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  1. Last five min of the game for USU CSU and UNLV final moments Steve Addazio Hawaii struggling with NMSU into the 4th qtr Wyoming offense
  2. Has anyone asked the question why Alec aimed and shot at the crew rather than at other actors as part of a scene? Rehearsal? Even then, why fire the weapon?
  3. It’s the responsibility of the prop master to go check, double check, and check again to make sure everything is safe. Hearing that Baldwin shot a live round.. how many safety checks were ignored to allow this to happen?
  4. I agree with this, especially Bischoff. I haven’t followed him enough to know why he holds so much vitriol towards Arroyo, but it certainly effects his ability to be impartial (which a member of the media should obviously be no matter what their personal feelings are towards a coach).
  5. He isn’t blaming it all on him, either. Enough of that to go around the entire team. I’m absolutely befuddled in the total lack of urgency shown by D1 caliber players at the end of a game. Friel was sacked with 12 seconds left and the whistle blows. 12 seconds is more than enough time to hurry your ass back to the line to get another play off but they didn’t do that. In fact, some of the players were still 5-10 yards away from the LOS when the clock hit zeros. Just mind blowing.
  6. Wow… rebs gonna reb, but wouldn’t have expected Chuck wagon to cough it up in a crucial moment. Arroyo should’ve just done what he always does and just kneeled on it.
  7. That’s a TD on the second effort
  8. San Jose asleep at the wheel on that return. Rebels capitalize… great pocket presence by the freshman on that TD toss
  9. It'll depend entirely upon what happens in the OOC.
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought it was Utah State that was taken in place of UTEP.
  11. Honestly, they’ve been the Kmart of conferences for a few years now, imo.
  12. Southern Utah leaving the Big Sky and joining the WAC next season.
  13. Bball that’s benefited from being a big fish in perennially one of the worst bball conferences in the country for the past decade but has nothing to show for it, zero wins in the tourney. No marquee wins in OOC. They did put Siakam in the league, so there’s that.
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