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  1. Sure seemed that way after his debut in the Florida State game
  2. They need a switch at qb. Undisciplined penalties and turnovers were their downfall tonight. Great road W for the rebels. Already half way to bowl eligibility !!
  3. They need to stop dinking around and get aggressive with the play calling
  4. That’s what happens when you don’t go for the jugular. Now we have a game
  5. Looks like we’re more interested in running down the clock, which I’m fine with but I’d like to see more killer instinct
  6. Not the time to get conservative with the playcalling
  7. Lame duck pass… makes you wonder how much longer Aggies will continue to roll with Bonner. Damaged goods
  8. Love love love Robbins lowering the hit on #27 on his way into the endzone. Big boy fball there
  9. Lots of empty seats on the east side
  10. While that’s great and all, I really hope we get a sizeable group that travels to this one. Aside from the SDSU game, this is the next closest road contest this season.
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