watching so I could catch it live.
  4. Northwestern @bsu_alum9 you’re up, amigo @Slapdad is next
  5. SMU @Rebel doc you’re up, you bastard, followed by @jdgaucho .
  6. B_Lootz


    Hendricks pitched a masterful game. Held Milwaukee’s first eight in the order 0-27, only giving up a 3-3 performance by Arcia. As a Brewers fan that game was frustrating as hell (we were so impatient at the plate which I’ll attribute partially to some first game jitters) but I have to just tip my cap. Glad first pitch tomorrow is at noon Chicago time to get the taste of this one out of ours mouths quick.
  7. B_Lootz


    People are starved for some sports.
  8. I hate this, but you’re right. If we gave a s**t at all about having a football season, then we would’ve done what we needed to do back in May to try and limit the spread.
  9. Remind me to avoid Jonesboro.
  10. Buffalo was already selected. Go again.
  11. NC State @bsu_alum9 up @Slapdad next
  12. Glad you caught on, because you didn’t know what the hell was going on a few hours ago.
  13. ... because it was your turn. You, then JD